To everyone who has sent me cyber kisses, thank you.  I send them back and beyond.
Hopefully, I will be able to update later today after straightening out this mess of a house (Isabella is a home wrecker!) and getting over the exhaustion of yesterday’s bd party.  It was not held here but at my in-laws’ house because it is so much bigger.  It was a huge success.
Blessings to all for a wonderful week.  gail

12 responses to “Kisses

  1. just realised that the mail I sent from Gavin’s link yesterday has all been returned ..must be his security thing :-)my mail seems to be coming in …I think …lol..not too bright when things go wrong on here 😀
    Our babies take some watchimg now don’t they Gail.Fergus is so fast now .especially if he spots water in or on anything …wouldn’t be without him though !
    peace and blessings

  2. Average airway, is probably more along the lines of 10-15 mm but it moves with our vocal cords to open and close.  So when we need to take a deep breath it might open this much    I                I    but when we sniff it might close down like this    I     I     And when we talk it will come together to make sound and the cords wave and make our voice.  Hannahs is perpetually about this big"  I I  And that is on a good day.  The best way to describe how she breathes is to put a straw in your mouth and then go about your daily activities breathing through the straw.  You cannot take the straw out of your mouth all day, no matter what.  Give it a try for a little while.  It is no fun.  Tha hardest part is that when we need to protect our airways, our vocal cords can close and keep liquids and the like out.  Hers cannot, so she is at risk for aspiration all the time.  In fact it is one of the things that puts her in the hospital the most now, aspiration pneumonia.  One of the worst kinds of pneumonia to fight.  She has nearly died from it a couple of times now.
    So, does that explain it a little?

  3. Today was better. I think I’ll feel better once I get my butt to the gym tomorrow. I’m tired of sitting around the house.

  4. Yeah, Monday is my big clean up day too.  My 5yr old daughter can destroy a house without even trying ~chuckles~

  5. hope yer kitchen is sparkling now. haha… jojo is my little bulldozer here. whatever i pick, she will tear it down within a few seconds!! haha…
    have a blessed rest now. sweet dreams…

  6. Hello G,
    I am glad WE go out for birthday parties – especially to "The Texas Roadhouse." That way OTHER people get to clean up our messes – expecially after the peanut fights:) between my Grandsons and I. Yep, I get dirty looks from my wife and youngest daughter but eeryone around us is laughing – so much fun!
    You’re welcome about my last post.
    Peace & Blessings.

  7. Hey G,
    Glad you liked it, I love trivia especially history and music trivia!  I have all this ‘useless’ knowledge as they say, in my head (lol)

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