Tagged Again….



Just when you thought you had seen enough memes about me me.  Having been tagged twice I had better get to work.  Please, consider yourselves tagged because I won’t list anyone, okay?

Each person posts the rules before their list, then list 8 things about themselves.

At the end of the post, that person tags and links to 8 other people and then visits those people’s spaces and comments letting them know that they have been tagged, and to come and read the post, so they know what they have to do.
1-  I have been called a "warehouse of useless information" because of my love of trivia.  Personally, I consider most of my knowledge quite useful.  Tongue out
2-  I dream I can play the piano.  When I was a wee gal, I had a few lessons and always wanted to play.  I WILL play one day.
3-  I prefer the mountains to the beach.  Having had a blistering burn and a touch of sunstroke, the shade of trees has a certain lure.
4 –  Having said that, I don’t do outside much.  The bane of allergies.
5-  I have a BA in Psychology with an unofficial minor in health education.  I am also halfway to a masters in education but want to switch majors, when I have the money, quite possibly to an MSW (Masters of Social Work so I can work with adolescents – the forgotten needy people in our country).
6-  I have recently volunteered to be a teaching assistant in my church’s outreach of teaching ESL (English as a Second Language).  Our area is one of many cultures with so many wishing to speak our language.  Nice change, eh?
7-  I have got a sarcastic, nasty streak. Embarrassed
8-  I am very curious as to where God wants me to live in the future.  Unless things change drastically, we are being taxed and priced out of our part of the Great Atlantic Northeast.  The hardest part of any move, other than if my children wouldn’t choose to follow, would be leaving my church.  We develop close, family relationships and I know there aren’t many churches in the USA which have the cell model.
On a different subject, The Boy took two steps forward yesterday in his recovery.  We were at a cousin’s college graduation bbq where there was drinking and beer pong.  After a couple of ours, the boy came to us and said, "If we don’t leave now I am going to relapse."  He knew his limits.  Bravo, son.  Later, he tried to manipulate me into letting him go out with someone I don’t know and past curfew.  One step backwards.  At least we are ahead of the game for once.
Have a great week, gail



9 responses to “Tagged Again….

    A BA in psychology is super impressive. I wish to lie upon your couch and tell you my life story! lol… (sort of a joke… sort of serious!)
    I can’t believe you are being taxed out of an area you have always been. THAT IS NOT RIGHT. You are always welcome in Maple Plain, MN………….. really…. but would ya wanna?
    I too have a sarcastic, nasty streak. It comes naturally when there’s silly stuff going on too long.
    And your son is doing so well! For him to say what he said is a good thing. He’s not off "sneaking" like young people can do. As you said, he knows his limitations. It is possible it will be something he craves forever and ever his whole life. However, it gets better with time. But often that "yearn or yen" for it remains.
    When I brought Zack to the vet last time, the assistant told me she’d quite smoking 8 years ago, and she thinks about it every single day yet. Good luck to you and your son on his battle over this addiction of his. It sounds like it’s going well though.
    Love you and hugs from me to you.

  2. Interesting stuff!  I never thought of you as sarcastic or nasty.  I’m still doubtful.
    Congratulations on the net effect of one step forward.  That is something to be celebrated.

  3.  enjoyed today’s tag. 🙂 won’t do it though. Wow, didn’t know you were half way in a Masters program?
    I have a dream too…that I will do a second Masters, but it will be in the field of Child Psychology. I checked it out..it’s so expensive. 😦
    well..sometime in the future. maybe.
    God bless, hooray for the 2 steps forward. 🙂

  4.  I am also a "trash-brain" trivia nut! I think of it as occasionally useful brain filler. I do usually win at trivial pursuit! I think the boy is doing well, and all you can do is one day at a time. Start over every morning. Hope you all have a great week!

  5. Ugh, allergies truely are no fun!
    You can totally play the piano if you want to.  What a gift that would be to have!
    I’m proud of your son too.  It’s hard, I’m sure, so that really is a big step!
    Take care,

  6.  a lady of many talents 🙂
    I am sure that your nice side outweighs the sarcastic bit …lol
    good to hear that you are getting steps in the right direction ..the right road is the hardest for any addict ..praying for small steps forwards for you all
    love and blessings
    pleased that you are able to view pics again  

  7.  And if those people only knew how sarcastic we’re NOT being…
    The only time I’ve been on a college campus was to register one of my girls, to pay for tuition, buy books or something.  There’s always been a reason why I didn’t go….now it’s because I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
    I would chose mountains, too…but I spent every summer in the mountains when I was younger, so the beach wins now.
    About your piano wishes….just do it. I taught myself how to play a guitar, then I realized I didn’t like it, so I quit.
    Now,  I’m ‘ah-fixin ta’
    (and if you move to Texas, you’ll find that it’s cheap, affordable and that you too, can learn to talk this way, plus we need all the English speaking people we can get)~ 
    teach myself the Donna Dewberry OneStroke Painting technique. Don’t know why, I’m not a quirly-que, rosey, leafy type person. It just looked like fun. We’ll see…
    I like this type of meme…just learning odd, random things is interesting. 
    Any mistakes in this comment are due to a curious kitten…

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