Well Wishes

I pray that you all, everywhere in this world, will take the time to count your blessings and give thanks to Him who supplies all our needs and then some.  Actually, it would be a good idea to do this every day, dontcha think?
Blessings to all, gail

5 responses to “Well Wishes

  1. I have, and I do, and I count you as one of the best blessings of this year, my friend. Blessing to you all this Thanksgiving Day!

  2. Yes, it is an excellent idea to give thanks everyday and I try to.  I really enjoyed the pumpkin pie yesterday, and I will be enjoying a few more slices everyday:)  Enjoy the day…….some quiet time is always good.

  3. Yep…You are right and I think you are talking a bit of Minnesotian there don’t ya know.

    Each one of us has been blessed by people that God has placed within our lives. I have been blessed by the people I have become to know. Really…Everyone in our lives can be a blessing.
    There comes people who share their love, their support, talents, humor, and blessings. Many do not even ask to be recognized.
    God’s will is for all of us be ‘THANKFUL’…
    THANKSGIVING…It is how we are designed to have our hearts everyday.
    I am thankful for the people in our life.
    We can develop a THANKFUL LIFESTYLE.
    We can be around people with a THANKFUL HEART.
    We can be THANKFUL FOR GOD’S WORD, and We can be THANKFUL FOR GOD’S SPIRIT here to guide and direct our lives.
    THANKS!!! For being my friend.
    Blessings to you and your loved ones…Greg
    “Give thanks… For this is God’s will for us in Jesus…Amen”

  4. My sister (Chelle) and I had a similar conversation about thanking God for everything. Tonight she had a "God-incidental" encounter. I call it that because I don’t believe there are coincindences in life. Anyway, she asked me what it might mean. I told her that I believe it’s God’s way of letting her know He cares and wants to have a conversation (or more) with her.
    He’s making Himself tangible for her in order for her to build her faith. Then I explained my theory of when ‘bad’ things to good people: That when seemingly bad, incidental things or odd things happen, that’s God setting the stage for another miracle – just you wait and see. And for me it’s a wonderfully exciting thing.
    So in the spirit of the holidays, I want to thank you for being one of my space friends and for being an inspiration to us all.
    BTW – Bells is gorgeous!

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