Another Wednesday

Really don’t have a title for this one.  Just thought I would catch up on what is going on around here.
The Boy continues recovery but doesn’t think he has a true problem.   I pray for wisdom for The Boy, Himself and me as we travel through this "adventure."
Isabella is sick and with me, The Nonna (nonna is Italian for gram).   Didn’t I do this twice already?  Hmmm…life just isn’t fair.  But who ever guaranteed it would be?
Not being into jewelry (just a wedding band and maybe a pair of earrings usually), I find it interesting that I am addicted to watching GemsTVv.  It is a "reverse auction."  Basically, it means that they start out at a very high price and then drop it drastically.  If it doesn’t sell fast enough they continue to drop the price.  Like most shows imported from England it is a hoot.   Even The Boy watches with me.  Have you ever heard of Iolite?   AAA Tanzinite?  I have to keep my pc on and google the names of these gem stones to see if they are real or not!  Still, the prices are pretty good but I haven’t bought anything. 
Hope that this Wednesday finds my pals in the blogoshere in a good place.   blessings, gail
BTW – New pictures of Isabella have been added!

26 responses to “Another Wednesday

    Hi Gail!
    Thanks for the info on green tea. I was wondering if you would be so kind to check the label on your capsules and tell me what’s in them as far as the antioxidants etc are concerned and also how much caffeine they contain. It would be very helpful. : )
    Also, the show sounds great. What night/station is it on?

  2. Jesus, get that baby well!  Bless the baby!!!
    Well, the Boy not thinking he has a problem can go 1 of 2 ways.  If he doesn’t have a problem then he can be around it and have no problem not partaking of it.  That’s what happens when it’s no longer a problem.  I’m not around it much these days, but I do work in the world, and I do live in the world.  And occasionally I do come into contact with alcohol.  I don’t have any problem whatsoever with not partaking of it.  Just the very look and smell of it is repulsive to me now.  There was a time in my life when that wasn’t even close to being the case.
    And, of course, if it goes the other way then we know that somebody’s been allowing tricks to be played on his mind…
    That’s funny!  But you know?  Gems are fascinating!  I don’t know what it is…

    Yes, I see that.  But if you’ll notice, most of those sects are followers of man more than followers of Jesus.  In fact, these man-made doctrines almost always reduce Jesus to some place of clouded obscurity in their ideology.   And the people caught up in this trend blindly accept whatever the man they’re following decides to tell them and do very little researching in the Word of God on their own to find out whether that man is telling them the truth or not.  That’s the saddest part of it all.  There the truth is available and right out in the open.  It’s not like it’s hidden.  God, in His graciousness, has seen to it that the Word of God is accessible and easy enough to find so that no one has to be deceived.  Not one person.
    I hope you’re having a wonderful week and that the baby is getting better!
    Love you!!!
    CaroLu 🙂

  4. I just thought of something too: I don’t know if you’re familiar with the pattern of abuse, but one thing that abusers pretty much all have in common is they will take a person and the first thing they do is start to isolate them from their closest relatoinships.  An abusive husband, for instance, will make sure that there are dyer consequences every time his victim gets around her friends, family, and/or loved ones.  Then once these bullies have their wives, girlfriends, what-have-you, conditioned to abide by their strict rules of isolation from loved ones that’s when the real trouble starts.
    It’s the same thing with these secretive sects, and it’s about pretty much the same thing: exercising abusive power and control over people only it’s just on a larger scale.
    Love and blessings,
    CaroLu 🙂

    Just stumbled across this info and wanted to pass it along to you…
    Caution: In rare cases high dose extracts from green tea taken for prolonged periods have been reported to adversely affect the liver. Discontinue use and consult a healthcare practitioner if you have a liver disorder or develop symptoms of liver trouble, such as abdominal pain, dark urine, or jaundice. If you plan to take green tea extract for prolonged periods, take a day off each week, and a full week off each month.

  6. I think so.  We have all but commited to take the position at the new place.  I would have the house listed in about 2 weeks, but Allen has to have neck surgery in December and I don’t want to have to take if off the market for several weeks while he recovers.  And I don’t really want it listed over Christmas either.  That is really the worst time of year to try and sell a house.  But right after the first of the year it starts to get hot again so we will list as soon as he is recovered enough.  Probably mid to late January.  We need to be in the new city by mid August at the very very very latest, and preferably moved out of here much sooner than that and into an apartment.
    Oy and ugh.  I just know I am going to be sad about leaving this house now.  Until this weekend I didn’t have any sort of emotional attachment to this house.  Now it feels like "my" place. 

  7. walking the rough road with you sister …praying that things get easier as we keep on walking and praying .
    great pics of Isabella ,( sorry to hear that she is sick btw )just got the mail as I was about to turn off ! I miss out on reading in bed when Fergus stays over so got on here for an hour instead .
    be good to yourself

  8. You sure freaked everbody out by going ‘wordless’ on Weds.!!  That’s funny.  Glad things are going okay.  Keep on walking the path.

  9. Dear Nonna,
    I believe you will be greatly rewarded for your earthly deeds someday. Isabella is GORGEOUS and wonderful. I believe I see some of you in her features. You are a very good lady.
    I am like you in that I do not wear much jewelry either but am greatly attracted to major bling. And I watch Gems TV TOO! LOL… and drool…
    funny that huh? That we don’t have but look?
    Have a wonderful rest of the week G ~
    Blessings to you and your house.
    Love, Lori

  10. Your Isabelle is so CUTE and pretty. I was disappointed to only see 2 pictures. hahaha…. just that the last photo you posted of her was the teeny little girl, and now the little inquisitive toddler. 🙂  I understand how it would be diffi to move if she didn’t come.
    HOpe Isabella recovers soon. 🙂
    Too bad, or maybe, good they don’t have gems TV here or I’d be hooked. coz, I’m crazy about stones. I don’t have money for the real real genuine expensive ones, but I do go to bargain markets, flea market and places to look for jewelry with stones. 🙂  I love green, blue and particulorly turqoise colored stones. Anyway, in Dec I’ll be off to East M’sia, land of mountain and sea 🙂 and there’s a huge filipino market there with tonnes of cheap jewelry (stones stones stones…) I’m so excited already. hahaha…. obsession? nah, just love the colors. Just like colors.
    oh well, take good care and pray things start looking up.
    God bless and hugs to you from all here. 🙂

  11. hi, just space hopping love pictures of your grand daughter – notice you say in your questions, that u were once anorexic – 1 am in contact with a daughter of a friend of mine, who is anorexic, suicidal and self harms with blades and things – she is 21, her sister who used to contact me is 16 and is all these things also – 1 live in england, they in new zealand. the 21 yr old seems to want contact with me daily, on messenger, it is 8 years since 1 have seen her, but now she takes everything I say the wrong way, and is very rude and hurtful to me and my daughter who she is also in contact with – realise 1 dont quite understand how an anorexic thinks, any tips – sorry – realise you have lots of probs yourself, dont feel you have to answer this – maybe a general blog on subject at some point, probably there are others out there it could help too. god bless you and your family, nita.


    Amen Gail…I come in agreement for eyes and ears of understanding for your son.
    Gems TV??? Around these parts we have Cattle Auction TV…
    I like spiritual gem stones…Revelation from God.
    OK…Lets speak Gem Stones over your son.
    Have a nice weekend, Greg

  13. Dear G. I know what you mean about those shows where they sell the gems on TV. I’ve watched them for hours. Never bought anything, though. But I’ve taken a vow of poverty. Still, if I won the lottery . . .  Much love from Alabama. Mitch

  14. Great and appreciated advice Gail.  I will start walking outside soon as the Doc gives me the thumbs up.  Waiting for my BP to get a little higher so I won’t faint again…lol.  When 6’2" and 220lbs faints it is a rather long fall.  Yes, I’ve watched that jewelry channel before…trying to find something unique for the wife, but like you, haven’t bought anything yet.  She really likes emeralds so I wish I knew more about quality of the stones.  Advice is welcome on emeralds…feel free to reveal any secrets you might have.  BTW, thank you for the constant encouragement.  Wish I could help you with the down times in your life, but best leave that for women who can obviously relate to the struggles of motherhood.  Have a wonderful weekend, and smile when you feel like crying, or just cry for it’s cleansing power.

  15. Hi G ~
    We are in agreement about earthy gems being a major responsibility. It would be my luck that I would lose it or be mugged for it a week after I got said piece of jewelry. It is much easier to not add that responsibility in to everything else.
    My mother got a piece of bling from dad for her 60th wedding anniversary and I find that I feel this way about THAT. I worry she will be hit on the head for it… that wouldn’t be so good.
    Is watching Jem TV and drooling over that earthly matter considered coveting do you think? I kind of think it is in a way… anything we look at with longing I believe is coveting to a certain degree.
    Have a wonderful, restful, (did I say WONDERFUL) weekend. I hope you can sleep in in the morning, as I know how you love that.
    Love, Lori

  16. Hey there Gail. It is so good to be back. I will continue to lift the boy up in prayer. It’s hard to battle something you don’t think is a problem I would imagine. Yet he hangs in there and hey, right now that’s what counts. Hope Isabella is feeling better. Poor little sweet heart.  I think it’s hysterical that you are watching this jewelry thing with such passion and intrest as to be looking up these "stones". You are a hoot girl. ROCK ON!

  17. Tanzinite is the most precious of gems.  It is even more expensive than diamonds!  It is an absolutely beautiful color.  We saw one that my wife wanted ~chuckles~ 35,000 dollars ~cringes~.  Other than my Lexus I have never owned a car worth that much ~chuckles~.
    Life is anything but fair hun ~smiles~.  The God for God huh?
    I love you hun keep up the good work and give the family some love from mine!

  18. Ciao G.
    Just a quick visit today to say Hi,
    I am not feeling well… colds and flu, ha ha, but I am not defeated…
    Wishing you a great weekend.
    God Bless You Bella.

    …..____(“\…………….-‘""""`-……………./“)___..(____……..\____ /….(O…..O)….\____ /……..___)(____………………(…………)………)……………____)..(____………_____\…..\____/…../_____………____)…….(______/………..`-._____.-‘…………\______)……………..LET ME GIVE YOU A HUG ……………………………………………(¯`v´¯)……………………………………………………`*.¸.*´………………………………………………¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)……………….. ……………………..(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•…………………………………………………..Hugs & Kisses…. ……………………………………………..Love…………  ……………………………………………Shelley……….  ……………………………………………..xXx………….

  19. Hi Gail!
    I wanted to thank you for your comment on my space and let you know that you are a WISE young grandma!!!!!!!!!
    Well I’ll try to make a gather up and talk about the issue….. I already know that some people won’t be happy at all!
    Never mind as far as Steven, my son, does not become a little monster…….. I’m sorry if they are not ok about it.
    Well I like your space! And cute Isabella. Funny, we have almost the same name.
    Will come back to visit you if you don’t mind:-)
    Take care and many thanks again.
    P.s Feel free to come back to see me!

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