The stomach virus is in its second round with dd vomiting and The Boy queasy.  Please pray it doesn’t affect the rest of us.
My parents received their gift and are thrilled!  Are you on the edges of your seats?  It was the large flylady.net feather duster!  On my side of the family, we put great thought into our gifts.  We suit it to the person it is going to.  This feather duster will make my parents’ lives easier and they feel very good about the thought that went into it.
Now on over to the in-laws.  They could use this feather duster even more than my folks but would be insulted if we were to get it for them.  So, finally, Himself asked his mother what to get because it seems the rest of the family is getting them dining gift certificates and they like to open gifts (I wanted to get them stamps, batteries, etc. but that would not have gone over well, either).  A blanket, was her reply.  But only if it is on sale.  So off I go into the virtual mall of overstock.com, etc. to find the elusive blanket.  In seafoam green.  Pray for me.  Please.

17 responses to “Updates

  1. Hi mom,
    Hope everyone is fine there now… howz my bro & sis feeling now? Shes’s back to work?
    Bella is really cute… I like her pic which looks like escimo in sweater (spelling misake?).
    Well, I generally dont get into gift stuffs… especially for adults… I stick to kids coz adults have very different tastes and preferences and I dont know them much, even my mom. So, its cool you know your parents likes and dislikes.
    have a great time mom. GOd Bless You.

    No more sickness in your family or mine…. Bonnie is home from school today, she is coughing… sigh… I need to learn the healing words… and so do you. Liz

    Blah. We’re amazingly healthy here (knocking soundly on every piece of wood I can find), but the Urp Season is young. I don’t do so well with the flu.
    In response to your post about the forced stresses of Christmas:
    About four years ago, I decided that instead of complaining about how the meaning has been lost — yet still buying into all the hype, and pressuring myself to buy, Buy, BUY! — I would DO something about it.
    So every year, I go to the Dollar Store, buy about 8-10 appropriate doodads (this year, it was a really cute nativity scene), and hand them out with a card that says something like: "My gift to you this year is the wish that you always remember the true meaning of this holiday. I also want you to know that we realize this is a stressful season, and we want to do our part to de-stress you. For us, that means no Christmas card is necessary, no gift, no mandatory plate of goodies. Instead, put your feet up, and spend the extra time with your loved ones. Have a marvelous Christmas!"
    We have successfully whittled down the work for lots of our friends.
    The gifts we give each other have to be homemade, with the usual exceptions of socks and undies and a big gift from Santa.
    We love it, and so do our friends.
    Glad you’re feeling better, Gail!

  4. Here’s a prayer that you all miss this round of the yucks; I think we’ve had our annual bout, which must mean its time for vacation! Good luck with the blanket- I bought one that sounds similar at Costco last week- little green microfiber fleece, under $20.

  5. Hi Gail,
    Sorry to hear that you are ill, I will be praying for you and your son. Havent been by and I just wanting to say i hope you are injoying the season but your sick .
    Get well soon.
    Love and Hugs

  6. Praise the Lord that your in-laws gave you an idea for a gift.  They will definitely like what they get then 🙂  I pray your family gets over that virus very soon……..must be quite a drag.  Take care and do have a blessed week.

  7. Hey Gail, a blanket…haha…oh well, I suppose ladies like that sort of stuff, though it is expensive!! Hope your MiLaw will like the color you picked! 🙂
    HOpe all is well at home? when we had that virus, doctors told us to wash our hands constantly..esp those of us who had it, or who were cleaning the sick baby. and then we sanitized the whole house, especially all the toilets and the toys which baby might have put in her mouth!! ….and then that was the end of the dreaded virus! 🙂
    well hope all’s well. I can usually come online…about 11am your time…if you wanna meet..I"m hardly on nowadays..just check my mails, press switch off. 🙂 for you I can come on a bit to chat. 🙂
    ok, will end here. Babies about to be up. Baby Jo kept me up for a long time in the middle of the night yesterday with her crying! *sigh* she probably had too much play yesterday.
    Takegood care!

  8. I HOPE YOU are feeling better finally…
    They (the docs and pharmacists) say that if it would freeze and snow these germs would dissipate, until spring, when they are uncovered again!!!
    I always pray for you, my friend… always.

  9. guys, I’m doing this out of love, pls help me do this, all guys out there!! God’s children!!!!

    We’re on a prayer chain, for Anyela!!!!!
    a girl from our church, she”s got leukemia, a weird kind, ACUTE
    PROMYELOCYTIC LEUKEMIA!!! diagnosed monday and started chemo right
    away, she started bleeding thru her gums, weird, so, they thought it
    was related to her teeth, took her to the dentist, 3 diff, and nothing,
    then she kept on bleeding and took her to the hospital and was
    diagnosed with Acute Anemia, and on monday, the docs brought the tests
    results with the news, that weird kind of leukemia.
    The reason I’m posting this here, tis cus nobody goes to my blog anymore, 😦

    so pls pray for her, 10pm my time, that might be 6pm CA
    u know the rest!!

    thanks dear G

  10. I am sorry to hear that u suffer too much these days, the weather is so changeable so u should take care.How do u feel today?I hope u can recover soon,I will pray for u.
    Wish u merry christmas
    Lots of hugs and kisses from Bobbie

  11. It’s always hard to find a good gift for in-laws! This year they are getting a garden spade – but it is given with love . . .
    Hope the viruses find their way out the door soon – same thing is making the rounds with us as well.

  12. G, thank you for the compliments!  And…lol…I don’t mind telling you that my necklace is from Avon!  🙂
    Love you!!!
    Carol 🙂

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