Post Script

My thanks to all for your kind comments and prayers.  Today has been an especially difficult day because it has finally sunken in; my son is an alcoholic.  There is very little that can make me cry.  Very little.  Now that we are a couple of days away from dropping our boy off I am crying.  It has hit me like a ton of bricks. 
Adam, your words are so true (see comment on previous entry).  I agree 95% or so with them.  That is a high percentage, don’t you think?  People, it was Adam who first told me my son has a substance abuse problem.  He cared enough to be a straight shooter with me and, because of that, I was more able to see the truth.  Bless you Adam for your heart which is so very big and tender.
I count on prayers, dear ones.  As I said before, I have a very big support system in place locally.  However, my community here has become so important to me and your prayers lift me up.  Bless you and thank you.  gail

8 responses to “Post Script

  1. Hello there, dearest G; I know how wrenchingly difficult it was for you to go public with this very personal pain- it was very brave & I honor you for it. You know I’m praying for the Boy, Himself, & you, dear friend; God has got His hand you all & we will trust that something wounderous will come out of all this pain.

  2. Dear Gail.
    You have always been here for me and now its my turn to be here for you. I know there are no words that can make you stop crying . You need too . Its part of grieving and healing that I know. I praying for you and your family now and will be tonight . Thinking about You Gail . The Lord only gives us as much as we can handle. Just know Im with you Gail . You have alot of strength to get this far. Ya you do.!!
    Love You always my dear dear friend…
    Lisa xo ox

  3. I wish that everyone could get together and hold hands and do a prayer. Everything (our lives) are so frail and fragile and it doesn’t take a lot to tip the balance does it?
    You made a good decision to talk about this. You are not denying it, or hiding it, you slapped it out on the table, as if saying, "THERE! THERE IT IS… ALL UGLY FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME!" But that’s what makes it go away, or help you adjust. You’re not hiding or clinging to it, you’re letting it out, and that’s good!
    No one is perfect in this world… no matter how it may seem. I read an article in the newspaper last week that 60 percent of people have a drinking problem one time or another in their lives and only a small percentage seek help.
    Let us pray that your son will tackle this demon and beat it and live a wonderful life after he receives this help. I pray you will relax into it as well. 30 or 60  days really isn’t that long, and he’s with professionals who know how to deal with it all.
    Here’s big hugs! You need to read that item Refining Silver either on my space or Sunflowers again, please.
    Love, Lori

  4. Dear Gail,Thank you for  sharing you and your son’s situation in such an open, honest and frank way.  I know this is a very difficult time for you and my thoughts and prayers are with you.  We all need to be aware and in sharing this you help to keep the rest of us on our toes.  I worry alot about my son, and have told him numerous times (in our discussions of what he will be exposed to) that due to his chronic health condition, that would be the worst thing he could ever  do to his body.  Whether he heeds our warning or not,  is something I have no control over. Even knowing this though, will not stop me from continuing to stress this to him, every chance I get.  Gail,  we all benefit from sharing and I thank you for sharing this with me,Sheila

  5. I share my heart a little on the entry before this, but I’m writing here to tell you that I’m back – in more ways than one!

    I now understand why I was so emotional before I left on this trip.  I didn’t really understand what was going on at the time.  I now know what triggered it, though.  Ever since Mama’s accident last year, every time I can’t get her on either phone I have to pray like crazy to keep from getting frantic, and if I don’t nip it in the bud in time I have to call someone to pray me back to sanity.  So, yeah, it makes me a little crazy, to say the least. 
    Well, a week or two before I left on this trip, I called and was getting no answer for about an hour.  And the funny thing is, in my heart I knew she was fine.  But something was triggered in me and the reality of Mama’s mortality hit me like a ton of bricks!  I started whining to God and praying a bunch of unbelief prayers that were getting on my nerves and His (I’m to a point in my walk with Him where I know better).  I happened to be in the parking lot of a food store when I’d tried for the 4th or 5th time to get Mama on the phone.  After praying less than satisfactory prayers, I went in and did my shopping.  When I got back out to the car with my groceries, I sat there a minute and told the Lord, ‘Lord, I just have to be honest here.  If something happens to Mom, this leaves me in the world with nobody.  I’m not ready for that.’  I asked Him to please have mercy on me.  I believe that moving this trip up early was part of His taking me seriously on this and part of His answer to my prayer.  I really do believe that with all my heart.  I actually shudder to think of what might have happened had she been there in the Valley where she lives as horror stories of her treatment in the ER and in the hospital continue to emerge concerning her fall last year.  She is only able to reveal bits and pieces of it at a time. 
    So it’s becoming more and more into focus that it was all a much more traumatic experience than she’s been able to talk about until just recently.  It was traumatic for me too.  I think I was sensing what was happening, yet I felt powerless to do anything about it.  I had her telling me not to come there.  I had no release from the Holy Spirit to go against her wishes.  And when I brought it to my pastor, he even expressed doubts as to whether going there to be with her was the right thing.  I was in a strait.  It was awful!  I have a feeling now, though, that my obedience to that direction led to the reward of getting to be there for this event.  And it was all so glorious and victorious!  There’s so much more to this than I am able to talk about here. 
    I do love you and thank God for you!  I truly believe that God is going to take this unbearable situation and turn it around gloriously!  I believe that you and Himself are going to be astounded at the beaty that emerges from these ashes! 
    Only believe!
    I love you!!!
    Carol 🙂

  6. Good evening "G",
    For those of us who believe, we lift up your son to our Father God.
    In Jesus name his addictions will be replaced with the fullness of Your love Father God.
    Father God the revelation of Your Word will dissolve all his addictions and he will be replaced with the fullness of You. From this point forward we stand in the gap for this young man and this addiction stronghold has been served notice to leave this man’s life in Jesus name…Amen

  7. God bless you for your honesty g …praying for you..even though I haven’t been around here much
    love and blessings

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