Alert!  Mrs. Hearts has informed me that not only does the sunburst show that person as on your messenger list but that there has been some kind of update on your messenger list contact’s site.  Thank you, Mrs. Hearts, for enlightening all of us.  You win a great big  leftover slice of birthday pizza!  Sorry, no pepperoni was available! 

23 responses to “Update

  1. hahaha….sleepless nite here Gail.
    Eh, some kind of "date" or some kinda of update? haha…
    oh and one more piece of useless info… you have to click on the sunburst to read the contact card, or else the sunburst stays on your messenger list. 
    leftover pizza? no…not at the moment. Thanks still. 🙂
    Ok, let’s go see if I can sleep….
    toss and turn toss and turn………….

  2. Hello Gail,
    Since the star on a person’s picture causes much cofusion and consternation, let’s just look at it as a little bright spot from God. Be thankful we have little unknown things in our lives that we can look at with a positive attitude. God is the ultimate shinig light of the world and he is sharing a little bit of himself. OK too philisophical! (Sounds Good)
    Everything is going good. Even deleting the nasty comments left by the clacking quaker (capnQ) and heshe who doesn’t have a clue about its sex. Then CQ has declared war against me and quoting him "my douche bags." Simple, he can’t tolerate another person standing up for their rights or the rights of others. He is proving himself the total fool.
    I took my oldest grandson to an antique car show Saturday despite the mist coming down. My grandson enjoyed the show except I wouldn’t buy him a confetti egg – I knew where that would have ended up! He wouldn’t dare! (OH! Yes he would.)
    Your Mom is quite the Lady. Careful she might start telling tales about when you were young;) That would be so GREAT!!! – for us.
    Peace & Blessings.

  3. Hello Gail,
    It is possible that they are. HESHE sure gets mad when it is suggested. It claims people are accusing him of being Cap’n Q’s concubine. Comparing the writing styles, I would tend to believe they are the same attempting to play good guy/bad guy – I treat them the same. There was a 14 y/o girl CQ was buggin and a dude named Randy (15 y/o JV football jock) making it worse. I pointed out he was acting the same as CQ, he gave me a screaming, insulting comment. I told him to go have his diaper changed and get another bottle of milk:) No more from him.
    But I have learned some about you already from your Mother. It is something that only a few people can understand. Your Dad was front-line in Korea and had PTSD. Back then it was called battle fatigue and havig a parent with nightmares and flashbacks is scary. Nuff said.
    Peace & Blessings.

  4. Hey, girl – you’ve been busy since I’ve last been here. I wrongly assumed that your hiatus would be longer.
    I’m interesting, huh? Is that a nice way of saying I’m an oddball? Hmm…that’s probably not too far off, really. LOL.
    Happy B-day to your ds. I hope he’s feeling better now.
    I love almost all kinds of peppers. My favorites are serrano and ancho. Not so fond of habeneros, though.
    I thought the sunburst meant that we were signed in to spaces.

  5. Hey G, I have updated, so see, now there is a sunburst on my picture. 🙂 HOpe your day is beautiful! Pray the Lord’s joy will be with you and little Bells. Take care dear Gail!

  6. Just blogging in to say yes thats what the light is for . When you see a light on,  there is change. Hope you have a good day gail. I think I am on the mend.
    Thanks for your prayers

  7. Now, just tell me why I would mind you sharing about you commenting on something I wrote.  I already said all there needed to be said about me (probably more than what was needed, but anyway).  Aaaaand…I love you!???  So, there’s a problem?  NOT!
    I’m still praying for you. 
    Carol 🙂

  8. Oh i see I didnt know what the little sunburst was either… and I have wondered. Thanks for clearing that up!
     I also wanted to say hello and see how my good friend G is doing. 

  9. just making sure I didn’t miss anything ..lol
    I can’t get into my space through messenger tonight so i thought I would just blog around you all 🙂

  10. Hi Gail,
    You had to ask about the word/song Tusk… lol.
    I have updated my blog to the interpretation of the song he wrote. It’s quite interesting and a little long. I’m sure you will become enlightened!
    I’m glad my life is quiet and boring.
    Have a great evening!
    Love, Lori

  11. Remember when I said that if you go to the person’s space with the star that the star disappears? I was talking about on your messenger list. Sorry I wasn’t more specific. Nah, I don’t care about an honorable mention. I just want the pizza. LOL
    Have a great day, friend!

  12. thanx for that info…wondered about that…
    :o) smiles are contagious…pass one to people that you love and those you don’t… :o)

  13. hey G, how r ya, why u dont answer when i talk to ya :-(did i do something wrong?¿~sob incontrollably~ok, I’m better nowok, be good, miss ya my dear friend!

  14. Hello Gail,
    Just think, When we were still teens, we were older than dirt since we were living with those items! Those who remember a few of those things are still wet behind the ears, maybe. Just makes us more experienced and better educated. Reckon I should have figured out a different scale than the one sent to me.
    If we could still live in the land of Sandra Dee. Take us back to innocence with the technology we have today. Sad we can’t.
    Peace & Blessings.

  15. Gail, you’re no bummer.  I promise.  If I had to try and count the number of times I’ve had to simply batten down the hatches and hold onto: Yeah, though I walk through the valley of th shadow of death I will fear no evil; for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me – not even really knowing what that last part meant but at least trusting God enough to know it’s good.
    I have a song for you.  Check your email.

  16. Hola, I have survived, lol.  Not the greatest day, I will blog later when I am done here. 
    My hubby looks an awful lot like Georgy boy, that is why I like him so much 🙂

  17. Hey girl how you been, it was my sisters birthday yesterday so we did all of that stuff. I been doing ok i guess. School sucks, i don’t want to do any of the work and all i been doing is playing basketball and trying to get in shape. I want to go to Ohio State and play ball there hopelly get grafted so i been forcing a lot on my game. anyways i have to go now.Talk to ya later

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