Just Kidding

I was just joshin’ ya’ll with the Wordless Wednesday.  There was nothing subliminal in the least attached to it.
Let’s do a Thurday Thirteen:  Thirteen Reasons Why Today is a Good Day:
1)   "Jesus loves me this I know…"
2)   I’ll be seeing Isabella later  (woo-hoo!)
3)   I haven’t had to put the heat on yet.
4)   I’ve got food in my house.
5)   My family and I have a roof over our heads.
6)   We have clothing on our backs.
7)   I will be seeing my brother-in-law and his wife later – they are visiting from out of state.
8)   I am loved.
9)   My parents are in good health.
10) We have a rockin’ church filled with people who are trying to live their Christianity instead of just filling a pew/chair.
11) My fms isn’t bad.
12) My son is sober 85 days.
13) I am blessed by those who visit me here.
That wasn’t difficult at all!  I have been in the doldrums lately and I needed to have a thankfullness check.  How about you?  What are you thankful for?  g

23 responses to “Just Kidding

  1. When I get out of the hopital (another lower spine surgery…this time with screws and spacers to put in..sounds fun huh?), I’ll make a list of the many things I’m grateful for.  Doctor tells me the recovery period will be about 4 months, but surely I’ll be able to type way before then.  I’ll close with just one of the things I’m extremely grateful for…friends like you.  Thanks Gail for making our lives just a little better by sharing with us.  Congrats on your son…that takes guts, willpower, and lots of love.

  2. thankful of everything i have…except maybe my job…lol…
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*

  3. I love this! I needed a gratitude check, too! And #2 is friends..realtime and Spacers! I’ve been quite silent lately, getting ready for two babies!! I need to get talkative! LOL Maybe silent would be better..hehe Glad you had your gratitude check today!

  4. I’m thankful that Father hasn’t given up on me while I’m learning 2 give thanks in all things – among the many things I’m thankful for. Love you g!!! CL 🙂

    It’s always good to be thankful. Wordless Wednesday was quite clever too, although I admit I liked someone’s idea of using a picture rather than a blank entry for it. Glad things are going better for you and congrats to the boy on 85 days sobriety. — Liz

  6. You are indeed blessed!! When I am feeling especially low I do remind myself that I do have 1, 4, 5, 6 and of course 8. Have a great weekend.

  7. Sorry I missed you (least I think it was you) I’ve updated my space and am better, but will email with details probably tomorrow.
    love ya girl~

  8. Oh you have TiVo oh now I am so jealous LOL
    Life was intriguing I think it is definitely one that I will take a second look. I thought the guy was zany.

  9. Loved your Thursday thirteens.  Thanks for the well wishes.  I feel much better now and was glad to get this week under my belt.  Now I am nearly caught up and ready to tackle another week.  The prep time is unreal.  I will be so glad to get a new round of students next semester.  I truly think it’s this generation that expects to be spoon fed.  I actually had a student ask me on Friday if this test could be open book.  And this is for an entry level class.  Unreal!  Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Becareful, if you keep being so positive it might have an influence on your life ~cackles~.
    Keep up the good work soldier! ~smiles~

  11. Wordless Wednesday!  and you got 10 comments, what a hoot, way to go Gail!  What a great Thursday list.  I love your new look, it reminds me to keep the veggies in my life!  Hope you stay away from the doldrums a good long time!wishing a great week for you,hugs Sheila

  12. Hi Gail!  I’m starting the Word Study back up.  If you would like to take part then read Exodus 19 and come on over!  Would love to see you there!
    Love ya!!!
    CaroLu 🙂

  13. Sorry about the pulse ox.  I don’t give my readers enough credit….heehee.  Hope you are having a great week so far. 

  14. I am really just quickly dropping by to check and see if everything is going okay.  It sounds like it is by this entry, but to be truthful I didn’t have an opportunity to read any further.  One of these days I need to get on Google reader and catch up.
    Until I see you again, take careBilly

  15. Unfortunately, their lable printer was out of order so they didn’t put any labels on the paint cans.  But they did write a reference number on the lids.  They just didn’t bother to tell me what that was….If I had known that was helpful, I would have brought one of those cans in instead of my little sample quart that had the recipie on it.  But still, they mixed the original quarts from the sample bottle….Anyway, it is fixed now.
    Tired.  So tired.

  16. Praise God for the entire list but especially #12.   My heart aches for you as a mother and the boy for his stuggle.  I’ve been there… am still there with at least one child.
    Take care,

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