Wow!  I have been blogging for a little over a year now.  The time has gone by so quickly. 
For the last couple of hours I have been re-reading most of my earlier entries.  It is fun to see the evolution of our on-line relationships.  How on earth can we feel so much like family?  When someone is sick, we worry.  When someone is happy, we laugh along with them.  Disappointment, sorrow, elation?  Shared.  Truly amazing.
Because of the blogosphere, our already small planet has become even smaller.  I am truly thankful for the people around the world, near and far, who have touched my life.  You have all made my life even better than it was before.
I celebrate you.  I thank you.  gail

23 responses to “Reminiscing

  1. Just when I was beginning to get bored with blogging I read your post.  I was actually just getting ready to post, "Bored with Blogging".  Maybe I won’t now.  Thank you for you too Gail.  It’s been a pleasure over the past year.  Though I have suffered extreme disappointment, I just know that God has a big plan for me.  And I will just wait and see what it is.  Hope you have a great week! 

  2. Hey AG, a year since you blogged? 🙂 time flies eh? I started when baby J was a month old, so that’s almost 2 years now..only I’ve tried a few diff domains. I find that msn spaces is one domain where people mingle really quickly! while at blogspot, things are quiet and you can hide away. 🙂
    Well, I’m glad I was at MSN for a while, so to meet people like you! 🙂
    You are a blessing to many! God bless and hope the week ahead is beautiful!
    tx for the reassurance on Jo. 🙂 Well… let’s hope she starts eating soon……. haha..

  3. I’m at just about a year, too. It’s amazing to me how much the friends I’ve made on here have come to mean to me. And, how much it’s made me thankful for all I have. I’m glad you’re here, too.

  4. so pleased you carried on blogging 🙂
    sometimes I get ‘blogged down ‘ with it but would miss everyone if I stopped now .
    btw ,I enjoyed your new photo album …the comment I left on the first pic slipped onto the one of your son …he is perfect too ,so no problem !
    God grant you a quiet heart and peaceful thoughts

  5. Thank hun ~hugs~.  You have improved my life ~smiles~  I like looking back and seeing the progressions too, every once in a while ~smiles~.
    We all love you Gail!!!

  6. Well, there ya go. Even though the world may seem a smaller place…when you hang with the right people…it’s all good!
    I’ve been here almost 2 years and I think that my early ones are my best. I’ve dealt with the same as Sandra, whether "to blog or not to blog"
    …and until I know for sure that I’m done, I’ll keep spewing nonsense (not like Sandra after all…)
    Happy Belated Anniversary Gail, it’s good to know you!

  7. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you G. Keep on blogging and sharing your kind spirit. Hug, -S-

  8. Hello, G~
    Missy caught her 3rd mouse!!! LOL. Just think, I am able to share that with you now, whereas before blogspaces you would never have got to know that!
    You lucky, lucky thing you.
    In all seriousness, yes, this is a very cool thing. People react to me entirely differently than they do to you… perhaps I have that mixed up… maybe it’s how I perceive it… dunno not sure even what it is I’m trying to say. But yes, there are very caring souls out here, and I’m also honored to know some of them.
    It has taken on a life of it’s own, that’s for sure.
    Here’s hoping you have a wonderful week ahead. Congrats on your blogger anniversary. I feel privaledged to know you as well. Thank you.
    Hugs, and Love, Lori

  9. Wow…over a year.  That is great!  I agree with you on this blog.  We get to know each other so in depth.  I truly enjoy spending time getting to know my blogging friends and meet more. 

  10. Happy Anniversary!! One year, that’s great!  I am so happy to have met you!  I hope this is just your first year of many!

  11. How absolutely touching!!!  I loved your photos – you and Bells – so precious!  Happy 1 year blog anniversary!
    I love your encouragement and blessings that you sing over all your blog friends.  We are so lucky to have found you in blogsphere as well!!
    Love ya,

  12. good morning sister 🙂
    isaiah 43:2, 4
    2When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;   and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you;when you walk through fire you shall not be burned,   and the flame shall not consume you. 4Because you are precious in my sight,   and honoured, and I love you,I give people in return for you,   nations in exchange for your life.   The New Revised Standard Version (Anglicized Edition)
    see how much we are promised ,and how much God loves us  !

  13. Dear Gail, Just letting you know you are precious and loved. 🙂
    hugs from us here (thou far away but we are united in the Lord.)…. 🙂 .

  14. Amen. I feel like I know some of my blog friends just as well as my own family, and yet I’ve never met most of them. It is truly amazing.
    I will miss you while I’m gone! I’m sure the time will fly though and I’ll soon be back blogging again, and preparing for the dreadded deployment.
    God bless you my friend!

  15. hi Gail .
    I loved this blog and feel the same way. Its an amazing way to interact with others and glad that  have met so many friends that have the same beliefs that I do. Hope your day is a good one and the rest of the week. Thinking about you this morning

  16. Hi Gail –  Just stopping to say hello and see what’s new. 
    I loved this post — I often go back and see where I was the year before or the year before that.  It’s fun to look up someone who you thought had stopped blogging – and see they have blogged since you last visited and reconnect with them. 
    Summer here has been busy so far and I am finding myself occasionally longing for the silence and peacefulness of the months Kevin was away.  Jeez — am I never satisfied??
    I hope you have a great week!

  17. A wonderful tribute to the value of friendships Gail…an amazingly graceful post.  You have given me one more reason to smile.

  18. Happy anniversary and may you have many more.  You have touched the lives of many people and this avenue does provide us with the unbelievable ability to interact with so many people who would not otherwise meet in life.  I have developed many close relationships through blogging and in some ways they are even more tangible than the ones I maintain with my old Army buddies.  I often talk about many of you to my brother as I am preparing to go to bed at night.  I sometimes wonder what it would be like not to have discovered how cathartic and interesting blogging can be.Congratulations again.Billy

  19. Happy Blogversary to you! I’m glad you joined in the fun & I’ve been blessed to find you as a friend 🙂
    Wow- now that I think about it, my one year is coming up pretty soon- next week! Guess it’s time for me to do a little "looking back"
    My theme song is probably more along the lines of "My Way or the Highway" 😛

  20. Gail, I left spaces for while until I retired fully.  Thank you for not lending an ear to gossip…it can be hurtful when people misuse this wonderful place to slander that which they don’t understand.  I applaud you for the quiet dignity you portray.  G, I’m having lumbar spine surgery Monday, July 25 to hopefully correct some nerve damage.  A quiet thought from you would be a comfort to this man.  You inspire others more than you will ever know.

  21. It’s an interesting thing, isn’t it?  I do feel like you are my friend…yet we’ve never "really" met…kinda cool.

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