The Home Wrecker

A year ago today, a home wrecker came to town.  Two days later, she moved into our home. 
At first, she was sneaky.  She didn’t move around much and stayed where she was put.  It took her about seven months to get to work on destroying our loving home.  Every where she went, destruction followed.  Now, she is getting around much more freely and has no care about what havoc she creates.
One year ago today, our wonderful Isabella was born.  The joy of our lives.  The wrecker of our home.  We would not have it any other way.
Happy Birthday, our wonderful granddaughter.  The sun shines when you smile and our hearts burst with joy with the love we have for you.

21 responses to “The Home Wrecker

  1. and wouldn’t life be dull and boring without her Gail !
    know what you mean though , I’ve been staying in Gavin & Sonias beautiful tidy home ,no toys and baby things poking out from cupboards …yet 🙂 I am hoping there will be in the next year or so !
    happy birthday to the beautiful Isabella ..who needs a tidy house when they can have a home
    love and blessings on this special day

  2. Here via Sherry’s site.  What a cutie!!! Happy birthday precious.  Pretty soon you’ll be praying for those "destructive" days again…:)

  3. Happy birthday to Isabella.  What a beauty!  I hope you all are having a fantastic time today…….eating as much cake as possible:)

  4. Isn’t it amazing how important something becomes to you and changes your life so much, and yet she didn’t even ‘exist’ a year ago? I’ve watched Grace almost every day (M-F and lots of weekends) since she was 3 months old. She’ll be 5 in January and try as I might, I cannot figure out a way to slow down time. They grow up so fast…I want to cry almost every time I think about it.
    Enjoy, enjoy, REALLY enjoy this time with her.
    ‘Bout doing the chemo first – I’m not really sure. I didn’t have enough info the last time I saw the doctor to ask intelligent questions. She goes tomorrow, so we’ll see. Usually they do chemo first if the breast is small – shrinking the tumor helps insure getting a clean removal. Chelle has large breasts, so I don’t know why, but I plan on asking.
    Happy Birthday to Isabella!!

  5. Hey dear Gail, Happy Birthday to beautiful Isabella. 🙂
    She and baby Jo should meet one day for they both have the same goal in life, to wreck/mess the house. 🙂
    God bless and have a resful night!

  6. She is such a beautiful baby girl. I love the one year old picture in the dress and bow. She’s so adorable!
    I like word searches but I stink at crossword puzzles. I like solving things that don’t require any real knowledge. lol

  7. Well.. Josh loves pirate stuff so he likes skulls and crossbones.. and Jordan has a wardrobe of pretty much all black (yes, he likes skulls too) so it’s not really my thing. I see it enough around here. LOL I do love camouflage though!

    I can only hope for a girl as lovely as your tiny one — but I’ll wait a while. (After raising four boys, I may need some lessons in pink.)
    You really are blessed to have her so close.
    Regarding your comment on my site: Not only am I exactly the same in person as I am on my blog, I actually have to try to tone things down sometimes (on my blog, regarding my real life). Someone once said about me (right in front of me!): "If you know Kay, you love her. If you don’t know her, you’re probably better off."
    Strangely enough, it was a compliment. As I’ve said before, for many years, all of my stories ended with "…and then the police came." It’s mostly true, and usually harmless. (I always tell people the cops want to be part of the fun we’re having. They rarely buy it.)
    So yes, I’m every bit as loud and irreverent as I might seem. If I were 4, it might be seen as "charming" or "endearing." At 44, it’s mostly just loud.
    I say if you want to find wholesome trouble, I’m your girl!

  9. ~Laughing his @$$ off~
    Isn’t that the truth?  They are so cute and we so want them to be cuter by walking upright, but that is the beginning of the end.  Once they are walking they are into everything, and this doesn’t stop until they are 8 years old ~chuckles~.
    It was really cute how you did.  I thought someone was really busting your bubble until you let the cat out of the bag ~chuckles~.
    I hope your little home wrecker is teaching God’s patience ~grins mischievously~.
    Happy Birthday little one…you keep grandma on her toes ~smiles~.

  10. oh that made me laugh so hard…you threw me off that is for sure…
    :o) smiles are contagious…pass one to people that you love and those you don’t… :o)

  11. Hello G!
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  12. Hello Gail
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ISABELLA! And the best is yet to come.
    I will pass along your kind words to my daughter. Thank you.
    Peace & Blessings.

  13. just a quick visit to make sure I didn’t miss anything on here …lol
    had a lovely ‘Fergus day’ although, he has just cut 3 or maybe 4 huge  molars and has been biting every toy available !
    he keeps saying ‘tesha’ (treasure ) and sounds so cute ..I had to stop saying ‘bad boy’ as he kept saying it to himself …bless him he is good really ,just full of curiosity like he should be at his age …lol..but he can climb just like his dada used to when he was little !
    he gets as high as he can and then says ‘beeg'(big )and laughs 🙂
    bedtime here now …see you soon
    love and blessings surround you Gail

  14. Hey Gail, just dropping by to wish you a wonderful weekend!!!! By the way, I put in the pictures of the rainforest restaurant I went to in Indonesia. haha…
    Ok, hope the days are beautiful! Blessings to all, and hugs to you!!
    with love

  15. Hi mama,
    Give a kiss for my niece on behalf of me… HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISABELLA… It’s from cyber uncle…
    I’ve made some adjustments and changes to my lifestyle coz suddenly I’ve got a feeling that I’m becoming more sober in life with relatively no friends (except cyber friends), no entertainment and so on…
    Let me see how things work out…
    But I am really tired mom…
    Take care. I will mail you later… Give my regards to all..
    Love, Son.

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