…years ago today was a cold day.  It was a Friday and I had been home from work for a week with bronchitis and then a stomach problem caused by antibiotics.  Still, I went to my ever so small church and vacuumed and hung flowers from the special poles on the end of the pews where candles would be lit in just a few short hours.
I then did some last minute shopping, picked up my seven year old daughter from school and went home to prepare.  DD was bathed and dressed.  My best friend came over to help me dress and my "adopted sister" carefully applied my make-up.
Around 6:45 a limo pulled up in front of my home and we were whisked off to church.  When we arrived, I realized I had forgotten something very important!  We sped back, leaving some very concerned people, one in particular, back at the church.
Nineteen years ago today, Himself and I were married.  The articles forgotten back at my place?  Wedding bands.  One child, a home and a grandchild later, we are still here to tell the story!  There is so much else I could write but I will leave it as it is.  Our ups and downs are in the past and new ones to come all under the grace of our Savior.  Without Him, this story would have ended long ago.
Happy Anniversary, ATB!  fudd

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  1. Hello Gail,
    Great story. May you and Himself have MANY, MANY more Happy Anniversaries. So get off the blog and spend as much time getting fixed up, dolled up and spend it with Da Man.
    Happy Anniversary.
    Richard & Brenda Clason

  2. Congratulations hun!!!
    In today’s world that is a good amount of time to be married.  My wife and I will celebrate our 14 year anniversary on the 7th of November ~cheers~.
    My wife would agree with you on having the tough hide.  Think how she must feel about my views?  Everyone in her family are pastors, preachers, ministers or chaplains.  I am the only male in the family who isn’t a licensed pastor ~smiles~.  And she still loves me enough to stay with me for 14 years ~chuckles~.
    I am glad you have a tough hide to, because I really love ya Gail!  I think you are a fine example of a human being.  At least from all the blogs and comments you have written.  I think it is sad when we can’t get along as humans because of self righteous indignation about whose god is better than whose.
    I know I go off sometimes with generalizations, but I am just sad because I see Christianity spiraling down into an abyss sized hole ~sighs~.  I know on a personal level there are good and bad in every class, creed ,religion, race, etc.  My point was as a nation we are failing Christ and God.  We are a Christian nation that defies Christ’s doctrines and rationalizes our need for war, which Jesus specifically spoke against ~smiles~.
    Anyways, are you guys going out for dinner?  I think we are going to go to Outback’s.  Mmmmm steak!  I hope you have a really great day hun.  Give your family love from mine.
    Prayers and Blessings

  3. Happy Anniversary…It is so refreshing to hear about anniversaries. I am always amazed at those 50 and 60 year anniversaries. Both my grandparents had 50 year anniversaries and my parents are about to reach that milestone. Have a very healthy week…Greg

  4. Yay!  I love the wedding stories where the couple still says Happy Anniversary to one another – however many years later!
    And I’ll chime in with my own …
    Love ya,
    Carol 🙂

    And they said it’d never last… ; )
    Congratulations, and do something special to celebrate. I think you’ve earned it!

  6. Hello Gail,
    IF the case had occurred on the scale that it was alleged, why has it not been picked up by the national news? Why is it that an immature, attention seeking 16 y/o be the only one to bring it up along with her apparently equally immature mother? It is extrememly easy to get a business card from a recruiter and then doctor some candy yourself. Maybe during the trick or treating the 16 y/o went by the recruiter’s house and asked him to put the card on her candy. There is not enough evidence present that the event happened as is claimed. What is factual is that 16 y/o is too old to be going out trick or treating and a parent condoning such behavior of a 16 y/o is overindulging the child. What if the card had been from a pervert instead? Rather than getting upset with the recruiter, they should be glad it wasn’t a pervert. Pushing the envelope, possibly, but recruiters do have goals to attain every month. They will try to attain their goal as hard as they can.
    There is always next year for you to try it.
    Peace & Blessings.

  7. Hi Gail,
    Finally gettin around to doing some visiting, I apologize for being so long in getting here. But I never forgot about, you are always in my mind.
    Happy Anniversary you two! Congratulations and all that goes with it, I hope you have another 40 years of wedded bliss. My mom and dad are working on their 65th year. Not many stay together for any length of time any more.
    May God bless you, my Sister.

  8. congratulations Gail ….lovely story too 🙂
    pleased the bonfire post was illuminating …ha ha
    cuddles back for you and beautiful  Bella 😀
    God bless all you do in His name

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