Thank you so much for your prayers and well wishes.  My back is almost normal (my normal) and it has never healed this quickly before.
Very busy with life around here so I will try to come back and write as soon as possible.  Miss you all, gail

20 responses to “Ahhh

  1. Glad you’re getting back to normal! Even if that isn’t 100%.. It’s not even close for me either… but, it’s what we can deal with, I guess! We miss you around here!

  2. I am so glad you’re almost "back" to normal.  I should be there myself shortly.Hopefully you will continue to progress.Billy

  3. I’m glad to hear you’re healing so quickly. I’ve missed you!
    That kind of picture doesn’t depress me! It inspires me. I know that if women my age can get into that kind of shape, so can I. Yeah, she had a boob job. (Almost) all the women who compete in Fitness do, because their body fat percentage is so low that they shrink to nothing (boobs are fat, after all. lol). This is something I’m already dealing with to some degree. I’ve lost an entire cup size. I know they airbrush a lot of the celebrities and fashion models in magazines, but women in Fitness are different because it is a sport and they work for that body. So I say good for them! I want to get into that kind of shape myself. It’s a gradual process, but I love watching my body change over time as a result of all my dedication. 🙂
    Thanks for emailing me the funny video. Loved it!

  4. I wonder why you can’t see the picture?  I will try and paste it here, let me know if it comes through.  Headaches….are.  I just go on.

  5. So glad you are feeling better!  Don’t you love those parents who will go out of their way for you like that?  (driving you and your car home…)  That’s cool.  Things are ok here!

  6. Hi G…I got caught up on your life. Good to hear your back is doing better.
    We sure find out how much we use our backs and necks when they are give us pain with every little movement.
    Life is getting busier for us all for sure. Thank you for asking about my dad. He is doing better. However, he does need to follow the game plan. I will probably up to the Northland real soon. He seems to listen to me.
    Take care of thr"G" family and you all be well, Greg

  7. anyways…he did but his fault was mostly cus he wasnt clear to me!!he meant some stuff and then he said some others that could make me think that I was the one!!!!!but then i found out some stuff that i will say them to you on an emaillove ya Gthanks for postinur the only one who does nowadays!!!take good care and I love ya!!!!!♥

  8.  I am glad you are feeling better.My foster MOM had fibromyalgia and she suffered alot.I have been blessed to be haealthy so far.I love the pics of the grandbaby:) Well, hope you have a gret weekend:)

  9. hey Gail, welcome back! hope things are looking good and how has your back been? does stress trigger it? well, take good care of yourself ok!
    hugs from all here.

  10. I noticed that EK’s return was short lived.  Did she mention health issues?  I hope it’s nothing more serious than burned-out blogger syndrome.

  11. so sorry to hear that you have had a flare up of your condition gail …I know what you mean when you say ‘my normal’ !
    It must be 10 days since I was online ,it has made me realise just how much time it takes from my day though 😦
    Wayne came back with me and stayed until yesterday ,it was great to spend so much time with him .He starts the new job today so I will ring him later to ask how things went 🙂
    I was interested to see that you have dirrerent names for the fruit Fergus is peeling …he is a real fruit & veg boy …lol…he has had a sore face again,the dotor said it could be fungal &prescribed cream for it …though I am not convinced as it started months back when he had a viral rash which left his skin dry & sensitive ,more like a dermatitis. Fergus amazes me with his grasp of language ,he can say any word we give him and is so willing to learn to do things too …especially to do with eating 🙂
    best get around and catch up on some more spaces ,’see you soon ‘ (another of Fergus’ sayings ..lol)
    love and blessings …praying that you are well enough to enjoy your beautiful Isabella’s company

  12. Hi Gail,
    You are still in my prayers for continued healing. Hope you are feeling alot better . I miss you.
    Love and Hugs

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