A Reminder and a Disclaimer

Please realize that these songs are, by my definition, rock.  Not rock and roll, rock-a-billy, country rock, etc.  You are welcome to add to the list but just know that this is my definition.
Also, just because I like these songs doesn’t mean that I still do or ever did ascribe to the lifestyle it may portray.  Most of them are from when I was very young and they were/are jammin’ to me!  Judge not lest ye be judged!
This was so much fun and so frustrating to put together!!  g

34 responses to “A Reminder and a Disclaimer

  1. OMG!  I am rapidly realizing why these spaces are so popular!  Another soul-matey!  I cannot describe what a time-warp your song list has put me in!  Am I seventeen again or what!!!!  One of my many jobs whilst putting hubby through college and raising our first child was lead singer in a band in which Benetar and Heart covers were bread-and-butter!!!  Rock ON!!!!!

  2. Althoug i like some chinese songs because they are very good ,the most i like are english songs,so i always find english songs on the internet!maybe you could give me some you think are very good songs!thank you for your help!

  3. Hi mom,
    Well I am kind of alien to variety of these songs and I haven’t heard of these bands coz we don’t get most bands’ musics in our country until now where you can get anything in Internet.
    But I didn listened to couple of songs from this list and hey, I am with you, these songs are good. Long back I use to listen heavy metal for sometime and then came to soft music through Eagles and now I listen variety of music (I play music while I am thinking something serious, working hard, reading books, etc… so I get enough time to listen songs though busy).
    I am not adding to this list coz it’s the songs you like. Have great time mom,
    Love, Son.

  4. Our first son shares your b-day!  We made sure he, too, had a special day instead of lumping it together w/Christmas festivities…  He used to LOVE Barracuda (he’d sing along in his lil baby voice–OOOOOO Bay-cooda–I still get all misty!  He’s due home from Kuwait in two weeks!)

  5. He’s been away for a year.  I’m new to Spaces g, is there a real-time chat feature or perhaps MSN Messenger?  Posting to the mesage board feels kind of awkward and slow

  6. Well, music was probably the god I worshipped most before Jesus made me a worshipper of Father in Spirit and in Truth.  Sometimes it’s still fun to hear certain songs.  Some songs grieve my spirit if familiarity kicks in and I start getting into certain songs the way I used to.  Some stuff doesn’t affect my spirit at all.  Some stuff was lame back when music ruled – and it’s still lame now that God rules.
    I was just hearing Strawberry Letter 22 by Brothers Johnson blaring from my boss’s office earlier today.  It was kinda fun to hear it again.

  7. I know.  I just realized that in 2 weeks, we will be down to double digits!!  YIKES!!  After the wedding is over, we will only have eleven weeks to go!!  (breathing deeply)
    It will fly by I am sure.

  8. Hey AG, of course i ain’t gonna judge you by the list!! ahaahah…..  in real life, I remind myself of that too.. not to judge others, less I turn out or experience something similar too!
    BTW, yes I know the hymnIt is well with my soul very well, and I know the story too. TOuching. 🙂
    OK, gotta go. Have a blessed weekend!

  9. Gail, I was just reading somewhere else that you get migrains to and what are you going to take now. I have tried Maxalt 5mg. 2 not effect enough. So now what are you going to doif you dont want to say thats ok.

  10. I guess triptans are okay with this kind of heart thing, just not Imitrex because it can make you have chest pressure which can feel like a heart attack which can stimulate adrenaline, which can cause my heart to race…..the axert does not do this. 
    Are you ok with the triptans?  Why did you have to stop the imitrex?  Did it not work for you?  Sorry, foggy brains.

  11. Ah yes, I do remember that.  But I was thinking it was the SSRI’s that you were avoiding, not the imitrex for some reason, duh.  Sorry! 
    and no, no nap, lol 
    And yes, migraine brewing…lack of sleep and all. 

  12. Hey there! I actually knew a girl named My week is so messed up…I’ll get back to blogging regularaly at some point.
    So, how did you get a fractured jaw?
    Maybe I’ll do the questions when I get a chance.
    10 greatest rock songs of all time…wow…what a hard choice. Maybe that and the questions later.
    By the way, even though I’m older than you…
    In the "What year are you?"
     I’m 1970 ~ 
    1970 – 1979: Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you’re partying or protesting, you give it your all!

  13. Ahhh, you finally got your list up.  I am more of a jazz person but I enjoyed reading your list.  Have a fun weekend.

  14. Ok G,  well you know what was going on anyways…disclaimer?  Can I tell you I am a CLASSICAL music lover from way back, and also loved Broadway…so I could NEVER judge anyone!!!  Gimme Mozart anytime!
    Love ya!

  15. haha… nope… the artwork on my space is not my own… wish it was though.. 😀
    I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God — this is your spiritual act of worship.

  16. now who would want to judge you on this Gail …lol
    I will have more time when I get my driving test overwith  ….
    I am asking the Lord for a quiet heart and praying I can drive for 45 minutes paying attention and not break the law …sounds easy ,so why haven’t I already pased then 😦

  17. Hey Gail, preggers? now that’s a new word. I’ll have to look it up. Ok, quick write somethin! 🙂
    God bless, and i put up Part II already, coz of Wen! haha…
    Take care and God bless!!! HOpe Sunday was beautiful!

  18.  Hello G,
     Thought I would stop by and say hello.I have Areosmith’s matchbox collection.I have always loved their music.Got to see Steven Tyler not long ago.That’s about what I would list as some of my favorite’sI love stairway to heaven and I didn’t know until the other day he wrote that song about a child he had lost.Well just wanted to say Good Morning and wish you a blessed day!!

  19. Gail, thanks for your comment on Albert’s situation.  Immigration is a sticky issue; it requires wisdom and discretion as well as compassion.
    I pray our leaders will be blessed with a wisdom beyond their means to possess, as countless lives hang in the balance.
    Thanks again!
    I love your musci list, BTW, and share your sentiment that to enjoy the music doesn’t mean you have to embrace the lifestyle / subculture. 😉

  20. Yes!  I’ll be around – until I won’t.  I’ll be in San Fransico for a few days, leaving Tuesday night.  But hopefully we can talk before then.

  21. Hi mom,
    I’m doing good and I had my first presentation for the client today. It went on well, I will be mailing you later. Check out my space for the 10 christian songs I listen most when you are free.
    Give my regards to everyone there… Hey mom, I remember I’ve visited your this blog and left comment some days back… but it isn’t there…. huh!!!
    Have great blessed day.
    Take Care,
    Love, Son.

  22. Hey G…listened to my voice mail messages finally…guess who was on there?  None other than the candle-snuffer queen herself!! Sorry I missed your call – I have no phone in my room and have been sick lately (didn’t realize how sick until I went to the dr yesterday!!! YIKES)
    So little Nel and Baby Jo really are your grand neices, right ?lol!
    I will try to blog later on, hope you are feeling ok and congrats on the boy;s birthday!! JSB!!!  Mr Bach hee hee
    Take care

  23. hehe… yes… best to order Chinese food in a restaurant through another Chinese… they will order the best stuff for you to try!! 😀  I love it!
    Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

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