What I Did During My Summer Vacation

That would sure be an interesting paper for my son to write, eh?  It would be asking for a bit TMI.
Of course, he is apprehensive about returning to school.  I am anxious for him.  Alot has changed since he walked those halls and it is up to him whether or not he explains why he was on "home bound" instruction since May.  A simple medical excuse is honest and enough of an explanation.  However, knowing my son, he will probably say where he was.
Found out the other night that a couple we know in town had to send their son away to a rehab.  He has been in trouble with the law and was messing with oxycontin or oxycodone.  Man!  These kids are loved and have all they need.  What pain causes them to self-medicate like this?  This world is truly screwed up. 
We spoil our children too much.  Yippers.  I believe that is part of the problem.  The biggest part, though, is evil in the world.  It isn’t reined in like it once was.  Many are so numbed by the violence and promiscuity we are exposed to in the media that they are no longer shocked.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been made fun of for my "puritanical" views.  My son couldn’t believe I wouldn’t let him watch a boxing match in the same room with me.  Why would I want to watch two people beating each other to a pulp and call it a sport?  And that is the least of it!
Give me Leave it to Beaver Land any day.  I know that there were problems in the ’50’s but there was such a thing as shame and conscience, too.  You can keep Grand Theft Auto and I will stick with Pong and PacMan.  Raggedy Ann allowed me to develop my imagination.  We didn’t need expensive interactive toys! 
Okay, enough of my soapbox for today.  If you could bring back one thing from the past what would it be?  Razzles?  Classic G.I. Joe?  How about Bonomo Turkish Taffy?   LOL!  I’ll know how old you are by your answers!  Give me a shout out!  g

27 responses to “What I Did During My Summer Vacation

  1. Ohhhhh man… I am thinking… trying to come up with a good answer. My mind is blank. I got nothin. They already brought back a lot of the old toys I used to enjoy, like Lite Brite. lol

  2. I remember my "Chatty Kathy" doll.
    I wonder whatever happened to her…. my mom still has her baby doll.
    Hope your weekend was wonderful.

  3.  hmmm….it would be diff from the games you mentioned. NOt familiar with them except PacMan. 🙂 
    Games I played when young? hmm….. bean bags? the teeny tiny ones. You have to hold five in your palm and throw them in diff sequences and catch them. what else? oh yeah, catching tadpoles from a large monsoon drain…. digging earthworms for fishing trips, riding on a large coconut palm leave while a friend pulls it…………those were all so fun.
    Nowadays the kids just go, HUH? tadpoles, works?? arrrghhh! and they sit in airconditioned whole day and whole that gameboy or whatever you call it, or sit at the computer the whole day, water and food served to them without them having to move that butt an inch!
    Hope the week is good G!
    God bless!

  4.  I’m going to have to think about this.  I know I’ve had this thought…
    It seems like they still have a lot of the good toys, you just have to dig through the other stuff to find them.


    Hi G…
    Oxycontin, oxycodone, percocets, alcohol, or any other type of drug use makes the flesh feel good or maybe even an escape from some sort of pain. I don’t need to list all the reasons or excuses. No matter how much anyone is loved it comes down to choices. How bad is your want to…or should I say “not” want to.
    We do not have just think about choices due to drug or alcohol problems…We can add any of our own personal battles. How bad do we want to overcome???
    Yes…There are many distractions in our lives today compared to the 50’s, 60’s, or even the 70’s. My belief is you can never spoil a child. However, if they are not disciplined for their actions then they may become a spoiled person.
    For some of us we needed to wallow with the pigs before we woke up!!! For me…I’ve been there and done that.
    Thanks for sharing G and you all be well, Greg

  6. Well stated Gail.  I miss Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd, roadrunner & Wiley Coyote, and most of all I miss integrity and trust.  There has always been peer pressure, but most parents just don’t take the time to listen to their kids.  Don’t know about you, but I would be just fine if television just went away.  As long as money is the driving force, and the press abuses the freedom of speech, our younger generations will have no true role models left that have the qualities desirable to admire.  Wars, violent music and video games, corruption in sports, lies and deceit from our elected officials, and sexual images everywhere you look.  As you are obviously a loving parent willing to stand firm….let me be one of the first to salute you for speaking the sad, sad truth.

  7. Hi Gail,
    Thanks for posting this, and I agree with Greg. Wow he hit it on the money. You have been so up front with this I admire you. And you know me I would be the same.
    Its happends alot doesnt it. My family is not imume to it as I told you before. Thanks for coming by and hope now that I add some photos to
    a blog you might see them next visit. Until next Gail. 
    Keep praying and I know you will.
    Love Lisa 

  8. you can’t make all the choices for your children…but yes there seems to be a lot more kids going into rehab…
    *~*   :o) smiles are contagious…  :o)  so pass one on …  :o)  soon the whole world will be smiling… :o)   *~*  

  9. Hello Gail,
    The 60’s ruined the good things that were going on – "tune in, turn on, drop out." A lifestyle filled with nothingness. Dr. Spock and his don’t hurt your child’s sense of self so we quit the paddlings, we quit giving consequences for bad behaviour, and we quit making the children earn what they got. If they wanted sometehing they got it. I know not all parents were that way but how many parents were speaking out against the so-called experts? Not many.
    I know that right now and for a  time, you will feel like you are walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, but God can bring you and your son through. Here’s a little clip – ignore the commercial part of it and watch the rest, please. http://www.interviewwithgod.com/psalm23.htm
    If I could bring something back, I would bring back the rules of Roy Rogers. They were close to the 10 Commandments but designed for children during those days.
    Peace & Blessings.

  10. Hello Gail, how are you doing? I wish we could go back to a time when the world wasn’t so small. We are living on this large planet but because of our "wonderful" technology we are pretty much in each other’s pockets… hmm, anyhoo… I hope your son’s future days are filled with strength, drive and promise….. take care… -S- 

    Okay…I would bring back…
    The Farrah Fawcett hairdo!
    Sorry, but I would.
    I would also bring back a way less twisted and complicated world…
    Just my two…
    Love you!!!
    CL 🙂

  12. I believe it was forced counsciouss through fear ~smiles~, but never the less very true.
    You son should be apprehensive about going to school, that is a good sign ~smiles~.  I would worry more if he wasn’t sweating it because there is a shitload of drugs in the public school system! ~smiles~.  And he knows he has to stay away from it, which is hard in itself.
    I am glad stuff is finally slowing down a bit for ya ~smiles~.

  13. I, too, miss the relative innocence of earlier times; kids still had a healthy fearful respect for authority & standards were upheld in public. I remember being shocked & embarrassed when I heard a song on the radio (mid-70’s) that refered directly to making love 😛 You didn’t see blood on tv & the strongest swear word was ‘hell’ ( & that was only after primetime!)
    I’d bring back singing groups like the Osmond Brothers- yes, I would!

    Hi Gail,
    A big part of the problem is the schools where drugs are available to the kids.   Basically the schools are just warehouses for large numbers of kids.  They have no real meaning to their lives – they are just passive and nonproductive.  People who are involved in something meaningful have no time for trashy TV or drugs.

  15.  My daughter went to rehab, which came as quite a shock to us. We had thought we were dealing with character defects, not drugs. How blind parents can be. One product I miss from the past is Dial soap, the one that had hexachlorophine in it. We all smelled better then. Much love from Alabama.

  16.  Razzles – aren’t they the Raspberry candy/gum?  And oh – I had a Chatty Cathy doll too.  The Mystery Date game, and paper dolls and colorforms — geeeze I could go on.
    What would I bring back? 
    Respect I guess. 
    I’ve often said I miss the "old days" — simpler lives, less stress.
    I hope you have a calm and peaceful weekend my friend.
    Take care!

  17. I honestly don’t know how far Ramstein is from here. I think it’s a few hours. It’s scary though that they are targeting Americans over here in general. I live out in a German town and our whole neighborhood is mostly Americans.. and mostly our husbands are all gone so it’s all women and children! I would think they would step up the security at the gate but they aren’t being any more strict than normal. 

  18. I just read what I wrote. That last part, I was talking about the base nearby. Sounded confusing the way I wrote it. We don’t have a gate in our neighborhood. lol 

  19. Hey G, Jo’s fav food IS chocolate. but of late, she’s been crazy of lollipops too! haha…. she doesn’t actually finish them, but she loves the colors on em, and will bite and chomp on them. And she’s been goin around pretending she has lollipops in her hand and pretends to eat them. haha..
    hope you have a beautiful weekend. It will be abusy one for us, wedding to attend tomorrow, and on sunday a 2 hour drive to an Elephant Sanctuary. where the kids will get to feed, ride and bathe the elephants.
    oke doke. Just finished putting kids to bed after homecell. Take good care.

  20. OMG…i have two boxes of (24 count) razzles at school.  I give them as rewards.  I eat them too.  I alwyas loved them and found them online and bought two boxes. LOL!

  21. Hi G!
    HUGS and more HUGS to you!
    Yes, I have my new computer and Windows Live is FAST – woohooo!  And that’s BEFORE FIOS!  I expect to be back blogging very shortly – will email you privately.
    Razzles are in my candy dish at work – the whole office goes crazy for them!  "The Candy that Eats Like a Gum!"  Bazooka Bubble Gum is another favorite.
    You know what I LOVED playing with?  Match Box Cars.  I had a couple hot wheels, but I had over 100 match boxes.  I would play for hours, and at Christmas time I would take the empty wrapping paper rolls, hook them together, and make tunnels for my cars to ride through.  I developed neighborhoods outside with flower pot houses, landscaping, driveways, even a town dump, all Match Box car size.
    My nephew who is 10 years younger than I was the delighted recipient of all my cars.  None of my kids shared the love of those cars to the extent that I did.  sigh…  However, my kids all have loved K’Nex, marble runs, and Brio trains, all which require imagination.
    But yes, upstairs my youngest is on his bed playing with his Nintendo DS, Roey is on her computer watching Japanese Anime (remember that meant Speed Racer to us?), and the oldest is off to work and staying mostly clean.
    Oh, and, heh heh…I will be heading down south last week of Sept to meet a good old southern boy…VA Beach if all goes well.  Details in the email.
    Love Ya, G!!
    — LOLS

  22. Wow girl, you really did have a lot to say today! 🙂  I agree though, there is too much ugliness in the world to be letting our kids be subjected to more.  I’m always telling Michael to turn off his military or war shows when the peanut is in the room.  I just don’t think she needs to be watching that at her age.  She’ll grow up fast enough.
    As for what I would bring back?  Nothing concrete, just a frame of mind.  I would love it if people would just have respect for each other like they did way back when.  The lack of respect these days, particularly by children is just mindblowing.  OK, I’ll get off my soapbox now. 🙂
    Take care,

  23. Gail,what a fantastic question and I had an answer straight away! on my window sill in the kitchen is an old metal slinky I found in a thrift store.  It is there everytime I wash a plate or cup and reminds me to put a little fun in my day…each and everyday!! HA!  as far as the running, I have logged about 15 miles in the last week…I finally realized that I had to be patient and let the healing take place before I could run again (and it took the 15 days necessary for that to happen).  I am fully recovered.  Thank you for thinking of me, that helped to speed the recover I am certain of (all those postitive vibes in the form of thoughts sent my way)!!  Don’t forget to send those positive silent thoughts often to your loved ones too (I have to remind myself of this) who need it the most, it will reach them eventually, that I am also certain of!hugsSheila 

  24. Actually we have this weird weed called chenopod, what ever the heck that is.  And I seem to be allergic to it.  Lovely.  So far our ragweed pollens aren’t registering.  That usually is in July/August for us.  It doesn’t seem to bother me. 
    I used to be an allergy nurse, so thankfully I have an arsenal of nasal sprays to use.  They really work well and don’t go systemic.  They just stay where you spray them.  They really help me.  I did have to take one of Allen’s Zyrtec the other night though.  At least I am NOTHING like I was in Hawaii.  Over there my allergies were so bad I took prescription allergy medication twice a day AND about 150 mg of benedryl a day just to survive.  It was no picnic.  I think it was the cockroach droppings from our hideously old house.  Nice thought huh?  I am terribly allergic to them.  We cleaned like crazy and I had a pest control guy come once a month so we never had any, but the attics of these places were virtual hotbeds of cockroach activity.  *full body shiver*  You cannot escape them over there, you just learn how to survive them.  ICK.

  25. I agree with "bringing back respect".  We try so hard to instill it in Kiki…I don’t see it in so many kids, even in our churched friends.  And a easier way of life.  I know in my high school there were the druggies (South Quadders, we called them) but it wasn’t in your face…you had to go looking for it.  Not so, today.  I don’t really look forward to Kiki reaching the teen years.   Oh yeah… I would throw cell phones back to whence they came – at least the ‘text messaging’ part….yuck. 

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