10 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

    aka, Wonderful Jesus Wednesday, aka, wishful Wednesday (wishing you 3 John 2, that is…), aka, "Wow!  It’s later than it’s ever been Wednesday," aka…

  2. All I can say is that I was wordless until about age 3 and when I began talking…well, I haven’t quit yet. Although I’m sure some people would appreciate it.
    We’re trying another one either an SSRI or a SNRI or some acronym…Cymbalta this time.
    But I need to have a clear head on Friday, so I’ll probably begin on Saturday with the help of some Xanax.
    I just know it’s because of the abrupt estrogen loss from earlier, but that’s no help.
    Thanks for your concern…it does help. Knowing people are praying for me is such a blessing…and God has been known to change His executive decisions because of prayer. Too bad Lot couldn’t have found someone.
    love to ya…

  3. Hey G, just read your previous post. I think the things you said about Bells are just the characteristic of a 2 year old who’s beginning to know her rights. 🙂
    So why a wordless Wed? are you gonna be wordless every wed? I think I aw this wordless thing on somebody’s blog but they had a picture on instead.
    well, gotta go, tonnes of assignments to mark. *sigh*, consolation is semester is fast coming to an end. yahoo…… downside is that I only get paid when I work, since I"m part time. God bless G, and take good care!
    love from all here.
    okie doke. Gotta go.

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