Oops! He Did it Again…….

Now my little Scion is totalled.  Himself allowed The Boy to take the car and, as he was exiting a gas station, the front driver’s side quarter panel was hit pushing the wheel under the car.  The Boy wasn’t at fault and he was not injured, thanks be to God. 
I really don’t care about the car.  I care that my boy wasn’t injured.  I care that Himself and I disagree about allowing The Boy to use one of our cars when he still hasn’t gotten a job and hasn’t put one drop of gasoline in either of our cars.  I care that The Boy doesn’t know the value of keeping a job and paying some of his own bills.  I care that he will be eighteen next week without enough responsibility.
As Forrest Gump would say, that’s all I have to say about that.
Isabella is such a sharing child.  The Boy and I now have her cold.  It is sooo miserable!  I don’t mean to be whiny but I don’t feel well!  Two weeks of misery.  Sleepless nights.  Runny nose.  Coughing and sore throat. 
I’m finished complaining.  Thanks for letting me get that out.
It is about 90 degrees F here in the great Atlantic Northeast of the United States!  Yes.  This is October in the northern hemisphere.  Global warming?  I doubt it.  Supposed to drop thirty degrees or so in a couple of days.  I am truly looking forward to that.  Bring on the jacket weather!
Aren’t you new visitors just thrilled to have come by when I write a negative entry?  I promise you that I am usually more upbeat than this.  However, my son did total my car and I have a cold and my house is a mess not to mention……….
Blessings to all, gail

24 responses to “Oops! He Did it Again…….

  1. Oh Gail…i think I would be complaining too if I had a wrecked car.  I’m glad your son is ok though.  I do agree with your philosophy though, responsability is a good thing to learn and to teach!
    I hope you have a great week and that there is a great cool down!

  2. Hey, Gail. My son and I totalled my wife’s mini-van when he was on a permit. It really wasn’t his fault either, but nevertheless, the other driver sued us. After 4 years of attorneys and depositions, it came out that these guys (brothers) had a history of having wrecks and then suing. Just nine days after our wreck, one brother was supposedly hit while riding a motorcycle and claimed the other person then tried to run over him. Then, he said in a deposition (for our attorney) that he’d not been in previous or subsequent wrecks. Go figure. Okay, we’re even now. I’ve done my share of whining. Hope you get better real soon.

  3. Uh huh…I can relate.  Kiki has shared her cold, now I’ve had it, and Alan has it…grrr.  And the house, well, you know mine is messy….  hope you have a better day soon!

  4. Thank God no one was hurt! You never know when some action spurs sometone into understanding.
    Are you sure you don’t live in Texas?   Toss in a stomach viruse or two and you have the same situation!
    Drink lots!

  5. Thanks for checking in on John.  He is slowly recuperating.  Sounds like weather in Tennessee.  Was 90 degrees F here today.  Weird weather.  I have woken up the last two mornings with a sore throat.   When cold weather gets here, we’ll all freeze to death LOL.  Oh well, have a GREAT week……………….. Patty

  6. Hey G! I completely understand your need to vent her today.  Sounds like your priorities are in a good place.  In the insurance business I see people stress about their vehicles way too much.  Keep hope with the boy.. He will come around.  It just takes some kids longer to get the whole responsibility thing. 
    What is up with this weather.  It is HOT here.  More like August rather than October.  I just figured it was because I’m in the south. 
    Have a blessed day!

  7. Hi Gail!
    Happy to hear that they are both ok.
    Ohhhhh flu! Ouch! It tends to spread fast within the family! When my son catches it I am always next on the List.
    Here it’s the change from winter to summer….. yes we are the unlucky ones that don’t have white Christmas:(
    Well I do hope that all of you will get better very soon.
    I’ll keep you informed about the talks and change of behaviours……
    Take care,
    P.s A big kiss and a huge hug to Isabella:-)

  8. What a saint you are, Gail. I would be genuinely pissed off about the car. And the cold. But I’m an old grumpy guy. Much love from Alabama. Mitch

  9. We’ve already been having plenty of jacket weather. The trees have all changed colors and now the leaves are all dying and falling to the ground.. Winter will be here soon enough. I’m so sorry about the car but glad that he is OK. I agree with you, they don’t learn responsibility when things are just handed to them. I hope you get to feeling better soon, my friend.

  10. hey G, are you better yet? did you try the ginger water? hope you’re all doing better. Prayed for you all with Ted. God bless!

  11. Hi G…
    Glad to read your son is alright.
    Isn’t amazing how troubles find more troubles.
    How does one break the cycle?
    You all be well and safe, Greg

  12. Glad to hear the Boy wasn’t hurt, but it’s pretty sucky about the car 😦
    Hope you are feeling better- we went thru that stuff about 2 wks ago & it’s no fun, especially at 90 degrees 😛

  13. Sorry bout da car!
    Glad your suds ogay.
    I got a code, too. 
    Wish it wud go away.
    Hey, it turd outta be a pome.
    Get betta, gay?

  14. Every child is different and must be raised differently, even within one’s perspective religion ~smiles~.  I haven’t been a fly on the wall, so I have no ideal what kind of discipline your boy needs.  I understand your point:  Why reward failure/procrastination with privileges?  That would work great for my boy Malachi as he is capable of following rules and conforming to society, but when my wife tries to apply the same discipline to Mariah she finds herself in the middle of a perfect storm ~chuckles~.  Mariah is like her dad and must be made to understand the ramifications of her actions in a much different way than Malachi ~smiles~.  Mariah defies authority of any kind just like me, so I must explain things to her in a way that makes since to her outlook on life.  She sees more hypocrisy and truths than my boy did or can.  He believes what he is told she does not.  It must be proven to her ~chuckles~.
    Himself is thinking that we’ve done it your way since who knows when and it didn’t work, so lets try and take a different angel before he gets depressed and turns to the bottle again.  You both are trying to do the right thing for your son.  You just don’t agree on what is right, and you know as much as I do the most important thing is parental solidarity.  So you two need to have a conversation, perhaps even a screaming match away from the boy so that you can get this ironed out because you know as well as I do mixed signals are not good.  Kids are inherently clever and will always ask the parent they think is going to say yes, which means we teach them there are ways to defy and loophole the system ~sighs~.  I wish that each little child came with a book!!! ~laughs~.  That would be the shizzle!
    Julie and I disagree greatly on punishments and techniques, but in the end we privately talk it over together and then pass judgment on the next day or two ~smiles~.  Because we know we need to be in agreement with it, so our kids won’t see us as hypocrites in that area ~smiles~.
    I am sorry about your car.  That is always a big pain in the ass and they never quite run the same ~groans~, but you are right the car is a materialistic piece of garbage in the long run ~smiles~.
    I have had a miserable cold for the last two weeks too, IT SUCKS!  But I have continued doing my workouts and my aerobics ~smiles~.  I hope you get well soon ~smiles~.
    Yeah you guys are breaking heat records that have never been seen ~smiles~.  Well, since we started recording them anyways.  The world has been through so many changes since its inception.
    Actually, for a negative entry it wasn’t that bad.  It was filled with sediments that are kind and warm like casting aside materialism and worrying about things that truly matter. ~smiles~
    P.S. I love how you tapered the last line off as you made excuses ~laughs~

    Good Evening Mrs. G…
    I liked your answer to the question I posed earlier today because everything first begins in the spiritual realm.
    This evening I was jotting on my notepad and talking to my son.
    We were discussing life, situations, decesions, and goals.
    Sometimes I like to make inspirational quotes from my studies.
    So as I reflecting this came to mind and I felt led to come here and share:
    "Give a person aid towards a problem and you have helped them for a day. Show a person how to overcome and you have helped them for a lifetime."
    Have a wonderful weekend, Greg

  16. I should have been so fortunate to have a mother like you when 18.  My mom and I are total opposites and every effort I’ve made to reach her has gained naught.  She is my birth mother, and I shall always love her, but it hurts to the core.  Thank you so much for visiting my wife and the advice and encouragement you gave me about recent surgeries.  Hope to fell well enough soon to get back to my friends when I spend some time not throwing up.  Adverse reaction to some new medication has really kicked my tail.  I am walking when I can, and again, thank you for caring.

  17. Gail – so sorry you are not feeling well.  Also, sorry about the car incident.  I just go news tonight that my oldest son had his 2nd DUI and totaled his new car a couple nights ago…. Errr… I just want to reverse time and get back my sweet innocent son before drugs and alcohol ravaged his life.  I know you are dealing with that struggle with your son. 
    I hope this weekend gives you peace and relaxation.
    Take care,

    Hi Gail,
    I ran into an old friend the other day and he and I chatted for a while. He mentioned that his younger son (18) was not going to school, so I asked where he was working and he said no where… that he has no ambition. I bit my tongue and didn’t say anything egative but I thought to myself, "Maybe you need to make him find some ambition." Okay well you can’t make someone become ambitious, but you can make them become more responsible. I mean what incentive is there to work if all your needs/wants are being met without working? With all my being I wanted to tell him to stop doing for his son so his son would start doing for himself.
    In so many ways I think that well meaning parents actually harm their children by not making them responsible for their actions and by not helping them become self sufficient.
    I know you and I have talked about this before and are pretty much in the same boat, and are in agreement on this. Wouldn’t it be nice if our husband’s would just relent and go along with us on this. I was furious with my husband last week and I said to him (yelled at him) that his job wasn’t just to put a roof over our heads, that his job was to turn our sons into MEN! and on that front he was failing miserably. I know he heard me loud and clear but if anything will come of it, we shall see.
    Anyhoo, I am very glad the boy was uninjured, but am sorry for your misfortune.

    Hi Gail… It’s me again….
    Apolitical means politically neutral. I have not discussed politics so I don’t understand the meaning behind the comment you left me.
    Were you trying to say you don’t like to share your personal opinions in comments?

  20. Yes I went to New York last week all excited with cool weather and argh!  HOT!  I have never been on your site even though I frequently see your image on comments.  I am glad that I visited.   So glad all was well with your son’s accident and hopefully things will change in the future.  Blessings!

  21. Hola G —
    Hope this finds you all better!  I have an upper respiratory infection (when the dr told me yesterday I laughed, "you’re kidding" says I…)  She chastised me for not coming in sooner, I told her I didnt realize I was sick until yesterday.  Pastor offered to get my meds for me (I am lovin this Pastor Papa thing) but of course I would NOT let him!  How is Bells doing?  Himself?  the Boy?  the Girl?  The cats?
    I am thinking today is "breakfast meat" day (you know what I mean by that)  Hee hee!  Still got some in my freezer ! 
    Take care,
    Love ya!

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