True Colors (Colours for my English Influenced Buds)

Recently, I learned that the colors leaves turn in autumn are the true colors of the leaves.  Green is their camouflage for the summer because of a little thing called chlorophyll.  (My dictionary is getting a good working out with this post!)
Autumn is my favorite season.  The crisp air and the changing leaves.  Maybe one of the reasons it is so beautiful is because we are seeing true colors instead of a facade (not to say that the green of summer isn’t stunning).
Truth is, everyone wears a facade at least some of the time.  Most people wear a mask to keep from getting hurt.  Don’t you agree?  It is my experience that, when I am able to gain the trust of someone and their mask is down, I see such beautiful colors!  True colors!  When the true colors of a person are evil, I try to be loyal in praying that they will find the Savior so their colors will become vibrantly beautiful.  God wishes that all would come to Him and be "transformed by the renewal of" their minds.
I know I have not been faithful in writing, lately.  Thank you for being faithful in visiting, dear community.  I look forward to these visits and enjoy coming by your spaces so much.  As you all understand, sometimes a break is needed.  I will try to write more often. 
blessings, gail

31 responses to “True Colors (Colours for my English Influenced Buds)

  1. Ciao G.
    Hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.
    Just stopping in for a quick visit to wish you a wondferful day, and to let you know that I truly love you for a sister in the Lord.
    I pray that God blesses you this weekend.
    God Bless You so much.
    Hugs & Kisses
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  2. that is so true… 🙂
    we live in a world full of fascades…
    yup… the countdown has begun
    7 days to go!!!
    Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

  3. Hi G, hope you had a great day of thanksgiving!  I had a great time with friends, co-workers, and extended family. "True colors"…what a great perspective?! 🙂

  4. Hello Gail,
    What a beautiful concept about colors. The oranges, reds, golds, & yellows of New England are such a vivid memory for me. I miss seeing the changing leaves. I do see an occassional Purple Leaf Plum tree, which has purple leaves year round. Then having been blessed to see the beautiful white snow on the evergereens and icicles 3′ long hanging from the eaves of the house. Memories of the past can be so wonderful but one must remember that times change. When I lived in Bangor, ME., I don’t remember missing a day of school because of snow. Then too at that period in time we got 2 days off for Thanksgiving and now children get a full week off. Makes me feel OLD:) Now I have learned the newer ways of schools and how they deal with snow up north. Thank You.
    When the snow starts getting to the point that a parent feels unsafe for driving, it is best to take one’s child home. I was fortunate to learn how to drive on snow. I am a better driver for it and those who didn’t have that experience scare me.
    Peace & Blessings.

  5. Forgot one thing. (I MUST be getting OLD:)
    Inside a person is either light or darkness. Those who have light tend to find each other and understand that other people have their own lives and don’t get upset when comments have a time span between them.
    Peace & Blessings.

  6. Hey gail, finally a REAL post from you instead of one liners! haha… Yes, fascade..isn’t that normal? I just wrote one on it, but deleted it. I think most of us, who write blogs…only show our good sides. I mean, it’s only natural that we only want people to see our good sides, coz we’re here to make friends and some to gain readership and some to become popular. Whatever it is, it’s people who see us everyday, who live close to us who know who we truly are. They see all the beauty and the ugliness..ahaha…  and if they still love us, then they’re true family/friends. 🙂
    oh well, enjoy the fall Gail. I miss the fall, but it’s not too diff here with the CONSTANT rain!!!!!!!!! today we got stuck at church coz it  had been raining hard, causing a little flood, so most of us were stuck. Thank God there was a restaurant nearby, just next door. so we all sat there, ate, and talked. Was nice. 🙂
    ok, will end here. god bless and have a beautiful Sunday!

    Beautiful analogy!
    It gives a mean meaning to the the phrase, "I see your true colors shining through!"

  8. Gail, it really is a fascinating world we live in.
    I, too, am absent here on spaces more than present lately. Other things just have to take priority sometimes. I hope all is well with you and yours and that you find many blessings in the weeks to come!

  9. Oh that there were not the hurts and pains that caused us to have to wear the masks.  I miss my true colors sometimes…

  10. interesting  post Gail …always be yourself , trying to be otherwise is hard work !
    and people see through the falseness too …who is counting posts or comments anyway ,not those who are about each other 🙂
    peace and blessings

  11. Yes this is true… I hate a facade and I try so hard when I blog to just be me and let people see me warts and all cause if a person cannot accept my warts that I write about then they wouldnt accept me in real life.  And I dont think warts are bad!!  I think all the warts and battle scars we have make us the truly beautiful and unque people we are! 
    This is really a beautiful post g… I loved it. 

  12. The word that comes to my mind is patience…When we walk in patience, over time, we see what people lives are all about.
    Really from the heart the mouth speaks. Therefore…Eventually the verbal thoughts (patterns) shows one’s true colors.
    As we spend more time getting to know God…His brillance and brightness shines through and removes any dullness that needs to be removed to keep our colors bright in Him.
    Think about this…The dimensions of God’s wisdom is multicolored and in all His colors is all the answers.
    Wow…I got blessed with that revelation. Thanks for sharing Gail.

  13. Very thought provoking post today, G- I do strive to be authentic, showing my "true colors", but other times, its more about self-protection.
    Hope you all had a lovely holiday!

  14. Hey G, I am good..just busy..and beginning to get lazy on the blog….. Not so much lazy, but there’s so much to do here that I don’t feel like blogging. How’s Christmas preparations? got your tree up already? I haven’t got anything done. Will start next week maybe. 🙂
    Take good care and i’ve gotta run.
    Blessings to you and all at home.

  15. Ciao G,
    Great to have you stop in for a visit, I always love to see you come by.
    Hope that you have a wonderful day.
    God Bless You Sweetheart…
    Hugs & Kisses

  16. Hi mom,
    Well, it’s not that I didn’t expect you to be so philosophical, but… well, I agree with what you said though, but most people aren’t capable of accepting others in their true colors.
    But admitedly, sometimes the masks are horrible than the true color itself.
    Yep sure, I will post couple of my pictures as well, but I think I don’t mind mailing them rather than posting them on space. I think I’ll do both. This week end we have our church anivesary and I’ll be going there… last time we really had good set of youth to make it eventful but this time most of the main people are out of this country and me in Abu Dhabi… But still we’ve planned to make it great, especially from youth side. Let’s see…
    Have a great day mama,
    Love & Prayers, Son.

  17. Hi Mom,
    We are celeberating 5th year anniversary of our church this time. Generally we youth do the arrangements and host some dramas and games, but this time due to lots of youth population left this country, we are left with 50% of what strength we had for past 4 years (youth).
    Here too, women/girls gets more involved in church or christian related things than men/guys and so our youth group was with 70% girls. Now it has come to 60% girls and 40% guys.
    It’s same everywhere I guess; I mean, girls getting involved in spiritual things more than men.
    Well, it didn’t surprise me that you are philosophical but yeah, I didn’t expect it all of sudden in your blog unless there is something you’re disappointed about or I don’t know… just something.
    Anyway, take care mom.
    Give my regards to all.
    Love & Prayers, Son.

  18. Very nice post, G!  I love how you draw the analogy between autumn, its colors and people.  Personally, Spring is my favorite season.  It signifies rebirth or a fresh start.  No matter what we have done, what obstacles we have had to overcome, we could always start over.  Again, I love this entry!  Have a great week.

  19. Hello Gail,
    I agree the people who harass us have too much time on their hands. When it is children doing it, tis because of too little parental supervision. As for doing research for a newpaper or a college class, they would have to get release forms signed by the victims if any names are used. I think it is merely trying to get to people and create problems. The predators have no life of their own and live vicariously through others. We’ll never fully know how many predators are out there and how many sites each one could have. Deleting waste works well for me.
    Peace & Blessings.

  20. Great post, Gail. Very true indeed. We all wear masks at times for whatever reason. I want to be myself around people but I often find myself hiding.

  21.  Hi G,
     Thanks for stopping by I have been a bit lazy lately.Actually I should say busy.I am trying to get all the holiday things done.I am leaveing on the 23rd of Dec so everything is in fast forward.We are havng Christmas early with our Daughter and her family before we leave. We are going to Japan to see our Son and his family that are in the Air Force. I just got all their gifts sent out too. So I have been really busy.I am looking forward to that nice long plane ride.LOL
    Take Care

  22. Gail….
    This is a wonderful blog…. I have loved everyword of it and yes ate it up like I was staving my dear frined
    It is ture I agree and you wrote this straigt form your heart. Gail you amaze me and you shouldnt because I know that you are one of Gods own. But God is amazing !!!
    Love Ya
    thanks for the prayers

  23. I’m so glad it makes sense to you. So many people think it’s weird, but I guarantee they’d sing a different tune if they tried it! LOL Not only is it sweet and salty together, but also hot and cold. It’s majorly yummy. 🙂

  24. Hey G…what others have said of your post is true…but it is so much easier to hide behind the "green " in our lives…I prefer to be red…as I am…as YOU KNOW !!!!  Does that make me a red maple?
    LOL — take care and stay blessed!

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