Day 6 – Still Not Having Fun

I am still in a tense state and feeling very depressed.  Himself doesn’t understand it but I tell him that I had to be strong for so long.  It will take time to relax a bit. 
If I could sleep longer I might be able to cope better.  I still expect to see my  boy walking through the door.
We have a wedding to go to this afternoon and all I can think about is taking a nap.  Himself has had a very bad sinus infection and is now resting.  The friends whose daughter is getting married are very dear to us.  Please pray for one of their daughters who will not be at the wedding as she is having a difficult pregnancy and is on bed rest.  There is a strong chance in the eyes of science that this baby will not live.  Let’s pray a miracle to happen.
Again, I thank you for your support and prayers.  God is so good.  gail

9 responses to “Day 6 – Still Not Having Fun

  1. Well, I for one am not letting you out of my site. I’m sending this from my cell phone which is why it looks different & you can’t see my mug. Praying for the girl on bed rest as well. That baby will live & so will she! When I read your last entry how that the boy is working hard I thought it was very encouraging, actually. They say in AA meetings that the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. That he’s opening his heart & working at this seems to point to a real desire to stop.

  2. Hope you get to feeling better.  Sleep always helps me.  Maybe the wedding will lift  your spirits.  Prayers are being sent for the mom to be and baby.

    Hi G,
    I think it’s great you are writing about this very serious problem of addiction.  Our society is awash in booze, all legal for adults, with no structures in place to protect the minority among us who are susceptible to becoming addicts or protect society from the addicts who are out of control.  I hope everything turns out OK at your house.

  4. Hi Gail,
    So sorry I have not stopped by in awhile and had no idea you were having such a hard time.  This has been a busy week and blogwalking has fallen by the wayside.  I’m really glad I did drop in today though so I now know what to pray for you.
    I used to be a social worker and you are so right about everything you’ve said about addiction.   I’m proud of you for looking at it honestly and being truthful with yourself.  I know it is easy to blame everyone, including yourself, but you are right, life is about choices and your son made the choice to drink every time he did it.  I’m sure by the end it was difficult because he is an addict and you really do lose control, it’s horrible for him and it will probably be a lifelong battle.  It’s hard with something like alcohol because it is so prevalent everywhere in our society.
    I really hope that your son is getting better and really does want this to work out.  It’s hard with an addict because, as you said, they can be very manipulative and you have to watch that.  I know that’s true with every addict I’ve ever known.  Their lives have been about lying to cover up things for so long that one of the biggest things to get past is the lying. 
    Oh, how my heart will be praying with yours at this time because, as a parent, it’s just one very hard thing to see and live.  You just remember this newborn baby and it’s like yesterday.  He is still your baby, of course!  And, you are a good mom to be getting him the treatment he needs!  Good for you!
    Take care,

  5. Trouble surrounds us one way or another. Remember…God doesn’t care what the scientest think about the baby. I’ve been in that position and no matter the outcome….I know that God’s way is best.
    God will become a part of your son’s live when he realizes that he needs HIM. All you can do is be an example. That’s the hardest part – it’s waiting, living and ecouraging the life he needs to live.
    Patience and prayer. God knows what He’s doing. Give Him a chance to work it out in your son…and with you. He know’s your heart, too. He wants to help calm your worries, too.
    Remember…patience and prayer.
    Thinking of you…

  6. Hey G,…….time will fly…’s gonna be a week soon, and before you know it, 28 days will have come and gone. Praying that the program is working well with the boy and he is responding well.
    Take more rest G. We ladies cope with stress differently from men. With men, they go play golf or sleep it off. Women tend to toss around on bed and think about it way too much.
    You know, go have some dark chocolate cake and relax ok? 🙂  Let’s see if I can send some from M’sia! hahaha…
    I suppose Himself will not understand how you feel, coz Himself is a man. Man just do not see things from our perspective.  How did the wedding go? Take good care G!
    thinkin of ya!

  7. Ah Gail, I go away to California and look what happens.  Sheesh.  I am so sorry you are going through this right now!!!  But let me tell you what I recently told another good friend who is going through something horribly awful.  A year ago, I was at the lowest of the low.  I wanted my life to end.  My marriage was in the toilet, my daughter was in rebellion and pregnant and her boyfriend was not the greatest person in the world.  It didn’t get much worse than it was at that point, I was at my lowest.  Fast forward one year.  Things are SO MUCH DIFFERENT in just one year.  If someone had told me that in one year’s time I would be as happy now as I am I would have laughed in their face.  "Not possible" I would have told them.  But all things are possible through Christ our Lord.
    I will be praying for you my friend.  You know where to find me if you need me.
    ~Love you. 

  8. Ciao G,
    Hope that you are feeling better soon.
    Yes, nerves can do strange things, and make you feel not well at all.
    I am keeping you in my prayers…May God give you perfect peace.
    God Bless You G.
                 (¯`v´¯)             `*.¸.*´
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                 (¯`v´¯)             `*.¸.*´
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  9. Gail, I have not visited in a while so I thought it was time to tell you that you will never be forgotten in my prayers, nor will the troubles this world throw at you cause you defeat.  God’s grace will sustain you in all things.
    Depression is something I’ve dealt with for over 12 years and it comes and goes.  If it helps (hope so) I do understand the times of darkness that seem to make our normally simple daily tasks a beast of burden.  There is hope, there is help for those who seek it, and there are many of us out here who love you dearly.  Wonderful aspect of Jesus….He allows us to love those we will probably never meet in this life.  Please allow the cleansing power of tears to flow freely in times of despair.  Jesus wept without shame, for He knew the pain of humanity.

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