Happy Friday/Go With Your Instincts

Well, we have made it through another week, thanks be to God.  It has been so busy around these here parts that I am enjoying taking a breather.
The Girl went back to her job.  I guess that since the company had spent so much money training her and since she hadn’t had her exit interview as yet the company was willing to take her back.  The reason she went back, I suppose, was that she realized she didn’t like being hungry!  (Not that we would ever let her be hungry.  She didn’t like having no income.)  Never leave a job without another job lined up, right?
A battle I have been waging for the last seven years is to get my son classified in the school system.  This meant identifying his learning disability and getting an IEP (Individual Education Plan) in place.  When he was in fifth grade, I had him evaluated by the Child Study Team.  One day they thought he had an auditory processing disorder and the next they didn’t so he wasn’t classified and he continued to have problems with school.
In seventh grade, when I squawked once again, the head of special services suggested we have him evaluated for ADHD.  Surprise, surprise!  He was and is a textbook case of ADHD.  The following few years we dealt with medications and their side effects until we got the right one.  Still, ADHD is not classifiable.
Now The Boy is in his junior year of high school and I, once again, insisted he be evaluated for a learning disability.  The caseworker, who knows me from when my dd was in school, tested The Boy and old me that he didn’t have a clue what was going on with my son because he saw that The Boy is much smarter than the testing indicated and wanted The Boy evaluated by an audiologist at a local hospital.  Did you know that audiologists do more than just hearing tests?  I didn’t.
Well, Mama’s instincts were right.  The Boy has a moderate to severe central auditory learning disorder.  Had it been caught when he was younger it would have been considered mild because his neural network was still developing and he could have been coached in how to cope with this learning disability.  I am pushing for the school system to give him training this summer to help him through his senior year. 
The reason I wanted the classification is three-fold:  First, if a learning disability is not identified the student can think that he/she is dumb because they aren’t working "up to potential," as so many of us have been told.
Secondly, special accommodations can be made for LD (learning disabled) students.  Such things as extra time for exams, proper seating in the classroom and special classes where more than one teacher is in the classroom one of which is a special ed. teacher who will keep an eye on his/her students.
Thirdly, when a student is classified, they qualify for federal aid for college based on family income.  We are people of modest means and our boy wants desperately to go to college.  This will help us greatly.
A mama knows when something isn’t right.  My mama fought like a pitbull for her children when something wasn’t right in school and it was her behavior that patterned mine (thanks Mom).  The ADHD symptoms can hide the symptoms of a central auditory learning disorder.  If the high school caseworker hadn’t admitted that he couldn’t get a read on my son we might have never known that this LD exists.  I am singing the praises of a man, Dr. T.,  who is intelligent enough to realize he doesn’t know everything and who is more interested in my son’s best interests than looking like the be all and end all.
I have not told ya’ll this for praise.  I have told you so that you will know to go with your instincts.   Advocate for your children, parents, neighbors, friends and whoever else needs the help.  There is such a feeling of gratification when you have fought the good fight for those in need.
I wish you all a great weekend and pray that you stay safe and healthy.  blessings, gail

18 responses to “Happy Friday/Go With Your Instincts

  1. Hey Gail, WOW! that’s my response to you as a mum! My children are not yet in school…but when they are, I hope I’ll have your kinda guts to stand up for my kids if things get out of place.
    So what is central auditory learning disorder? sorry..maybe I should go look it up.
    Well, Gail,  keep up the fight , and I hope the school withh comply and give him that extra summer classes that you’re asking for. Take care and hope we’ll meet soon online. maybe next week.
    God bless!

  2. I’m glad you found an answer but i’m sorry it took so long.  At least your son has someone like you on his side. 
    Take care and have a good weekend!

  3. Nobody knows like Mama knows…just ask Jesus at the marriage in Cana!  😀
    You have a good weekend, too, G – and restful, lol!
    Love ya!!!
    CL 🙂

  4. Hi g…. we are all doing good.  I just do not blog on msn spaces anymore.  I really am pretty fed up with it because sometimes i am able to go other peoples spaces and then sometimes i cant and it seems to be more trouble than its worth. 
    Glad to see you again tho and Im sending lots of love your way!

  5. Thank god that you stook up for your rights for you child.  NOwadays, they will almost do anything to turn down a referral from a teacher NO MATTER HOW SURE WE are that there is a PROBLEM.   It usually takes the parents coming in and having a fit for them (the admin) to do anything.  So good for you.  Enjoy your weekend.

  6. hello,g.long time no seen~~how are u?bear with me that i am to busy these days
    I do like ur post today~~Instinct is the primary drive for alot of things!
    take care, i will pray for you, always.
    hugs and kisses

  7. Hi Gail,
    Just stopping in, have read your blog and thanks always for the visit. keep me in your prayers and I will do the same as I always do.
    Love and Hugs

  8. Hi Gail, we have both been quite busy.  How are you doing?  It must be such a relief to have your son classified – I pray that he gets the help he needs this summer.  You are a wonderful mum!
    I am jumping on a plane tomorrow bound for the islands.  I will try to keep in touch as often as I can.  Take care and God bless you and your family.

  9. You still get my praise.  I know how hard it is to fight for this kind of thing, I have to do it every day with Chris.  WAY TO GO!
    We did have lots of fun, but I was not able to stay awake,  ;P  oops.  Oh well.  It’s not the only time in our lives right?  lol
    Love ya lady,

  10. I am so with you on this!  We moms know so much more – instinctively – than we are given credit for.  You’d think the rest of the world would have figured this out by now.  I hope your son gets the help he deserves.  Hey!  I liked that quote about life ‘beginning’.  I  needed to be reminded….thanks.

  11. Ciao G,
    Yes, you are right, Mom knows best….
    It is a feeling that you get, not many can understand it, unless mothers that went through the same thing…but it is true.
    I am happy for the both of you.
    Wishing you a great weekend.
    God Bless You G.
    ´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ø´´´´´´´´´´´´´´’´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶øøø¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ø´´´ø¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´ø¶¶¶¶¶¶ø´´´´¶¶øøøøøøøøøøøøøø¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶øø¶¶¶¶¶¶ø¶¶øøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøø¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶ø¶´´´´´´¶ø¶¶¶øøøøøøøøø¶¶¶¶¶¶øøøøøø¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶øøø¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶øøøøøøøøøø¶¶¶¶´´´´´øøøøø¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶øøøøøøøøø¶¶øøøøøøøøøø¶¶¶´´´ø¶¶¶¶øøøøø¶´´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶øøøøø¶¶¶¶¶¶¶øøøøøøøø¶¶¶´´´¶¶¶¶øøøøøøøø¶´´´´´´ø¶¶¶¶¶¶¶øøøøø¶¶¶´´´´´ø¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´´´¶¶¶øøøøøøøøøø¶¶´´´´´´ø¶¶¶øøøøøøøøø´´´´ø¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´ø¶¶¶øøøøø¶¶¶ø¶ø¶¶´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶øøøøøø¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶øøøøøøøø´´´¶¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´ø¶¶¶¶¶øøøøøøø¶¶¶¶¶¶øøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøø¶ø¶¶¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶øøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøø¶¶¶¶¶ø´´´´´´´´´’´´´´´´´´´ø¶¶¶øøø¶øøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøø¶¶¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´”´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶ø¶¶´´´ø¶ø¶´¶ø¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ø´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ø¶¶¶¶¶¶¶øø´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´(¯`v´¯)´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´`*.¸.*´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´Hugs & Kisses´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´Love´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´Shelley´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´xXx´´´´´´´´´

  12. That is wonderful news. Although it took awhile I think his future is looking brighter than it was. Great job Gail, your dedication to your son has paid off.. you rock!

  13. I was actually being purposfully vague about the location, but yes still in Washington.  Same place we visited before, a few weeks ago.  Still not sure about it though as it would take a literal act of God to make it happen.  I am just leaving it all up to Him.  It’s all still a year away, but it will be here before we know it.
    And yes, I was seriously PO’ed about my meds.  I told him he has to bring his own home and restock what he took from me and ask his doctor for more, or else they won’t know that he is still in pain.  Sheesh.  I never thought I would have to hide my migraine meds from my husband!!!
    Have a great week!!

  14. Hi Gail!  I’m so glad that the diagnosis has been successfully done and I hope that only good will follow with the next steps.  God bless that man who helped your son get to the right people for his diagnosis. 
    Best of luck to your daughter as she starts back with the stressful job.  I hope it works out and her value is seen by management.
    Take care,

  15. Way to go, Mom- I know what a battle that is & how hard it is to stick thru all the nonsense. I’m just sorry it took so long, but trusting that everything will fall into place.

  16. I had hearing problems as a child and they really can have a profound effect at school.  I had many struggles in my early years.  I just wish someone would have listened to you much earlier.  Hope things will work out now though.
    Your son needs to be warned to stay away from loud noise.  I made my problems much worse with rock concerts, firearms and working with woodshop tools.  This past weekend I could hardly hear anything but noise in a crowded cafe.  I could not hold a conversation with people sitting across the table from me.  Bummer.
    Glad to see The Girl has returned to work.  Hope the situation there will improve for her.
    (I’m no help at all on the discipline of The Boy – I’ve got my own problem Boy here, who is probably about to leave our home under less than good circumstances).

  17. When I leave a job my bosses thus far have been lucky they can outrun me!  I’ll kick their asses ~grins~.  I hate bosses!
    Anytime your dealing with a government entity your life is going to suck ~sighs~.  Not only are they slow, but the left hand doesn’t ever know what the right hand is doing.  No student left behind, yeah right!
    Yeah you know how they use to cure ADHD in the old days.  They beat it out of you with a switch ~grins~.  You either fell in line or became a bank robber ~smiles~.  I had it beat out of me for the most part ~chuckles~.
    College is a nightmare!  I told my son we have no money for him either, so it is imperative that he get scholarships into college.  Thus far he has remained on the honor roll and in honors classes.  Once we get a house and pay on it for years we might be able to have money for Mariah when she goes to college, but then again, who knows?
    The American dream is a lie.  Hundreds of thousands of people graduate as doctors, lawyers, etc. and cannot find jobs anywhere!  We have been told for so long if we go to college we will get a great career and everything will be peachy keen, but the reality is unless your social network skills are extremely good chances of you getting a job in the field you went to college for is next to nil ~sighs~.
    I sure hope they classify him.  It sucks to know something is wrong with you and to have everyone tell you they can’t find anything ~sighs~.  It’s because they are all idiots and everyone considers everyone a liar or scammer.  Our system is designed to run good people off!
    One thing that really hurt my relationship with my parents at a young age is that they believed everyone over me.  I was automatically the liar because no upstanding pillar of the community could ever be a liar ~sighs~.  Watch TV for five minutes I think anyone with half a brain can see that isn’t true!  I always swore that I would believe my kids over the schools.  That is a major trust factor.  My parents did more to destroy trust between us than build it ~chuckles~.
    I hope all works out for you….no praise here just prayers ~smiles~

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