Haven’t been blogging much this week because we had a stomach virus going through the household.  Isabella started off the week with vomiting.  Ewwww.  Thankfully, Himself was available to take care of that.  She was over the vomiting in one morning but spent the rest of the day being held and sleeping.  It took several days for her to get back on track with her eating and drinking.  Thankfully, I have friends with young children and was able to ask for their wisdom in treating her.
Next, dd and I got the queasies.  We have both had them for several days and are still not one hundred per cent.  The Boy had it a bit last week. 
Lastly, who do you think was the only one to take to his bed?  Himself, of course!  Men, why are you so pampering of yourselves???  Oh, well.  I suppose that is why God made women mothers.
Everything else is pretty much status quo.  We have already given the kids their Christmas presents.  The Boy wanted a new coat even though we felt that last year’s coat was fine.  He asked that it be his Christmas present and we agreed.  DD needed a new dvd player (movies are her major form of entertainment since becoming a mother) and Himself was able to get a great price at an "out of the box" sale where there is no box but you get a new product with all of the warrantees and whatnot active.
My parents are easy.  They are pleased with a donation to a favorite charity but I sent them a practical gift which I hope they will appreciate.  Can’t write about it because I don’t believe it has been delivered, yet.
The most difficult is Himself’s parents.  They are 91 and 80 years of age and have everything they want or need.  They are not rich but have retired comfortably.  When I suggested several years ago that we donate to a favorite charity in their name, it was not taken well.  Oofah!   We went the practical gift route one year – batteries, postage stamps, etc., but I don’t think that went over well.  Have to talk to Himself again about that.
What to do.  I am willing to take suggestions.  Anyone?  Everyone!!
As you can see, I am in the process of redecorating here.  I have been given a gift of many, many, I believe they are called Tags (pictures to decorate with) and have to figure out how to add them.  Hearts was kind enough to give me instructions but I am a hands on learner and will, hopefully, get a techie friend to help me out.  I don’t want to mention the name of the buddy who designed them for me without permission because she might then be deluged with requests.  Thank you, my friend, for all of the hard work and beauty you sent my way.
Today promises to be quiet (I hope) as the kids and Isabella are headed out to the grandparents’ house to decorate their tree with their cousins.  Hopefully, I will be able to take a much needed nap!  I pray that all of my faithful community here will have a safe, warm and blessed weekend.  g

10 responses to “Ewwwww

    I hope the queasies and flu bug pass quickly.
    Regarding Him’s parents… gift certificates to grocery stores or Target, etc, work well. Or a gift certificate to a favorite eating place?
    Sometimes you just have to give gift certificates and cash… especially on the senior citizens. 😀
    I really want to walk you through removing some of your photo albums you don’t use. It’s quite easy and I can get you there, I know I can!!!
    Maybe I should just fly out there and do it??????????????????  Tee Hee. That would be a ball by the way.
    Hope you are having a lovely, restful weekend, Gail!
    Love, Lori

  2. I don’t think spa gift certificates will go over very well:)  I think you should just ask them what they would like for Christmas.  Maybe they don’t care too much about presents, but they might have something in mind they want.  Otherwise, cash is always good.
    Rest well and hope you and your family are fully recovered very soon.  Have a blessed weekend.

  3. Hello Gail,
    Thanks for dropping by. It has been a little busy here the past two weeks and it going to get stranger still:) It did  take me a while to find the right shade of blue and a good purple to match it. OK, I’m a tad different. I did do a great job decorating my house and several before it. Then there’s always beef tips & noodles or spaghetti which I fix rather well – the spaghetti is according to my Father-In-Law. The beef tips and noodles are according to my Sister-in-Law.
    Have a great week.
    Peace & Blessings.

  4. Hey Gail, aw, you not gonna try it after all the typing I did? haha…ok, go get your techie friend to help you. 😉
    though it’s really easy….honestly easy. Okie doke, hope you’re all feeling better…. stomach flue is horrible, but at least Bells had it just for a day! thank God for that. We had that episode some time back, if you remember…
    Hope all is good and is  Himself getting better? SOmetimes they just act a little more sick than need be coz they wanna be mama’s boy. hahaha…and we wives have to be mamas!
    as for elderly folks, somehow, MONEY matters. Ok, which means, an expensive gift is good. haha…
    oh well, will ciao. Take care!
    love and blessings!

  5. Aye, we men are so tough in so many ways.  We can take a good amount of physical pain but give us a common bug and we are like 2 year olds again.  I walk around the house groaning like I am dying of Lupus or something ~chuckles~.  I always go to sleep because that is what my body tells me to do, but who takes care of mom or gram mom when she is sick?  No one ~sighs~.
    I hate playing volleyball with sickness.  As you can imagine a minor cold to someone else can kill me, so I must be very vigilant on staying away from those who are sick, however sometimes people are sick before they even know it.  It starts to look like a large volleyball game.  Everyone is just passing the sickness back and forth all winter, especially the colder regions where people don’t get outside during the winter.
    I am the Xmas master ~grins~.  Almost everyone collects something, so if you know what he or she collects you can get him or her something for his or her collection.  Find out where their favorite restaurant is and buy them a gift certificate.  Hell almost everyone loves food until they die.  Music is one of the most powerful elixirs in our known universe…find out when, where and how they fell in love.  Secretly find out what their song was.  You perhaps could make them a romantic dinner and play the tunes of their youth ~smiles~.  Or you could make some calendars with all the great grandkids or whoever ~smiles~.  When you get so old you really only care about family, visiting and enjoying the last few years of your life ~smiles~.  Well I hope this spawns some ideas for ya ~smiles~.
    Yeah get some sleep.  It sounds like you might be running your basic charge down too low ~smiles~  A good nap will make all the difference ~smiles~

  6. thought I had best check you were all recovered from the bug 🙂
    pleased you are getting some time to yourself Gail
    wondering about your mom’s health as she hasn’t posted for a while
    hugs and blessings

  7. I’m glad to hear that you are learnning chinese,how do you think about it,easy or difficult?some people say that the chinese is one of these difficult languages!this time i wrote my spaces in chinese,i wish you could understand  it,maybe it’s uneasy for you,but just try it!

  8. Hey AG, no pressure about you trying it. hahaha…try it when you’re up to it, if not don’t bother. If you still can’t, we can schedule a chat meet (haha) and I can guide you through the procedure step by step. haha..
    You take care dear Gail, and God bless and keep you all healthy! 🙂
    with much love and hugs

  9. After reading your entry, I think I’ll spray down the computer with disinfectant of something.  I’ve heard that a virus can be transmitted from computer to computer.
    When mom is sick, she’s just ill, but when papa is sick, he’s DIEING!  Hope that helps to explain things for you.  Let us know what you get for dh parents (I need some hints).
    Trust ya’ll are feeling better soon.

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