Today is a new day.  Tomorrow will be another new one (Lord willing).  I have been reminded of this by YOU!  Bless you all.
The Boy has not relapsed (that I know of) but is exhibiting addict-like behavior and is depressed.  Life as he knew it is almost completely different and it is difficult at any age but near to impossible to accept at his age.  School starts next week and he is nervous.  Justifiably so as he left before the school year was over.  He isn’t ashamed to say where he has been.  However, he is now saying he does not have a problem; he is just a social drinker.  If that is true…WHAT THE HECK HAS BEEN GOING ON ALL SUMMER!!!
Addicts lie.  They manipulate.  They hurt people.  As much as I love my boy, I am going to follow the wisdom of his counselors and Al-Anon:   I am going to stop the self-pity and move on with my life.  I am looking forward to working with ESL and this is stepping way out of my comfort zone as I am a homebody who doesn’t go out at night if at all possible.  Still, I will do it for God, my students and for me!  Woo-hoo!  Bring it on!
I’ve been watching my Little Bells two days a week and it is very enjoyable – and exhausting.  What joy she is.  I wish I could show you all new pictures but, as I have stated before, my hard drive it jam-packed and I am afraid it is going to explode if I add another thing!  Eventually, I will take care of it.
Take care, g

3 responses to “Today

  1. hi G, popping by cz I’ve a long weekend. It’s independence day holiday. We were at the fireworks last n ight, and Jo shut her ears and eyes throughout the entire performance and only viewd in through the cam. hahaha….. but she was so excited viewing it from the camera where the sound is not booming in her ears. 🙂
    Have fun at your ESL. you know, 2 years ago I took a course in teaching Eng as a Second Language. So I helped out with students from Korea and China. but then life got too busy and I quit that one. My parents are in it though, and it is kinda fun getting to know another culture and making new international friends and tasting new cuisines. 🙂
    Praying your son will cope well. I think withdrawal is hard… I mean, I saw a very close friend try to quit drinking and smoking and he spent most time sleeping and grouchy. it was tough..
    okie dokie, kids are up. it’s 10:35am and it’s a holiday and parades everywhere. Will go have some fun today. Bless you and take good care!

  2. G~
    Have you seen how young people ALL OVER act???? He is a product of environment. It certainly SEEMS that EVERY young person drinks, (maybe does more with drugs) and acts like they are INSANE! Spring breaks are just nightmares.
    We NEVER acted this way… morals have SUNK to new LOWS. THIS is the environment/world your boy grows up in… IT’S DISHEARTENING ISN’T IT?
    Perhaps it IS called "social" drinking in his circles. So many of them seem affected. It is somewhat "normal" to their age group.
    Do you see what I’m trying to say??? I’m NOT standing up for him… but it seems it’s how it is EVERYWHERE these days. I feel sorry for our young people.
    God knows what kind of mess I would have been growing up in our current culture.
    Love you, Lori 

  3. You totally need a portable drive for those pictures!  It’s the only way my computer runs at all.  I’ve so many and my camera is an 8 megapixel so they take up some room!  It will really help you out and they are not too bad of price.  You can get them at Circuit City or Best Buy.  Probably at Wal-Mart too.
    I’m glad your boy has not relapsed.  It’s really hard to admit you are an addict.  It’s a lifetime thing and who wants that when you are 17.  Your friends will keep praying!
    I’m proud of you for stepping out of your box.  That is so great gail!
    Take care and God bless your family,

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