Just a Thought…or two…

Those who know me well know that I am a very literal person.  If someone tells me they lost twenty pounds I take it as literally twenty pounds.  Not twenty-one or nineteen but twenty.
Maybe that is why I am reluctant to say Happy New Year to people.  I feel that any day of the year can start a new year for anyone.  Why do we wait until January first to decide to exercise or lose weight or quit smoking?  On November 15, 2005, I had a Happy New Year because my precious Isabella was born.  On February 12, 2006, I had another Happy New Year when I spent my first smoke free day in four years on the way to where I am now, nearly eleven months off cigarettes.
So, if I don’t say Happy New Year to you don’t be insulted.  Instead, let me know what new years are happening in your lives as they come about.
And now for something completely different (any Monty Python fans out there?).  My tag line has been, Don’t believe everything you think."  Kathy Reichs meant that as a comic line but it is very true.  So many of us have negative tapes in our heads telling us lies about ourselves.  The tapes say things like, "You are not good enough!"  Or, "You are so fat you should be ashamed to be seen in public!"  "Why don’t you just die!  You would be better off dead!"
These are lies straight out of hell!  No matter what your past God created you and loves you as you are!  When one of those tapes starts I want you to think of what I have just written and say to yourself, "I am worthy of being alive!  God created me in His image and wants me to have a life worth living!  God came down in the form of a man and hung on a cross for me – for meeee!"
I have been wanting to write on this subject for a long time now and a conversation I had recently prodded me to finally do it.  Start your new year today with a conversation with God.  Ask Him to guide your way.  You won’t regret it.  I promise.
Wishing all of you many Happy New Years in 2007, gail

15 responses to “Just a Thought…or two…

  1. Lol, well 2007 is still a new number in time that has never been, and it’s STILL going to be an excellent year!  🙂
    Hearing Brother Yun preach is not nearly as awesome as hearing him sing!  It’s almost as if you’re intruding on something very one-on-one, very special, and very intimate between him and his God.  Singing praises to the Lord is what helped him live through all those years of torture in prison.
    Here is a link to Back to Jerusalem: http://www.backtojerusalem.com/
    I noticed that this mandate straight from heaven has even made it into Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Back_To_Jerusalem
    And regarding the two men of God preaching that crusade in Beijing…Believe me!  I know the tenacity of both of these precious men of God.  It WILL happen while they are alive in this earth in this time!  It’s the heart of God.  God will work, and who can resist Him???  THAT’s how I know it will happen. 
    Love you!!!
    Carol 🙂

    Re: Gavin and "meh."
    "Meh" means "It’s not my favorite name. I can take it or leave it." (I continue to be amazed that people don’t allow ME to name their children. Don’t they understand how much I could help?) ; )
    Interesting, that you quit smoking on one of my son’s birthday (#3); I’ll always remember your "anniversary"! I quit smoking almost 20 years ago, the day I found out I was pregnant with my first son. It was remarkably easy for me (probably because I was always nauseous), and I stopped missing it entirely by my one-year quit-date.
    And just so you know, there’s a difference between playing the sax, and playing it well. Hearing me would help you recognize the difference…
    Take care, Friend!

  3. miss ya my blog mom!!love ya girl and I really miss yamy begginig  of year was great, i went our today with friends!!!perfect!!!we had fun!!!see my pics!!!!miss ya g♥

  4. Hey Gail, Thanks for this.  I think my happiest new year yet will be when I receive an acceptance letter from Hopkins.  I"ve been anticipating this moment for a very long time.  I am blogging a lot now because I’m not in class.  I am enrolled in a Wednesday night class for my MBA program.  I am determined to finish my MBA before I start a PhD but we"ll see.  3 more classes.  If I take a class this summer then I will have one more.  So I would have to take that the following summer.  Whoa doing a MBA and PhD at the same time!  How’s that possible?  Well, of course, with God nothing is impossible. 

  5. Just taught our mid-week adult church group a couple of lessons on negative thoughts.  Many folks can’t even identify when they are having negative thoughts because they’ve never been set free of ther old thought patterns (which are based on lies).  I’m gearing up for about two hours of teaching on depression in the near future.  Lots of stuff in the scripture about this subject, so it’s going to be a challenge to condense the material to fit in the time frame.
    Thanks for checking in on us.  We are roaring along at the Castile with the kids home from college and the holidays.  Remind me to do the tag thing in about a week when we get the Princess’s back to school. 

  6. hey g. good message! unfortunately many succumb to negative voices in their heads…bringing on all sorts of probs…
    but yes, with the help of God we can shut that voice out n find our identity in Him!
    i’m proud of you that you made it past 11 months without cigarettes!! 🙂   sadly, i hv two uncles who died fr tobacco related illnesses.
    oh weoll, will end here! take care!

  7. Man is a spiritual being created in the image of the Primus, and with free will we have the God Given ability to whip any demon.  Whether it be anger, sorrow, greed, self-centerdness, self-righteoussness.  The Bible talks over and over about how we are merely vessels to be used by God, man or lessor beings of the Abyss.  We are so modernized we have lost the truth that every emotion, drug, etc. is a spiritual entity which can manifest and overcome the human attention span and soul, but God has given us a way out ~smiles~.  I know you already know this ~winks~.
    I think you are a damn fine person from all I have seen you write and respond to…You have always showed class even when I know I have struck a cord ~smiles~.  That says a lot about your thoughtfulness before actions.  I look to poeple like you in times when I need that strength ~smiles~.  We all have strengths and weaknesses.  I am anything but thoughtful in some situations.  I wish I was because it sure would keep me out of trouble sometimes ~snickers~.
    God Bless you and yours:


    Hey Super ‘G’…
    This is an awesome entry. Good, good stuff!!!
    "Don’t believe everything you think." That is another one of my favorite statements.
    Our thought life is so important. Actually, it is what makes most peoples lives.
    We are supposed to be spirit lead first (our spiritual heart), which will control our soul (will and emotions), and lead our body (earth suit).
    Life is best taken on, one day at a time and to make it a happy one.
    Now, as for the Chicago pizza question? It was OK. Probably would have tasted better right in Chicago, cooked in a real pizza oven?
    There was way to much chunky sauce. Would I order them again? Probably not. Would I try their pizza in Chicago when visiting? Probably.
    Let’s make 2007 one of the best from my house to yours…Greg

  9. Thank you, Gail, for this entry.  I have never regretted relying on God for my daily guidance.  Before I did that, my life was utter chaos and whenever I stray away, my life returns to chaos.  I have learned my lesson now – trust Him to guide your every step.  Hugs.

  10. work is finethank Godand Anyela isnt doin so well, her spirit is down, she’s tired of it allbut she’s trusting the Lord even though she can be depressed sometimes, love ya Gand i already sent an email to the embassy, ive to do it that way, it says so in their sitebye♥

  11. Amen! I try to keep my thought process a continuous prayer, conversation with God. It’s amazing how much calmer and patient this has made me. Good entry!

  12. Thank you greatly for your comment and perspective, g. I deeply appreciate it. Since you are the second person on the subject, there must be something to whatever comment I typed, though I don’t recall what I said exactly. They say where there is smoke, there is fire, so I will stay clear of the other site so as not to offend one’s values anew if that has been indeed the case. Thank you again 😉

  13. Hi Gail,
    Yes it is nice to be thought of and You my dear lady I think of offten. Have a wonderful day and a wonderful week.
    Hugs to you my dear friend, and your grand daughter is beautiful. You know I think I have spent to much time on this darn compturor

  14. Most probably. Though like you promised first visit, "nuff said". Whatever non-Christian implications I left anyone, I truly regret. I have no idea right now how I offended. Nor so I seek any discourse, though I understand how online quasi-friendships can be tempermental. Peace.

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