His Princess

Sorry I haven’t been around.  Getting used to being up earlier because of school has been very hard.  I do love staying up late!  Oh, well. 
We are still learning how to cope with recovery.  The three of us don’t agree all that often.  I am a by the book person and Himself is often an, "Oh, let’s give the kid a break," kind of person and The Boy agrees with Himself.  Get what I am saying?  I’m still deciding whether or not to go into details here.  Not that I mind.  I just don’t want to bore you.
A number of months ago, a leader in one of my women’s groups gave everyone in the group a book called His Princess, Love Letters From Your King by Sheri Rose Shepherd.  It is written for women but men can benefit from it, too.
Anyhoodle (guess who I got that word from!), one day I was deeply blessed by the truth of one of these "letters" and I want to share it with all of you:
" My Princess (Prince)…Trust Me Wtih Those You Love
I know your heart, and I know how much you love those close to you.  I am your Creator and the Giver of every good gift.  I have given you loved ones to share your life with.  But you, My child, must remember that those you love ultimately belong to Me-not to you.  I didn’t give you those special relationships to tear you apart or to control you through fear of the future.  Like Abraham did with his only son, Isaac, I need you to open your heart and give back to Me those you love.  Trust Me with everything that concerns you regarding them.  Place your hand in Mine, and I promise I will walk you-and your loved ones-through all things this life brings.
Love, Your trustworthy King" 
Wow!  Did that ever hit home!  I know that not all of you have a "higher power," as they say in the program.  However, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have someone to count on when no person on earth can help you?  There are times when nothing I can say or do will change the behaviors of my loved ones.  It is during those times that knowing God is in control and loves them even more than I do (which is so hard to grasp) is what keeps me from deep despair. 
Nothing will keep me from worrying.  I am human after all.  However, it is good to be able to go to the throne of Grace and know He has written my "name in the palm of His hand."  He knows me as an individual and calls me by name.  Without this knowledge, to me, life wouldn’t be worth living.  I am this confident in the triune God.
I hope and pray that you all have had a great week and will have an even better weekend. 
Blessings, gail

22 responses to “His Princess

    I remember the first time it really hit home that I wasn’t helpless in this world anymore.  I’d been saved for about 4 years and was back home for a visit.  I was driving down the same road that took us into town nearly all of my life when suddenly the thought of a deer running across the road (it was deer season for hunters) brought the feeling of panic. 
    Then I remembered…’Oh yeah!  I have God now!’  And I prayed for protection from fleeing deer for me and the car I was driving.  It’s hard to explain what a relief it was to realize that I didn’t just have to move through this world afraid of being a victim, that God was on my side, and not only was He able to protect me, He was more than willing, and it was all there for the asking!
    Wow!!!  It still amazes me to this very day!
    Love you!!!
    CL 🙂

  2. Anyhoodle? I like the sound of that I might steal it. 🙂 
    I think even some non-believers of God can see the logic in there being some kind higher power out there, but that a whole another topic.
    Anyhoodle [see I’ve stolen it already].
    Taje care, ;(

  3. It can be so hard, particularly with our children, to do that letting go.  I find my heart hurting with each step.  However, I do really believe that God’s plan is so much bigger and better than I could ever imagine and He has her best interest at heart.  It’s still hard though!
    Take care Gail,

  4. What a great entry! We don’t have to carry it all ourselves anymore! Isn’t that a relief? And isn’t is amazing how He times these things to be just when we need them?

  5. Im stopping to give you a Hug Gail. and a smile.
    Lisa , we had a few snow flakes the other day . It only last a few minute when I said not yet Lord please. 🙂 

  6. Gail, I was so happy to see you have updated your space with a new post.  Was hoping I had not offended you in some way, but that’s just the worry in me I suppose.  God knows we worry and I also believe He knows just how much we worry, especially about those we love the most.  It took me almost 50 yrs to make the "leap of faith", and frankly there were some close to me that never thought I would.  My problem was with my past military and law enforcement career.  I’ve taken human lives Gail, and although it was in defense of my life, I just couldn’t shake (literally)  the commandment…"Thou shall not kill."  When I finally realized the weight of this burden was more than I could bare, I took the first step and reached out to someone I knew I could trust and wept like a baby while telling these secrets I had kept for so many years.  Now, I know that if I sinned, it has been forgiven, and if I took a life, it was to preserve mine or that of a innocent potential victim.  The Federal agency for which I worked had me in the field my entire career, and it ways always a clandestine operation, therefore I was bound not to speak a word if it, even to my wife. 
      You have put your trust in the One who knows your worries are love driven, your fears are not for yourself, but for others.  This I know for sure without knowing you other that briefly via the occasional comment….you are stronger than you think, you are wise to know who is the Ultimate Guide, and your courage is in perspective.  We all have the "blessed hope" of Titus 2:13 and the Cross to bear witness of the life we live is full of trials, tribulations, temptations, suffering, ridicule, and many will laugh and call us foolish.  A very small price to pay don’t you agree…..I know you do.  It is God’s blessing that you have accepted my friendship, no matter how brief or distant.  Continue in peace, and remain true to the sweet whisperings in your ear that remind us softly that He has overcome this world.

  7. You and himself sound very much like Julie and I.  She has to know everything and goes strictly by the book.  I am the one who says “ease up” ~chuckles~.
    Don’t be too hard on him.  You’ll just give him a flimsy excuse to go back out ~cringes~.
    Aye, we do the best we can and were gifted with our loves (family, etc.), but our plan is not the plan that has been set forth for them.  It is God’s plan, regardless of how odd and back asswards God seems at times ~chuckles~.  As his plans do not always coincide with ours.
    That is exactly what I was told a “Higher Power” was for, it is for those times when not even man nor word can help you.  I was told when I got into the program if you don’t know that there is a God, that is the very next thing you need to find out, but for now a “Higher Power” can be the people in the room until someone finds that true higher power.
    Not only are you human, but you are a loving mother and the highest order in nature (a gift from God) is that a woman protect her young even in the face of her own demise!  And you do that very well hun ~smiles~.
    Keep up the good fight!

  8. thinking of you guys…
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*  

  9. Ciao G,
    Wow, I have totally enjoyed your entry here, reminds me to think like a child, and trust in God like a child, and as a child you always trust that your father will do you right, and always the best for you…how awesome is that.
    Hope that you are doing well.
    Enjoy this wonderful Sunday Eveing in the Lord.
    God Bless You
    ________,-~-.___.–.__ .-~-,______________/ .- ,’__________`. -\_____________\ ` /`__________’ \ ‘/______________`-/___’a___a`___\-‘_________________|____,'(_)`.____|__________________\___( ._|_.)___/___________________\___`.__,’___/____________________.-`._______,’-.__________________,’__,’___`-‘___`.__`.______________/___/__________\___\_________,’____/___JESUS___\___`.______,’_____|____LOVES____|_____`.___|_____,’|______U______|`._____|___`.__,’_.-\____________/-._`.__,’___________/_`._________,’__\_________.""-._,’______`._:_,’_______`.,-"".___/_,-._`_______)___(________’_,-.__\(_(___`._____,’_____`.______,’___)_)_\_\____\__,————`.____/___/_______________(¯`v´¯)________________________________`*.¸.*´________________________________¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)_______________________(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•__________________________________Hugs & Kisses________________________________Love____________________________________Shelley_____________________________________xXx_______ 

    Hi Gail,
    Well, there’s a lot in your post to think about, and some thoughtful comments here, too.  Thanks for sharing this.  You can’t give up on people but at some point you have to realize they are on their own journey.
    I hope your day is going well.

  11. Thanks for the visit because you are very busy with matters much more important than me.  Hoping your future will be bright and your burdens will fade with the fall winds.

  12. Thanks for the comment Gail.  My wife tells me I’m difficult to understand when making my blog entries, but heck, I’m too old to ask my brain to change.  And she thinks I confuse her!!  Women are the greatest mystery that I will never solve, and that’s the way it should stay.  The older I get, the more I understand why my grandmother called me knothead….a term of endearment that I have yet to live down.  Be happy and have a wonderful week.

  13. Hey Gail, I thought I’d commented on this, but I guess not. How have you been? I’ve read similar books too, written for women. I think women are just really special, intricately woven and made with all sorts of delicate, detailed…stuff wired in. That’s why there are so many books for us, to uplift us, coz we so need each other and we need the Lord especially to guide us in times when our thoughts seem confusing, when our emotions are overwhelmed and when we become mothers…. 🙂
    God bless,and praying that all is well.
    Take care dear G!
    love from us here

  14. hmm – can relate to a lot of this, hard lesson to learn and to remember isnt it. my girls never got into drugs etc, but there were worries, still are sometimes, and 1 worry too about my grandchildren, in a world, that does seem to have lost morals and innocence for children, they grow up way to fast – 1 find it very difficult to let go and let god, and release the apron strings, but know it is the only way. 1 am at the moment very burdened for the two daughters of an old friend of mine. both cried out for help, they live in n.z. 1 live in england, 1 have to remind myself it is god’s work not mine, 1 am honoured to be one of his instruments, but do feel 1 mess up so often, and try to do things in my own strength. 1 would like to return to a time, when u could switch on the t.v. at any time and not be bombarded with foul language, violence. sexual indendo (sp?) and endless reality t.v. progs, showing people’s toilet habits, amongst other things, even the adverts can be embarasing – guess that makes me sound very old -lol – blessings – nita

  15.  Well, I don’t know, but are we blaming everything else other than us for everything that happens in our lives? It’s not that I’ve never watched programs, but never affected me so much to go behind those things, most part of my life (until 19), i’ve been among smokers, drunkards, drug addicts, but haven’t into those things.
    Well… probably my thought might not be true either… probably environment does play big role… probably I am just an abnormal guy (well, being normal with no interest on such things is considered abnormal these days)…
    Anyway, I just stopped by since it’s been months since i’ve visited your blog. Ah, I does have one obvious bad habit; I am a lazy guy when it comes to everything else other than computers 🙂 Not sure whether I have to be proud of that.
    Well, have wonderful day mother, god is with you.

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