What Can I Say?

Going to the movies is something I rarely do.  Heck, the last time I went was to bring a couple of young folk to see The Incredibles.  However, the ads for the new movie, Reign Over Me, caught my eye.  Then I read that Q thought it was great.  So, when I needed to get out of the house last night, I called a friend and we went to our local multiplex.
If you see this movie, be ready for an emotional roller coaster ride.  You will never look at Adam Sandler in the same way and Don Cheadle does his usual stellar performance.  No need for a spoiler alert here because that is all I am going to say about the flick.
A couple of weeks ago, The Girl and Bells moved into their own apartment.  At first, Himself and I were depressed.  That lasted one night.  I am still taking care of Isabella five days a week so we don’t have a chance to miss her.  We don’t have to be quiet at night fearful that we’ll wake the baby and dd is finding out that "running out for a minute" doesn’t happen when you are on your own.  Reality check is now in progress.
To be continued….
Had to take Bells to her doctor.  All is well.  Just needed to treat a skin ailment.
When I see Adam Sandler, I think of my baby bro out on the left coast.  J used to call and leave messages on my answering machine imitating Sandler.  The Boy would play those messages over and over again.  Still makes me smile.
We switched over to fiber optic for the computers and phone.  I am not seeing a difference but I am assured that there is.  Himself’s laptop is faster, though.  Could it have anything to do with the fact that I only have about 4% left on my hard drive?  Hmmmm…..
I hope you all are doing well.  Thanks for checking up regularly.  Ya’ll rock, g

18 responses to “What Can I Say?

  1. Hmmm… sounds like some great things happening all the way around. It’s good for you to get to enjoy the parts of adult children that are most enjoyable – like not having to sneak around quietly all the time 🙂  And maybe good for your dd to take on her full responsibility. You can send her off with great feelings too of having given her a safe place to be until she was ready for this new phase of her life. I’m happy for you. Have you seen "Failure to Launch"?  Probably not because of the whole don’t see many movies thing. But if you had you would know that when the 30yr old child finally leaves his parents house the father ends up using his old bedroom as the new "naked" room. He just hangs out in there naked all the time. DOn’t do that okay Gail. Don’t have a naked room.

  2. I saw Adam Chandler and Don Cheadle on some TV show the other day but it didn’t register with me that they were in a movie together. I guess I wasn’t paying attention. We are so behind the US here in the boonies of Bavaria with our one little nasty theater on base. lol I usually watch movie trailers on apple’s website to keep up with what is coming, but I guess I missed that one. Did you see Click? (also Adam Sandler). I was surprised by that one. It made me cry!
    I am LOVIN the sunshine bigtime!

  3. G~
    come add yourself to my photo-guestbook. Please add to both as I do not know which one I will be keeping. I want you UP ON TOP OF THE LIST please.
    K. I have a serious cat hair problem as well. Lint rollers are my best friend!
    Love, Lori

  4. Hey G!  I would like to see that movie as well, but knowing me, I will probably wait until it is out on DVD.  I just don’t seem to have the time these days for the movies.  I am telling you – when I finish thise dissertation, I will spend a whole week at a spa and get a new lease on life:)  How’s everything with you?  Hope all is well in your world………has Bells moved far away?  At least you still get to see her everyday so that’s a good thing.

  5. reality check …lol  they all need a good dose of that . My son has changed his day off to tomorrow as I am not well enough to care for Fergus …we rarely go out these days ,and I can’t remember when we last went to the cinema ,I will go & look online for a review of the one you went to 🙂
    I had to laugh when I saw you used ‘heck’ sounds ok coming from an adult ,not so good from an 18 month old who has no idea what it means .
    peace be with you in everyday things

  6. Adam Sandler has made a few really good serious movies.  Punch Drunk Love, Anger Management (with Jack Nicloson), and Click.  All of them were more of a drama, except for Punch Drunk Love which was an independant title.
    I have always loved Adam Sandler.  The guy is a genius. ~smiles~.  I look forward to watching his new movie as well.

  7. Those reality checks can hit hard, sometimes!
    I have a hard time with the ’emotional roller-coaster’ movies. I love them, they just seem to affect me for days. Will have to put that one on the list and think it over.
    Thanks for your constant support over the last weeks. I finally posted an entry explaining what has been going on. Your prayers and kind words have been appreciated!

  8. Hey G!  Suze Orman always says to ask for their FICO score or credit report before you say I do:)  I plan to do that…….the guy may run away but who cares (hahaha)?!

  9. I’m going to have to wait for the DVD to come out. I can’t go to rollercoaster movies. I am a sympathy crier. And it’s not pretty.
    Reality check is right. Running out for just a minute…NOT! lol

  10. Hey G, interesting read today. Glad reality check is in progress, and I’m sure more to go! haha… that’s how it was for me when me and hubby moved out of the house with baby D after a year. 🙂  
    G at the movies! that’s cool! you should do that more often! 🙂 haha… I’ve not been to the movies for about 4 years now!!! it’s bad isn’t it? i only watch them when they come out in videos. It’s coz, my mum already baby sits kids when I work, so I don’t want to bother her with additional 2 hours.
    Yeah, just got back from a long weekend from an island 6 hour drive away! It was a really lovely trip…wonderful….. stayed two nights at a hotel and then some nights with my aunt there. 🙂
    ok, have to go rest a bit and then prepare for an afternoon lecture. God bless and pray all is good and well. 😉
    hugs from us

  11. Hello Gail,
    Adam Sandler has done some really great movies. He can get into any character he wants unlike some "Actors" who can only act one way. Good actors are few and far between. The movies I watch are usually at home when they are dated and considered old.
    Only 4% of your hard drive free and it is still going? That is amazing. Have you done a defrag on it? That should help free up some space, if not then the only other options are a bigger hard drive and transferring all data over or deleting files. I need a bigger RAM on my computer because it can’t keep up with the Windows Server.
    Peace & Blessings.

  12. I can’t wait to see that movie, I just love Adam Sandlers movies… with the exception of Little Nicky.. UGH! 50 First Dates…. HUGE fav!! Running out for a minute, lol… I guess not! Have a wonderful week. -S- 

  13. lol…all changes are hard to get used too…
    :o) smiles are free and contagious…so pass one right now to the people you love and those you don’t…soon everyone will be smiling… :o)

  14. lol…that isn’t brain freeze…that is cause ia m not too sure what i do either most days…my title is production supervisor…but i am pretty versitile….i spend a lot more time out on the floor working than what i think most production supervisors do…
    :o) smiles are free and contagious…so pass one right now to the people you love and those you don’t…soon everyone will be smiling… :o)

  15. I have seen you many many times at other friend’s "houses" and thought to come and see you today.  Darned if you aren’t delightful.  I already knew you were a fellow Christian.

  16. Mike Binder is on my friends list on MySpace.  How cool is it that we can do that?  I added him before I saw the movie so I’d be ready to comment on his page after I saw it.  If the movie was no good I would have just deleted him off my friends list, lol.

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