No Time….

…to write an entry.  Bells is taking my hands off the keyboard and her needs come first!  Will be back asap.  gail

5 responses to “No Time….

  1. Hello "G",
    I’m coming in agreement that it is just stress.
    Good idea to check and make sure.
    Keep us informed, Greg
    Pizza??? (That was my ‘Scooby-Doo’ voice.)

  2. Hey G!  Hope all is well with you………will check back here soon since Bells is demanding your undivided attention:)

  3. If memory serves, The Princess went through something like this …along with the words, "Come ON, Mammie. Let’s play!!!"
    So go play already!!

  4. children come first… sow into little Bell’s life, for she is far more important than any of us. May your life show her how good GOd is, that she will herself experience the love of God firsthand . 🙂
    God bless!
    hugs from all here
    ps praying for you

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