Getting Shut Down

My Internet Explorer keeps shutting down on me so I am afraid to write an entry and then have it disappear!  I would like to switch to another but am not sure how to or which is the best.  What do you all think is the best?  g

5 responses to “Getting Shut Down

  1. G! HI!
    Have you tried Internet Explorer 7. It’s a new one. It’s wonderful, you will find spaces works much better too. I have a link to it in my space under Computers and Internet category. It takes about an hour to upload, but well worth it, really.
    Mozzilla or Firefox is impressive, I hear, but I follow with the crowd, the norm on this computer stuff, and go IE.
    😀 Hugs… and my emotions were calmed finally. I think we can get used to just about anything, given the right amount of time.
    Love, Lori

  2. Came by again because I dropped this prescription off at Lizzy’s…
    Take God’s medicine faithfully… Take it often… Take it enough… Just give it time and faith!!!

    The Word of God is medicine too!!!

  3. On losing an entry:
    After losing a few long entries, I came up with a solution I use to prevent this from happening.  Instead of typing an entry into spaces, I open up my word processor program, Microsoft Word in my case, and type the entry in the program.  When I get through, I can do a spelling and grammar check (I’m an enginer, so I nevar studied spellin) and then save what I wrote.  The entry can then be copied and pasted into the spaces box.  Once it’s in the spaces box, I may sometimes adjust the formatting or font.
    This has worked so well that I created a folder for blog entry files.  I have a Word file which contains all of the entries in my blog along with ideas and thoughts for future blog posts.  I also have separate Word files for the other Blogland inhabitants.  If I’m going to write anything more that a quick line or two, I will first type the entry in a Word file and then copy and paste to their blog.  Yes, to answer your next question, I have file ON YOU!  It probably has all of my significant comments left on your blog (it’s at a little over four pages in length at this time).  There are two basic reasons I save the things I write to others.  Number one is I’m lazy.  When I save all of my comments to a person in one place, it makes it easy for me to rapidly scan the communications I’ve sent to them.  The second reason is my desire to maintain high moral integrity.  If my wife wants to read what I have written to another person, let’s say a female blogger, then I can let her read the file. 
    I hope you get your IE problem solved.  serf ‘rett

  4. Write in Word (or something similar) and cut and paste it in – I always do that, after a long ago episode that almost made me quit blogging – I lost my very first post, whciu was long.  Plus you can add accents and so on, if you are inclined, spellcheck, etc. 

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