The faster I go….

…the behinder I get.  I have been battling the same pile of paper clutter for a week now and it just seems to have taken on a life of its own.    Today is the day I conquer it.  Yes.  Today.  Hmmm….dentist appointment at 10:30…who knows what crisis du jour will come along.  I will try my best.  How is that?
A man’s wealth is measured by what he doesn’t need.
H. D. Thoreau
Isn’t that a great quote?  The less you need the happier you are.  Last night my son told me that, when he makes it big, he is going to buy me a mansion.  I told him I don’t want a mansion.  Well, a bigger house.  Don’t need it.  A ’68 Corvette?  Well, I told him to make it a ’62 and that will do (I’ve dreamt of that car for years)!
Really, these are some things I don’t need:
a big house – just a place to stash more clutter
more food – enough to go around
a designer wardrobe (do you know that Sarah Jessica Parker is launching a new line of clothing next week?  No piece is over $19.98!  Including coats!)
If I were to stop right here I would be better off than probably 90% of the world.  The rest is fluff.
scads of money – a bit more would help but being rich isn’t a goal of mine
more friends – once again, I am blessed, but I don’t turn away any new prospects!
chochkies – you know – those things that you collect and display?  They only gather dust.
premium cable channels – can’t stand the smut
an IPod – I’m trying to get away from the noise!
that huge flat screen tv dh is salivating over – my imagination is just fine, tyvm
Well, you get the idea.  My life is blessed with people who love me and I have a good support system which stretches around the world.  My God never fails me.  My family is healthy. 
What I need more of is wisdom and discernment.  Doesn’t everyone?
I pray that you are all well and hope to be around to visit very soon. 

13 responses to “The faster I go….

  1. As I sit here and ponder my own clutter, I di want to trash it all – but I have the dreaded ratpacker gene. I was raised mostly by my grandparents who, of course, lived through the depression. Plus we lived WAY out in the country and didn’t get to town too often, so we kept everything. Most of the time, it came in handy, but with me I can’t find anything when I need it.  
    This weekend Hubby and I are going to tackle the ‘junk room’. Isn’t that sad? A room full of stuff. I’m afraid to look.
    i think that as Christians, we have God, so we have it all. No wants, no worries, no fear. Amazing.

  2. sounds to me like you could use a break…
    :o) smiles easy to give away they are free… :o) very contagious… :o) so pass one to anyone … :o) to people that you love… :o) and even to those you don’t… :o) in no time the whole world will be smiling :o)

  3. I LOVE SJP’s clothing line.  It is adorable but I didn’t catch where it would be sold.  Did they ever say?
    That seretonin syndrome FREAKED ME OUT.  I did some research today and figured out why when I would take my migraine meds I would feel better….I was taking Valium which is what they use to treat the syndrome!!  I was doing the right thing and didn’t even know it.  All I knew is that at one point I thought that maybe I might just be having a migraine so I took my vicoden/valium combo and I felt SOOOOO much better.  Dang good thing it wasn’t demerol.  I could have killed myself.  For PETE’S SAKE. 
    She prescribed Paxil and gave me 20 mg tablets but I talked to the pharmacist and I think I am going to break them in half to start with to make sure it doesn’t happen again since it happened at such a low dose of the effexor and so quickly.  I am so afraid to take it.  I don’t know what is worse.  The disease or the cure.
    I just want to sit down and cry.  Really.  The tears are pricking at my eyes as I type this.  I feel like saying "WHY THIS TOO LORD?  ISN’T ENOUGH ENOUGH?"  I swear I think people think I am just the biggest hypochondriac.  It’s so not true.  I want to feel good.  I want  to enjoy life.  Heck, I want to want to have sex but I don’t even want THAT anymore. 
    Just put me out to pasture now.
    I haven’t seen the baby in a few weeks and I don’t get to see her until the 15th.  I can’t wait!!
    Check your messages, there is one more thing you don’t know yet that I am not telling about.  It’s just GREAT.  :S

  4. Hello.
    _________@@@@@@@@__________@@@@________@@@________@@_____@@@@@@@________@@___________@@__@@@______@@________@@____________@@@__________@@__________@@________________________@@____@@@@@@______@@@@@___________@@__@@@@@@@@@__@@@@@@@_________@@__@@____________@@@@@@@@_______@@_@@____________@@@@@@@@@_____@@_@@____________@@@@@@@@___@@@_@@@___________@@@@@@@______@@__@@@@__________@@@@@________@@____@@@@@@_______________________@@_________@@________________________@@________@@___________@@__________@@________@@@________@@@@@@@@@@@@_________@@@_____@@@_@@@@@@@@__________@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@___________@@@@@_@ ____________________@____________________@_____________________@______________________@_______________________@____@@@_______________@@@@__@__@____@@_____________@_______@@@____@@______________@@@@____@__@@__________________________@___
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  5. Love the quote.  If I did needlework I would embroider that on my forehead!  Tattoo maybe? It’s something we could all stand to remember.
    Take it easy!

  6. You’re right..all I need is more wisdom, more discernment, more God, more love for others. Most of the "things" I’d like are for others!! You got it goin’ on, girl..glad you’re back!

  7. Hey G, I hate paper work! haha…I always put it off till last minute and then they stress me out, and I wonder why I didn’t start earlier.Anyway, I told you I was attending parenting workshop right? well, one more session and we’re done. The last one was all about teens! well, looks like I will have a lot to "look forward" to, judging from the questions that came from audience. haha…
    well.. the speaker ended with this prayer "Lord, WHATEVER it takes, bring my child back to you." He’d prayed this prayer once, when his son got into things and rebelled. His son nearly lost his life before he turned around. Now, this same young man is married and both he and his wife are active in ministry.
    oh well, have a great weekend ahead ok! God bless!

  8. Hello G… I have gathered my clutter and am going to sell it to others at our yard sale in the very near future! LOL, one man’s junk another man’s treasure. That is a great quote. I am doing great, I hope you are as well. -Susan

  9. hello g…pleased to see that you are content with what you have 🙂
    being content is a blessing I have too ,though our kitchen is in need of renovation ,if only it could be done in the blink of an eye …lol
    I remember the last time it was done in 1989, himself started the work a week before Christmas ….need I say more ! I am sure Bells will catch up by the time she starts school ,thay all seem to do that at any rate 🙂 I was wondering what she looks like now as the pics are from a while back ,they do change so quickly at this age ..Fergus ‘hair is so long at the back ,folk keep asking when he is to have a hair cut ..I say when his mam & dad say so !I best get some housework done,I’ve spent ages returning a few comments as spaces is so slow today 😦
    weekend blessings
    sandra x 

  10. This could be my list of "What I don’t need"; I guess I’m one of the fortunate ones who is (mostly) naturally content- I get frustrated with dh when he grouses about what he doesn’t have, or grumbles over what other do have- I remind him we have what we need & everything else is frosting.
    Clutter, clutter, everywhere- I’ve let things slide a bit, having been so busy- I’ll be facing my piles this weekend 😛

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