Opening Day

As I recall, this is the first year in a while that the New York Yankees baseball franchise will have their first game of the season at home.  Himself is a part-time tour guide at the stadium and we have been fans for many years.  At one o’clock eastern, a multitude of fans will turn on their televisions, radios or computers to follow the plays of "America’s Team."
There are many who hate the Yankees saying they are the best team money can buy.  True, their payroll is the largest in baseball.  However, more is expected of this team than any other.  While other teams are horsing around before a game, the Yankee locker room is filled with players reviewing in their minds what they need to know to win against the day’s adversary.  There is a quiet not known any where else in major league baseball.
If a player wants to be on this team they must be clean shaven and have their hair at a decent length.  This reminds me of school dress codes.  When I was in seventh grade, the dress code changed so that girls could wear "pant suits."  Soon this became denim jeans, then torn jeans.  As the dress code got laxer, the behavior became more and more rambunctious.  I suppose Mr. Steinbrenner (the team’s owner) believes this holds true of a structured, orderly team.
It is rumored that George Steinbrenner will soon step down as the active owner of the Yankees.  I wonder what changes are in store for this conservative franchise.  Will it continue to be spit and polish or will it deteriorate until it is unrecognizable.  Only time will tell.
I was going talk about the moral fiber of society needing a "dress code" but was afraid I would sound like I was preaching.  Truth be told, I am just too weary to even try.  Suffice it to say that I think our "Owner" is mighty disappointed in the "torn jeans" our society is wearing.  Let us hope that parents will raise their children with a dress code worthy of their Creator.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful week.  As the late, great Dr. Robert A. Cook used to say, "Walk with the King today and be a blessing."

20 responses to “Opening Day

  1. I was just catching up on a few of your posts, and I so agree with you.  I don’t understand why ‘we’ (as a nation) aren’t allowed to even look cross-ways at, say, a muslim on a plane or someone with a horrid saying on their t-shirt or make a wisecrack about someone’s life style "choice" or whatever, but hey, go ahead and make all the fun you want of Christians.  Mock them, scorn them…. yes, even discriminate against them, and it’s all okay.  It makes no sense to me, and it frightens me, honestly.  OH!  I also have to say I checked out the sites you recommended – I have been to flylady before, and I know if I just got started it would help me!  But the other one…brat factor, is it?  Oh-my-gosh!  This person has been reading my diary, lol!!  I was laughing and crying at the same time…I think I have a …brat inside.!! 

  2. Although I do not like the New York Yankees, because of the very reason you mentioned, I do respect the high standards that Steinbrenner has chosen to maintain over the years. Personally, I think it would have been a better entry if you would have segued a little more into the correlation of how as we lower our dress codes it seems to correspond to a degradation of personal morals. However, I thought the entry was just fine the way it was. I also know what it’s like not to have the energy or inclination to get too in depth into some subjects.
    As for your previous entry, I personally didn’t see anything really wrong with the show, but that’s me. If my memory serves me correctly, Law & Order did an episode very similar to that one, but I thought it was even more of an attack on the Christian elements of society.
    My comments about how your passion was really shining in your last entry are still true. I think you should continue to write from your heart, like you always do, and not shy away from a subject you think might be too confrontational. Although, now that I think about it, I am being a hypocrite myself. I am often guilty of not writing about things that I feel strongly about for fear of offending others. Well, I probably shouldn’t let this evolve into another session about your previous entry. Let’s just say that I think tolerance should not stop at race, gender, etc., but should also be inclusive of religious preferences.
    I sincerely hope you continue to write is passionately as you are right now; it really suits you.

  3. I actually listened to some of the Cubs game on the radio today.  I love baseball so it’s good to have spring back!  Even if my team loses!
    I think you are right, clothing is so important for even attitudes.  It’s weird how it can change how you act and feel just to dress appropriately.  That’s why I was glad when I went shopping the other day and noticed the teen styles were longer skirts and more girly shirts.  Much better than the Britney Spears look.  Hopefully the kids will want to distance themselves from her now. 🙂
    Take care,

  4. Hello Gail,
    I am still finding out who the imposter hit with such false information about me going private. I have not done so nor will I.
    This country needs to put up with less garbage and start getting straightened out. Some schools have started using school uniforms and the bad activity has greatly declined. Another thing that needs to straighten out in schools is calling children crybabies when they report inappropriate actions such as bullying to the principal. If a child defends himself they are apt to be suspended from school. A no win situation.
    I hope you have your computers straightened out. That is such a tedious job – even with an AA transfer cable. Setting up a home network can be a problem too. Hope its working out right.
    Your previous post is merely you taking fair & proper advantage of FREEDOM OF SPEECH! If people don’t like it, nothing is forcing them to leave a comment. I found it to be highly refreshing.
    Peace, Love, & Blessings.

  5. hi Gail, I’m afraid I’m not a fan of the Yankees..hahaa…simply coz I somehow cannot for the life of me, like baseball. When in the US, I was totally addicted to football and basketball..but not baseball. Perhaps there was nobody who sat down and explained the game to me, though I somewhat understand it.
    As for dressing, we still wear uniforms to school here. OUt of school it is a diff question, people here used to be conservative, but the youth are beginning to show more skin. haha..well…wish the old days were back…but I suppose..that’s outta the question.
    take care…and hv a new bl..but only for u to vw.

    I actually like wearing torn jeans and comfortable clothing, but I do believe in a code of ethics. Does that count?

    But of course I was teasing you! Maybe I got a little bit ‘o hippy in me still…. now turn the torn, worn clothes into that gothic crap and I will hop right on board! LOL

  8. I agree that we need a "moral dress code", to keep out hearts & minds guarded against the influence of this world; but I’m also thankful that we don’t need to be "cleaned up", spotless & perfect, to accepted & loved by God. As we approach Resurrection Sunday, what we blessing to know that Christ died for each of us filthy sinners, & by accepting Him as Savior, we are made new & blameless before the Father.

  9. G,After reading the comments you left on my kids choice entry, I have to agree 100%.  I did not get that from your initial entry, but I think they ought to show a Protestant minister in a positive light.  I had really never thought about that and it is a very valid argument.
    As for leaning left and leaning right, I believe that is where tolerance comes into play.  I enjoy listening to the comments of people that have opposite opinions of mine; it is how I learn best.  I believe it is difficult to really be able to make a sound decision unless you have heard arguments for and against a proposal.Talk to you later.Billy

  10. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but people do. And rightly so much of the time. People form their initial opinion of someone in the first few seconds. First impressions are hard to re-do.
    What would it be like if a Marine could wear drug promoting or anti-American T-shirts? Would you trust a doctor that showed up for surgery in torn levis and flip-flops?
    Up until I was a senior in school, looking nice was the rule. The exception was the druggies. They stayed too messed up to even wash their clothes.
    And all this backward hat wearing, pants hanging down to the knees, ‘gangsta’ rap crap…
    Don’t even get me started!
    I think that our nation began going downhill when a ball player started making more money than a policeman. Or a teacher. Or a nurse.
    Can ya tell that I’m not a huge sports fan? I don’t watch any sports on TV, but I go to a (Texas baseball) Ranger game every so often. It’s a hassle and the cost of tickets and snacks is obscene. I blogged about the last time we went. 
    Speaking of hassles…I had to do some stuff in town this afternoon. I was dressed totally inappropriately for the mini-heat wave we had. One of the temperature signs showed 99! Spring lasts about a day and a half around here, summer is here.
    Did you know that the crunch that you sometimes get in a fig newton is actually wasp body parts? The FDA allows 13 wasps per 100 grams of figs.
    And that’s why I don’t eat fig newtons anymore.

  11. Hi Gail, I will be back to read and comment on your entry.  However, I just wanted to tell you that I had 4 hours sleep last night and it looks like I will have NONE tonight!  I am working on finishing a two chapters of my dissertation to give to the chairman at 2pm tomorrow and I have to teach at 11 am.  I have about 15 pages left to write.  Yikes!  Please pray for me.

  12. just popping in to see how you are… 
    :o) smiles easy to give away they are free… :o) very contagious… :o) so pass one to anyone … :o) to people that you love… :o) and even to those you don’t… :o) in no time the whole world will be smiling :o)

  13. Hi mom,
    Wooo…. I had to do lots of catch up with your blogs… well, I suggest another movie along with the one you saw. It’s quite old (close to an year). It’s will smith’s ‘ The Pursuit of Happyness well, the spelling is correct, it’s written that way. You’ll love that movie. I enjoyed a good movie after some time. Otherwise, I don’t think there is any movie worth watching (except clint eastwood’s occasional dramatical movies).
    Now, I do agree on dress codes and definitely today’s generation (as if I belong to another generation) needs such code badly. Though I can be debatably considered today’s generation, I firmly believe there is a huge gap betweent he period I’ve grown up and now. It’s unbelievable.
    To India, pubs, fashion (no idea why they are getting so economical in clothes), reckless divorce, fast food life are late entry (at most 5 years) and so it’s as if I belong to totally parallel universe or parallel india. I am amazed to see the clothes getting smaller by year just like that.
    When we grew, we guys were not allowed to grow our hair beyond 1 and half inches, either at home or schools. We were not allowed to wear torn jeans and t-shirts at college (can you believe, strict dress code for guys too).
    Anyway, I guess it will take some time for the world to come back in a full circle, but by that time, I am pretty sure lots will be lost.
    Wonderful to read your Great thoughts.
    God bless you.
    Love & Prayers,

  14. I’m not a baseball fan, but I’m familiar with the Yankees but my SS pals keep on reminding me how much they hate them which I always find slightly amusing.
    The football [soccer] team I follow in the UK called Chelsea is detested for quite similar reasons to the Yankees, but I’m used to it. Dress code is certainly important in all walks of life. I’d have the clean shaven & neat hair idea enforced in all sport if I had the power. 🙂
    Happy Easter. 😉

    The only time I could wear pants (while growing up and going to school) was when it was frigidly cold outside and then I could wear pants UNDER THE SKIRT…)
    And now people look like total slobs even when they go to church. That bothers me in that I think you should dress respectfully for the Lord anyway.
    Love and hugs Darling Dear!

  16. Sorry I’m not a baseball fan myself –but I know three boys and one man over the years that made me crazy with it being the only thing on tv the whole season.  My daughter and I found other things to do.  I feel the same about golf.  I can watch football and basketball most of the time, and bowling on Sundays.
    I stopped by to say thank you and to see what’s new.  I still remember they days of having to wear a hat in church and latin masses.  We didn’t wear pants to school until I was at the end of high school (many years ago).  LOL!  Showing my age here.
    Take care and again thanks for stopping by for a visit.

  17. Years ago, I was told that a good salesman will always be aware of the situation in which he will be presenting himself, his product and his company.  One of the keys of appearing to be a professional was to be dressed slightly nicer than your customer.  I’ve found that when I apply this simple rule, that I tend to elevate the way I act; I tend to present myself in such a manner that few people will seriously doubt the things I tell them or the things I do.  I have noticed on many occasions that I easily come across as a professional, an expert in my field, while my underdressed competitor is struggling to “prove” himself to the customer.  While this is a business concept, there are perhaps deeper roots than what is readily apparent.  When we read the Old Testament, we will not find the priest going about their duties in “holey” jeans and tee shirts.  We will also find the Roman solders’ were impressed enough with Jesus’ garment that they didn’t just pitch it in the trash heap.  They were willing to attempt to clean the bloody, dirty garment.  If God has given us these examples in “natural” things then it stands to reason the examples will apply in spiritual and moral areas.  A Christian should be “above reproach”.   
    (Of course, when I’m changing the oil in my cars, I look like a grease monkey – black oil on the clothes, arms, hands, face, hair, etc.)

  18. Oh my!  Yer a Stankee fan???  I will say that Big George puts his money where his mouth is and that’s why it’s such a good team.  Of course, the Sox are better.  😛

  19. I like your idea of a society Dress Code!  A lot of us would have to spiff up in a hurry, wouldn’t we, sad to say…starting with me.
    Georgia O’Keeffe…yes, she’s my oldest daughter Jess’ favorite artist too…she got her tat design from one of O’Keeffe’s calendars…a morning glory and a poppy right next to each other, lilac and a deep purple.  She likes the sub-text of O’Keeffes work.  That girl.
    Thanks for stopping by!

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