26 responses to “Weekend

  1. I really like the "Fourty Things" list- so many things I agree with 🙂
    Yes, the "Ode" is my creation- feel free to share it with whomever you wish!
    Have a lovely weekend- Blessings

  2. Hey 🙂
    Was surfing some spaces and came across yours. 🙂
    The soft purple background reminds me of spring. Im hoping it’ll be here in no time. 🙂
    Tired of the snow.
    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  3. Well you confirmed that I made the right decision. Netflix said it had some adult material and I thought it wouldn’t be good to watch with the kids around, so I had decided to wait till we were alone to watch it. I don’t know anything about the story but it’s good to hear you say it’s a good one.
    Waiting for my coffee to brew… 🙂

  4. Hi Gail, have a great weekend yourself.  The weather here has been absolutely delightful and even though it’s very windy today, it’s not cold at all.  We have been in the 80’s for most of this week and I just want to jump up and down:)  Hope I have seen the last of old man winter!

  5. Have a great weekend too!  I live for my weekends anymore…..gosh it feels great to be normal again.  Stats class is going well.  I"m off to run some errands before the weather gets bad.  Supposed to start tommorrow.  But first I think I"m going to post 40 things about me and the 4 fours thingy.  Really enjoyed reading yours.  Ok take care! 

  6. Gail, Hope you have the same!!    So far, I’ve not made it out of my bedroom this Saturday morning!  Sad, so very sad!  I told my daughter to give me 10 more minutes and we will go do something together for the day!! 
    Take care,

  7. I’m baaaaaaaaack!!!!miss ya my G!!im so tired, I dont have a great tan but i found a friend in camp, plus the preachings and devotionals and workshops were greattheme of this campdefeating your giantsill blog bout itlove ya♥♥♥

  8. I hope your weekend is going well. Mine’s ok — just staying out of the blistering cold and wind.  I used to think winter made a total waste of a weekend, but got alot of cleaning done and watched a few movies I’ve wanted to watch.  I just hope the warm weather comes soon because I long to be outside.  In the sunshine.
    Take care

  9. Hey G, you need to spend some time in the real islands:)  Brooklyn is quite the place……lots of extremes there.  There are some great restaurants in Brooklyn and there are some dumpy places there as well.  That is what I love about NY – you can find everything there!  It is my favorite city in the world, you know.

  10. yes… it is wonderful to be in the centre of God’s will
    to be living in the plan He has for me
    that is when I will be most satisfied and fulfilled
    hope you had a good weekend! 🙂

    Hi Gail,
    This is my kinda blog – short and sweet .. lol. I’m a comment reader, so I spent time reading all of those here as well. We have one common friend, Sherry, so I zero’d in on her two first and foremost. Even though I think I know her so well, I’m always picking up fascinating new information, like today – I didn’t know NYC was her very favorite. I also see you have a vast array of comment leavers who I don’t know. I find it interesting to read what they have to say too. Though I won’t click on any of their links today (I’m in dire need of Sunday morning coffee in a few minutes), once in a while I do and that’s how we all learn about someone new. Like the day you clicked on my link from Sherry’s. Here’s hoping you are having a great weekend like I.

  12. Hi Gail,
    Thanks for dropping by my space. 🙂 New commers and comments are always welcomed. 🙂
    I cant remember what I have in my 101.. Im sure its all pretty well the same as where I stand now though. Not much has changed. 🙂
    I think youre right that when youre older and in school, you do grasp things and appreciate more then the younger fresh out of high school kids do.  When I graduated in June, our class was mostly made up of people 20+
    Anyways, feel free to drop by anytime. I’ll do the same. 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend. 🙂

  13. Gail,
    I am so thrilled you came by and have been meaning to visit for some time now…I don’t know if I am a carb addict or not, I love carbs, but I can live without them…about 4 years ago (right before a back op for a ruptured disc) I quite smoking (after over 20 yrs). A year after the op I was back to exercising on my treadmill working my little heart out running each day and the extra weight from inactivity due to recovery just would’nt budge.  During a rountine GYN exam I mentioned this to my Doc and she asked if I had ever had my thyroid checked.  Turned out the numbers were way off the charts and I had to have thyroid replacement for Hypo thyroidism (or Hashimoto’s Disease)…The very first dose I took relieved almost all of my arthritis symptoms and after a year of adjusting doses (I went into hyperactivity for a period) I am right where I should be…but…getting older, not enough exercise along with the thyroid problem (and menopause I am sure not far off) has made me quite aware of the need to do something now…(5"5 and 150lb). So rather than give up those lovely carbs, I thought I would try to get off my rump and walk while I blogged (I’m trying 2 hours a day).  Wish me luck, though it really is a piece a cake(giggle giggle I’ve already walked for 16 minutes while talking to you!)  This may tend to make me a bit long winded though…tee hee
    I love your sense of humor and enjoyed your 40 Things…I’m not sure, but I think they mean telephone when they say color razor (I only know this because my husband has just replaced an old cell phone and he keeps asking me…"did you know they charge 100.00 dollars more for a red razor?"…he got the silver one, my son says the extra goes to a charity, not sure though.)
    Lacrosse (does it really have an e at the end? good gracious)is new at my son’s school (it seems to be the upcoming sport after soccer) and they haven’t assigned any positions yet.  He wants to play d’fense (not much running-he thinks…I guess he’s just glad to be back in the pack).  You must school me on this Lacrosse, the only rules I know right now is that I have to pick him up by 5:00!!!! am so glad you came by, and I "won’t be as long as I have been"!!Sheilatold ya it would make me long winded!!

  14. Very weird movie. I thought it had an original story line and a lot of funny moments, but overall it was kindof depressing. I didn’t like the way it ended. I like movies to have nice tidy endings where everything is wrapped up nicely. I wish they would’ve shown what happened after all that, when the girl opened the envelope. Oh well. lol

  15. Hello Gail,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the info about worms & anemia. B12 is developed in the stomach from foods we eat. When a person has no stomach, B12 is not produced and monthly injections are required for mild cases. Pills are not an option since digestion starts in the stomach which is where pills are designed to start for faster absorption. This gives the patient a boost of energy for a few days. OOPS! That may be too much info.
    Yesterday was our first dust storm of the seaon. Winds were gusting up to 61 mph and visibility was down to 1/4 mile. If we had eaten outside we would have consumed more dirt than food:) The wind was calmer today – not as much dust in the air. The EPA has rated Lubbock as one of the most polluted cities of its size – all because of Acts of God – the wind and dust. Our governemnt at its finest:)
    Peace & Blessings.

  16. Hi Gail,
    Just stopping to say hi. I am still down with a cold , but a little better, I am going to try to catch you online today.
    Love and Hugs always to a sister

  17. I get upset that my Hormonal Power Surges never surge when I am outside.  I’m grateful for them when I’m curled up in my chair and it’s a little chilly in the house, but wonder why they don’t reach my feet.
    Guess I will go update my blog — I hope you have a good week!

  18. Okay, I was going to make little comments on each # on your list that we have in common, but it’s too many…so, I’ll just list them…#1,8,9,10,11,12,14,16,20,21,23,25,28,31,32,35(see *) 36,38,44,45,46,49,52,53,55,56,57,58,59,61,65,66,67,68,77,87,88,90,95,97,98… you gotta admit, that’s alot! 
    (*in the past 3 years I’ve lost my little sister, my dear friend’s 4 yr old son, and my oldest -well, longest term – friend is in the last stages of brain cancer…) I wish a lot of these I didn’t relate to.

  19. I tried to wait for you and Sandra, but Adrian made it very clear he was ready to get the train moving again, so I decided to keep going.  The chapter you missed was chapter 11.  We’re on chapter 12 now – and also getting into the stuff I love about the book of Numbers!
    See ya here, there, or in the air!
    Love ya!!!
    Carol 🙂

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