Mom has started blogging again so, if you wanna, check out Marie’s site from my friends’ list.  (She really does make the best stuffing in the world!)  g

13 responses to “BTW

  1. Well….think about it:  The day the white man pulled up onto the shores of the only land they’d known as home was the day many hundreds of years of heartache began for them.
    When my coworker said that, she was laughing.  It’s a joke – but we all know reality is not far behind.

  2. So what did you have for dinner? haha… your mum put up the recipe for me! that was so nice of her! I’m glad I stopped by her place!
    Take good care!

  3. To answer your question it was C that I know reads my blogs.  J. has not said anything as of yet.  I hope your day was as good as ours.  Everyting was great even though the weather was terrible.  Love, Mom

  4. i will have to check that out…
    :o) smiles are contagious…pass one to people that you love and those you don’t… :o)

  5. Hello Gail,
    Sorry the weather was bad – according to your Mom’s comment. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving anyway. I’ll have to try out her stuffing/dressing recipe or better yet, have my youngest daughter do it. We do most of our celebration at her house – it’s bigger.
    Peace & Blessings.

  6. OOPS! Momentary brain lapse. Thank you for your kind words. It is nice to know that others think alike – your "Well Wishes."
    Have a great day.
    Peace & Blessings manyfold unto you.

  7. Her stuffing has to be pretty doggone good to beat my grandma’s. LOL
    I’m glad you like the song! I got the first disk (first season) of the show "Weeds" from Netflix just out of curiousity. It was a weird show. Had it’s moments, but a lot of bad stuff in it too so I wouldn’t recommend it. One good thing though was that it had a lot of good music on it. That’s where I got the song. 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  8. I am quite sure my boys would not mind having another aunt, so it’s a deal! 🙂
    My grandma makes cornbread dressing. That’s what I grew up with and it’s the only kind I like. I’ve never tried one with rice. Italian huh? Sounds interesting! I’d like to try that. I just don’t like the kind made with bread.. it’s so… SLIMY! lol  I’ve never had any with raisins. I would not like that. I don’t care for raisins in bread or cookies and would not want them in my dressing. Oh yeah, we’ve never had it stuffed in the bird either. It was always made separate in our family as well. I need to learn how to make the good dressing. My grandma tried to write down her recipe for me once but she has it all in her head so she didn’t know exact amounts of anything. I was afraid to attempt it! My sister has gotten pretty good at it. Maybe I’ll try at Christmas if I feel brave!

  9. Hello Gail,
    The Atlantic Northeasterners are indeed a hearty breed. A foot of snow and the schools stay open, in West Texas 0.5" of snow and the schools close for at least one day depending on the weather the next day. Fortunately, all you had was rain and chilly weather –  better than snow & cold.
    I’ll probably have to try the dressing with and without raisins. Of course adjusting measurements is always possible. Or adjusting the type of raisin could work. Sometimes I use tamale sauce or taco seasoning on spaghetti rather than spaghetti sauce. OK strange taste for spaghetti. Typical changes for West Texas.
    Peace & Blessings.

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