“Monday, Monday. Can’t Stop That Day” Day 15

Well, another 300 mile round trip and we are home safe and sound.  The Boy was tired but looking rather well.  He has lost the "puffiness" in his face that alcohol can cause.  He misses home but didn’t ask to leave.  The kids create quite a community amongst themselves and help each other with their homesickness and whatever else ails them.   
You look around that place of accountability and, hopefully, healing and see kids.  Kids who could be your next door neighbor or your own and find it hard to believe they are drug addicts and alcoholics.  Most are quick with a smile and cordial as can be.  The recidivism rate is so high.  I hope and pray that these kids will make it once they finish treatment.  The Boy said that the majority are there because of a court order.  Thankfully, it didn’t go that far with our son.
This weekend, starting Friday evening, we will be down the street from the rehab. center for a weekend of education and coping skills for when The Boy comes home.  The rehab. runs it and we need it desperately.  We really haven’t a clue as to how to deal with his homecoming.  One day at a time, eh?  Still, to be perfectly honest, I am scared about his coming home.
Last night was the first night I slept through in eons.  I awoke around nine, used the loo and returned to bed until around eleven.  It was so delicious to sleep so well and for so long.  I am still in the stay up late sleep mode I’ve been in for over a year because of The Boy and, hopefully, I will be able to get into a sleep cycle which makes more sense for the lifestyle I need to live.
Here’s hoping that you all have a good week.  Blessings, g

15 responses to ““Monday, Monday. Can’t Stop That Day” Day 15

  1. WELL, first of all I go to my page, then I click on "my space" THEN I go to my blog area and I click on "summary" and THEN I can read the comments on the blogs without too much difficulty.  WHAT A PAIN! I wish they had just left it the way it was.
    Oy.  Sorry to hear about the boy’s migraines.  Mine have finally let up thank God.  I think it was the horrible weather that was parked over us.  It has relented some today and tomorrow we are supposed to have sunshine!!!!  YAY! 

  2. Hi G ~
    OK, rehab is the best thing to happen to him, and thankfully he is young, will learn early and grow from it. He’s probably forming bonds with those other kids, and will probably never ever forget them. You know what… maybe he will fail and maybe he won’t. You know what has to be done if he relapses… hopefully, he will not, but young people are slightly different these days than they were in our day. (They were there then, but not so common, normal cool and accepted thing.) But anyway it’s really important you maintain yourself and JUST BE YOURSELF… however that is… whoever that’s always been. And pray alot… and quite worrying so much… Give your worry to God, and relax, and enjoy what joy you can get from this life.
    Also, I’m glad you slept in late this morning, because I’m sure you needed it. But the pee comment was maybe TMI.
    Big hugs, you hang in there. Take it DAY BY DAY (sometimes I’m down to second by second… really.) Try to relax and try to make yourself give it up to God and just relax into it. We will survive. 😀
    Have a wonderful and marvelous day. I will be back to check up on you and say hi. I do like the updated friends spaces thingy because it told me right away that you’d updated your blog and how long ago you did it… AND HERE I AM!
    Hugs and love, from Lori

  3.  hi G, yeah take it a day at a time. 🙂  Get all the rest you can while the boy is away. As for me, 5th day into trying to wean the baby. Well, at least instead of nursing every 2 hours, we’re down to once every 4-5 hours. However, nights are bad, it’s the 4th night now of night crying for baby J. *sigh* hope it passes soon and she gets used to life without mummy’s milk. haha… Take care and God bless!
    hugs to you. 

  4. Thanks so much for the prayers..praying for you and your boy, too. Just give it to God, and keep him covered. That’s really all you can do. I am glad you’re getting caught up on sleep! That will help.. good luck with the family training..it helps a LOT!

  5. Miss Gail,I am so happy you are in a place of peace and calm to be able to rest so soundly.  You must remember to care for your needs so that you can continue to look out for the needs of your loved ones.  We all have to remember the wisdom in placing the oxygen mask over our own faces before attempting to place it over our little ones.  I wish you continued peace…Sheila 

  6. That makes sense…a rehab for the loved ones of those in rehab.  Everyone in the house has to learn how to live and approach life differently.  They say in recovery, "What has to change?  Everything!" 
    It’s true.  At least it was for me.
    Still love’n ya and keeping you in my heart!
    Carol 🙂

    Hello my beautiful friend, Gail!
    Sigh…my heart is heavy for you with Boy coming home. Oh Gail, I wish it were easier. Three out of my five kids were on drugs at one time and now all five of them don’t touch a one. You know, I SHOULD say, “I think” because you never know, do you? I am also looking for some wood to knock on. I guess what I a trying to say is I know a little how hard all this is for you. I would be scared too, if I were you right now. I am soooo happy you were able to sleep whole night. I can really identify with that.
    I am SOOOOO SAD for your friends who lost their precious little baby. Never heard of this horrible disease until now. So sad. Us mothers who have had to bury our little ones have a bond that is strong. Please convey to your friend that you have a space friend who also lost her precious baby boy. They never allowed me to have the closure your friends had and kept me from the funeral and so I have never felt a completion in it. Very sad.
    I was reading your list of 100 things and I LOLed when you said it drove you nuts that the numbers get out of order when you add another one. Same thing happened to me. The more I tried to fix it, the worst it got and so I had to leave it looking like I never passed first grade in math. Now I don’t feel so bad. So many of yours were the same as mine. I don’t like to wear jewelry and my first real car was a Corvette too. I am the same way about lying. Honesty is so important to me. I had this FABULOUS and WONDERFUL life with someone for a year and I caught him in a lie and I totally broke up with him because we had this agreement that we would always be honest. Sometimes I look back and think I was way to hard but that was three boyfriends ago and my present boyfriend is the sweetest and most honest man I have known in a long time. He is honest to a fault almost and I really think it makes me love him so much more. He loves my honesty too. We have a very clean relationship. I don’t talk about him on my blog because it is really no one’s business, even though I say other things that are pretty personal.
    I just wanted to stop in and catch up with you and thank you for being such a good space friend.
    BIG HUG!!!!!!!!


  8. Mrs. G…
    What can I add to what has already been said…
    We know that there is not one void or problem God can’t fix.
    My prayer is that your son know how important it is to go to Him in times of need
    What this world has to offer in satisfaction, or as an escape, is only a temporary fix.
    What HE (God) has to offer is a permanent solution.
    You all be well and the peace of God over all of you, Greg

  9.  Hello Gail, sounds like things are progressing nicely… I pray it stays that way. Hmm, yes I could see how you’d be nervous about his homecoming but it’s so great that you are receiving some education and coping skills for when he does come home. I know that must be a blessing to learn how to deal with it instead of just being dropped into it. Anyway, I hope you are doing well these days… take care, hug….. -S-

  10.  Hi Gail –  Yes, all is well for the most part here in my little space of the universe.  I am so sorry I have not been here and could add my support to the others.  There is not much I can add to what the others have said.  One of my greatest fears is that something will happen to one of my loved ones that I cannot fix.  Suffice to say, I am learning strength from that fear, as life happens.  I wish the same strength for you.
    Take care my friend – I won’t stay away so long even if it is just to visit and add my prayers for you.

    I had no idea you were blogging about all of this… you are usually so private on the blog. I am so glad you decided to open up and share your experiences. I am sure it has been very therapeutic for you, and I just know you will be helping someone else along the way.
    I’m sorry I haven’t been around much lately. As you know I have been dealing with some very big family issues myself. Being a parent can be so hard…. can’t it?
    Anyways, through email you already know how happy I am for you. Happy that you caught this in time, happy that you followed through with getting your son into treatment, and now I am even happier that it seems to be going so well.
    I know getting the boy home and readjusted will be difficult, but I am glad you have such a wonderful network of support available to you now. I think the parent classes are an awesome idea and hopefully they will help you and J deal with whatever is to come.
    I have read through all of the entries I missed so I am all caught up to speed… since I know you are blogging this now I will make sure to check in everyday.
    Love you,

  12. so pleased to hear that you got some sleep g.
    The place your son is sounds well organised ,you will need all the advice on offer ready for his homecoming.trust in The Lord to see you through ,praying for you all …that this will be a new start all round
    peace and joy be yours in believing that God is in control

  13. There’s a lot to learn about addiction.  I hope the classes help you and your son.  I know how hard it is and I’m pulling for you. 
    Peace G!

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