nuff said

I stole this from Cassie’s site.  I know I don’t allow political nonsense on my site but this is not politics.  It is a response to a man who has forgotten who keeps him safe.  I could go on and on but I won’t.  Maybe I will.  No.  Well.  Hmmmmm……
Nuff said about that….for now.
It is not just the computer chair that is hurting my back.  It is every chair.  It is every where I stand and lie down.  Something weird is going on because my MRI doesn’t show enough damage to be causing this pain.  Maybe it is the fibromyalgia.  I really need to research more about this condition.  In any case, I would covet all your prayers that God would show me what course to take to alleviate this problem. 
Hopefully, I will be able to visit more of your sites very soon.  In the meantime, know that I am thinking of all ya’ll (my southern Brooklyn coming out!) and long to be able to visit.
blessings, g

20 responses to “nuff said

  1. hey AG, you’d have to elaborate on the above pic…I suppose one has to be American to understand it?
    Do you have a good specialist to see about your Fibromyalgia?? when I looked it up, I understand that research is going on to improve lifestyles for those suffering from it. I certainly hope you find the cure, for you are too young to be down with anything. 🙂
    Take good care AG, blessings and hugs and prayers!

  2. It’s politics ~chuckles~
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Kerry took money to keep his own party out of office ~chuckles~.  Well he couldn’t have done a better job had he tried, and then to lie about it ~smirks~.  What a moron!
    What he should have said is that these guys bust their asses so they can get ahead and get college money.  What the hell would Kerry know about being poor.  That is why I am a Centerist Libertarian.  I am sick of both parties…all they do is lie about everything and try and make the other person look bad.
    My party is gaining great momentum and hopefully in a decade (not that the world will be here ~chuckles~) they will smash the democratic and republican parties ~smiles~ and once again help the common man instead of elite rich lobbyist and special interest groups.  After all diversity is what makes our country so great ~smiles~

    Gail your tear may be small but your pain is so intense that I would suggest going back to the doctor… and of course you know I am praying for you!
    Feel better lady… we miss you!

  4. Hey ‘G’…When the pain gets so bad (I understand) sometimes all we have to do is place our hand on our head and say…Jesus!!!

  5. I don’t mind at all! I actually stole it from someone else. LOL I saw it on other blogs and got it in several emails.. it’s really getting around!

  6. OK, I wasn’t finished. lol I don’t like getting political on my site either so I understand. Also, I’m praying for you. Hope they find out what’s wrong and correct it soon.

  7. Hello Gail,
    Sorry about your back. Prayers are ALWAYS with you no matter what – good times, bad times – they are there. Have you heard about Lidoderm patches? They work for up to 12 hours and are placed over the nerve root that is causing the pain. They contain Lidocaine which is NOT a heavy narcotic and do relieve pain – so I’ve been told. A prescription is required for them and I have NO idea about the cost.
    Glad you enjoyed the Elvis mold line. The house he grew up in was nothing to speak of. For 5 years I lived 60 miles from Tupelo, MS and I did stop by to see the house. I never did Graceland though.
    Reckon I’ll have to go by Cassie’s site to see the picture. For some Halloweenish reason it is not showing up on my computer. As for the other computer problem, that is from Ruma not being able to post. Me just trying to help get the word out since she and I have some common friends. It’s what the world needs now – friends helping friends. I try. A better way to do a blog is in notepad first and then copy/paste second. Just a suggestion – Thank Vijay for that one.
    Peace, Prayers, & Blessings.

  8. Ciao G,
    I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, but I will truly be keeping you in my prayers.
    I saw this photo on Cassies site earlier, but it looks wonderful here too. It truly speaks a thousand words.

    I added a poem of my own to my site, you can check it out and let me know what you think. It is below my normal entry. I was a bit shy to post it, but I had several visitors wanting to see my own work, so I posted it. It is a love poem that I wrote years ago for Sam. Hope that you like it.
    Take Care
    God Bless You G.
    Hugs & Kisses

  9. Hello G, I hope you are feeling better today.  Back pain could be so intense, and I do suggest going back to the doctor to check things out again.  I just checked out fibromyalgia on webmd and it seems that this condition could cause back pain as well.  Do some more research and see a doctor.  Hope you feel better and have a nice weekend.

  10. sorry to hear you are in so much pain again Gail …thing is no scan can show the pain but  we sure feel it !
    you will have to find a decent chair as we can’t have you missing out on here
    Fergus is still quite poorly ,I had him here for the afternoon and he’s here for a few hours tomorrow as J’s & Zowies work shifts cross over …I hate it when babies are ill ,he has lost weight already and could hardly walk around …praying he will be well very soon
    praying for you too Gail …that our Lord blesses you and that you get some relief from the pain and a restful weekend
    love and blessings

  11. Hi Gail,
     Thanks for the visit. I’m so sorry about your back, I know what back pain is and it is NO FUN.
    I am finally feeling better, after having a really rough week, Thank the Lord. I pray that your pain will go away soon.
    May God bless you.

  12. Hey AG, just wishing you a beautiful weekend and Sunday. 🙂  Enjoy the lovely fall weather and go take a walk or two ok?
    **hugs** and love from all here. 🙂

  13. I, too, am essentially apolitical, but this yahoo really chapped my bee-hind with his nonsense! When will these people realize the disrespect they show to our troops & our president is damaging our nation’s credibility with the world? Whether the war is right or wrong (& I’m not even going there) it is our duty to respect & honor those soldiers for laying everything on the line to serve their country.
    Climbing down from my soapbox~ I’m sorry to hear you are in such pain again. Its a cruel twist of this disease that the things we enjoy cause the most pain. I am praying for not only relief in the current situation, but for a total healing. Love in Christ

  14. Hi g thanks so much for your comment on my site.  Im so thankful for friends like you who keep me encouraged all the time.
    Thanks for being such a good friend.

  15. Fergus is much better today ..well yesterday now as it is 5:15 am sunday morning here …I am too tired to sleep so thought I would visit a few friends 😀
    I do hope and pray that you are resting and getting some relief from the pain
    love and blessings

  16. It is  sad  to hear that a lot of people die in the war~~god bless~~and also  we can see alot of troubles after the war~pls take care ,dear gail. the weather is very cold now ,do not catch a cold

    I honestly believe Gail that a high protein diet can cure fibromyalgia.
    I have had a couple docs use that word on me too…
    Love, Lori   

  18. At least these soldiers have a good sense of humor about it….
    The woman with the issue of blood comes to mind here doing whatever it took to get to Jesus knowing the result would be freedom and healing…

  19. Gail,
    Hope you read this and know that I know how you feel and I am here for you anytime you need to vent. or just talk. Prayers tonight are for you and your family and I know that you will be ok. I hope that I can talk to you also if I need to.
    Love Ya

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