Double Your Fun???

Have you ever felt as though your day was twice as long as usual?  We had such a looong day.  We traveled a distance to the car dealership we use (we know the owner so he gives us a very good deal) and traded in our leased Saturn Vue for what has been voted the North American car of the year, the Saturn Aura.  It is a big difference in size and it will take some getting used to.  Leasing is the way to go when you can write it off for business.
Anyway, we were at the dealership for the better part of four hours.  Blessedly, the people who work there are outrageously friendly and courteous.  It wasn’t at all difficult to start up a conversation with or have a conversation started by one of them.  I can tell you who has children and their ages; who was married and divorced and who is celebrating their 25th anniversary next month; who is a Yankee fan and who is a Met fan.  People, as a rule, like to be asked about themselves.  I suppose it shows you are interested in them and who doesn’t like to be flattered in that way.  Learning their stories is a blessing to me.  I am honored by their willingness to share.
Later on, we had to pick up The Boy and were caught in the rush hour parking lot of commuter traffic.  To make lemonades out of lemons, we stopped at my favorite hot dog stand in my home town for a bite of dinner.  Don’t be fooled by my calling it a stand. It also has a rustic looking dining room. Even though the name changed, I believe it was over thirty years ago, we still call it by the original name.  It has expanded, not in size, but in the menu.  Still, the hot dog, frankfurter, whatever you want to call it, "all the way," which means with spicey mustard and sauerkraut, was still very good.  Yum!
I don’t know what the rest of the week holds except that we will , Lord willing, have our usual Tuesday morning date at the Cafe for breakfast tomorrow and then pick up my eyeglasses I left at the car dealership – I am typing with my prescription sunglasses on.  Other than that, who knows.  Hopefully, it will be a fruitful week economically despite the depressed real estate market (Himself, as you may recall, is a realtor) and we will be reminded once again of God’s bounty. 
I sure do hope you all have a wonderful week.  Anything special coming up?  gail

17 responses to “Double Your Fun???

  1. Looks like I’m the first one to comment.  Whee.I had one of those days today.  I got up and went into the doctor and of course it took four hours to get out of there.  The worst part was they have no idea what is causing the new rash I have or how to treat it.  They simply referred me to the dermatology clinic, which was the first place I stopped by.  They refuse to see me, even though the dermatology doctor told me I could stop by and be seen as a walk-in since I am now a dermatology patient (remember the two things I wanted to get off my chest).
    Right now I am content to keep the same vehicle I have had for the last 11 years.  Ironically I was going to get a new vehicle last year, but the new government specifications are cursing me.  I could be wrong, but I was told I have to buy a van with a stronger chassis and if I want the floor lowered so I can look out the window (which is the primary reason I want a new van) they will have to raise the Springs 2 or 3 inches.  Sadly my old van, which is a Ford E150, only has 1 inch of clearance inside my garage now.  If I get the van raised I will only be gaining about 3 inches.  This will definitely not permit me to look out the windows, so I asked myself do I really need a new van?  The answer came back no.  Not until there is ethanol available down here.  They are currently researching it will be possible to make it from the garbage produced by sugarcane.  It sounds promising.
    Hopefully you will enjoy your vehicle.  Man, a hot dog would hit the spot right now.Billy

  2. pictures? since we don’t have those two cars here, unless over here they’re called somethin else. Is the new one much bigger?
    Praying your week will be bountiful and joyful. Take care!
    hugs from all here.

    When you play three 2-3 hour long baseball games in a single day that is a long day, when it follows a day filled with the same it is an even longer day, and when you’re coaching it’s an even longer day. Yet, seeing your son so happy, doing what he loves, makes it all worthwhile. It’s been a great bonding (albeit exhausting) experience for us.

  4. A hot dog does sound good, but they give me indigestion. I haven’t eaten one except at home for years.
    Thankfully, I don’t have those kind of long days very often. When I do and there’s no one to talk to (like waiting in a dr’s office or something) I daydream like you would not believe.
    We generally keep our cars until they drop dead on the street. Hubby’s a pretty good shade tree mechanic and one of our friends is a Master mechanic and he only charges for parts. I HATE making car payments, so as long as things are working ok…then I’m fine with whatever I’m driving.
    Take care~

  5. Hey G,
    Roast Beef, Pot Roast, what’s the diff?  It was YUMMY BEEF!  And I was blessed for enjoying it with you!
    Ok, so the cafe, great place!  Hope you made it there AND got your glasses.
    Congrats on the new car!  What color did you get?  Why did you decide to trade in the Vue?  What did we ride in, a scion?  I just remember it was great and cozy and we could see the Number 3 River easily from it!  LOL!
    Work is very stressful, very very busy, and it exhilerates me.  But I am adding new things to my life, and new people, life is getting better.  Knowing you are there in thought and prayer does more for me than you realize.
    My sign is a hit — "Let me put down what I am doing to solve YOUR problem!"   PERFECT!  Yet, there are some that don’t get that it applies to them — hee heeeee!
    Take care, love ya, will try to email you at some point!

  6. Dear Gail,I am trying to catch up (and doing a slow job of it!) and just wanted to say thank you for coming by, I did see your comments, just couldn’t see my way clear to come by…I sell on ebay (it started as a hobby but has turned into a profitable business, but because I know not everyone is a fan of this market place I was hesitant to include this in my blogging). I have been very busy lately after taking off 5 weeks. I am considering putting a link for anyone interested in what I am doing when I make power seller, but not as an "in your face approach" (I am proud of what I do but would never want anyone to think I am here just for business and not the sheer pleasure of visiting and interacting with my friends).  Oh before I forget, I did check into flylady and have enjoyed it immensely and have put many methods into practice (baby steps at a time!) and have wanted to thank you… I think of you often when I am practice Flying!I am sorry you have had such a time with your back.  I know back pain and suffered from an undiagnosed ruptured disc for almost five years-it was repaired almost 4 years ago (I was skiing the following year) and I know the good Lord was testing  me with this…I will never forget the pain and there is not a day that I don’t stand tall and say, Thank you Lord!  I know there will be more trials(God willing) but this has strengthened me for the next one.Please forgive my tardiness, hoping I won’t be as long as I have been!!your NC friendSheila

  7. Oooohhh prescription eyeglasses = you are styling!
    And yes, car dealership outings are time consuming but exciting. They see me coming a mile away. I need to make a visit and I’m scared to, because who knows what I’ll come out with…  Uff…
    It sounds like you are fairing well and enjoying the summer thus far! The hot dog stand trip sounds yummy too!
    Here’s wishing countless blessings on you and your family for a wonderful summer ahead!
    Love, Lori

  8. Perception is a funny thing, and what is truly ironic is it is all in the mind.  Work takes forever some days, but when you are doing something fun and don’t want to leave time speeds up ~chuckles~.

  9. Thanks for your encouaraging words….it was pretty much a slap in the face but I will be much more prepared next year when I reapply. 

  10. Hello,gail,bear with me that i come back late coz i have alot of work and study to do these days-hehe
    It can be seen that u enjoy your weekend
    by the way, did you dye your hair yet?i bet it is very stylish 🙂
    take care
    hugs and kisses

  11. New car- good 🙂
    4 hours at dealership- bad 😦
    Making lemonade from you know what- so totally G 😀
    The club is already formed- without really thinking, I can give you 8 names- we just have to decide where to put the clubhouse, hire a full-time masseuse, & stock up on bandages for all those sore tongues 😉 

  12. I bet you are very good at chatting up people.  You are such a caring person.  I do like to hear people’s stories and about their lives.  I just get so… shocked, I guess? at what people will sometimes tell me in the space of the 5 minutes I have known them.  I never know quite what to say to a guy who tells me that his wife left him for the UPS guy just before his house burned down.  I bet you would know but I just kind of stand there with my mouth mentally agape and wonder if I left my stove on. 
    Mmm… hot dogs!  I want one…. badly.

  13. Hello Gail,
    That does sound like a long day. I’m glad my long days are few and far between. A new car – sounds like a wonderful idea, I just can’t afford what I want even at lease rates. I’ve only had my P/U for 2+ yrs and has 10K miles on it.
    It is great when a place from days of yore are still around. In Pampa, TX there is a "hotdog stand." They don’t serve as good a food as they used to or is that just perception? If it had been as good as I was told, I would go back.
    Typing with sunglasses on sounds like one of the things I would do. A possible solution is to get one regular pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses that slide over them, then get a pair of glasses for computer use only. A trick my wife came up with. It works for her.
    Those who made the choice to serve OUR Country, appreciate every word of appreciation they hear. It helps them realize that, YES, people really do appreciate them and they are worthy of wearing the uniform.
    Hope all is going well for you.
    Peace & Blessings.

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