I was all ready to catch up when I sliced my pointer finger open with a knife and had to get two stitches! Crying  It doesn’t feel all that bad at all but it is bandaged up and so it is difficult to type.  In a day or so I will only need a band aid and will be able to type away. Party
I miss y’all.  Very much.  Thank you so much for the prayers and positive thoughts coming our way.  Once again, you are a blessing in my life. g Computer

21 responses to “Hmmmm…

  1.  Hi Gail,
    Hope your a good healer, I a good whinner 🙂
    I stopped by to do the twostep with you for a while.
    Your room is almost ready my dear friend. Come on  up here.
    Love You
    Lisa     and I continue to pray and keep me in yours . Im doing ok right now for a change. haha.

  2. Get well G, why did you cut your finger? too much on your mind? rest well! it’s late. Thought I just saw you on MSN and it’s 123am your time!

  3. Did you ask God, could there be an easier way to have me not type other than cutting my finger? ~chuckles~.  Just kidding, I am glad you are OK ~smiles~.  We’ll seeya soon hun! 

  4. oh man…that sucks…well i do hope that you are feeling better…
    *~* :o) smiles are contagious… :o) so pass one on … :o) soon the whole world will be smiling… :o) *~*

  5. Hi G…
    I was in the middle of study and needed to come by and say…
    All the power is in the name of Jesus.
    Just that one name can be said by you…More importantly by your son… "Jesus"
    The name of Jesus can destroy any addiction, any bondage, any desire.
    Be well, Greg

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check on me, Gail! I have been keeping up with your blog, I just haven’t been leaving comments… I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers my dear friend. We share so much in common with our feelings about our children, parenting styles etc. I can so feel all your pain and concerns.
    Sending a gigantic hug you way….

  7. OUCH! I’m so sorry. Sounds awful. Cutting your fingers is the worst!
    I haven’t seen that show but I heard it was pretty good. I went to the website a few times and tried to get it to play but it wouldn’t. I hate it that those shows never will play because I’m in Germany. Bill is in Kuwait right now. He’ll be going to Iraq probably within a few weeks. I don’t know for sure. He’ll finally get a mailing address then. I keep finding things I need to send him..

  8. I really do feel your pain – I have so many knife cuts in my fingers.  I shouldn’t be allowed to have knives.  Luckily I heal fast – I hope you do, too! 

  9. you were on my mind so I just had to pay a visit :-)I hope that your finger heals quickly and that you will soon be around spaces
    remembering to pray for you all
    love and blessings
    sandra x 

  10. Hi G.  I’d like to ask you to read the entry I wrote today, and I pray it blesses and encourages you. 
    Love you!!!
    CL 🙂

  11. OK ~ I’ve been meaning to come by for a week.
    I think I’m all caught up reading. When it rains it pours it seems. I hope that your time being attacked by things that attack us has subsided??? I sincerely hope that it is all getting better. Change and altering lifestyles IS NOT EASY to do. Oh no…
    May God bless you and your family and keep you in his amazing grace and arms.
    Have a good weekend, G ~
    Here’s a (((((((((((((cyberhug)))))))))))) and good thoughts at you!
    HANG IN THERE, for this too shall pass.
    Love, Lori 
    It’s been a busy and crazy week.

  12. Thank you for saying we are both beautiful… (actually we are!) Not meant to sound conceited but we are nice and fun, and honest… GEE! And you would fit in perfectly!
    And thank you for the vote over there! BIG THANK YOU HUGS!
    I HOPE THAT IT IS GOING WELL ENOUGH this weekend? For some reason and forgive me if I’m out of line… but for some reason, "Be patient in the Lord," comes to mind. 😀
    That’s my mantra… be patient in the Lord.
    Love you, from Lori 

  13. oh Gail,
    so sorry to hear about your finger (do you think a bit of saltwater  would help it heal, or make it sting? Come by for a ride on the waves if you haven’t in a while and find out, I have missed you so).You are in my prayers and I send you peace wrapped in a comment,love and hugs,Sheila

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