Manic Monday


A new week has dawned and I have my wonderful Isabella with me.  What a wonderful way to start the week!  She is clinging to me alot and won’t even let Himself play games with her.  The other day, when my daughter came to take her home, Bells had me pick her up, waved and said bye bye to her mother then put her head on my shoulder facing away from my dd!  It made me feel so badly for my girl.  It touched my heart, though.  I wanted so desperately to have a close relationship with my grandbaby and it has happened.  I am sure she is just going through a phase with her clinging.

Can you believe how close American Thanksgiving and Christmas are?  The stores have had Christmas decorations since September.  Bah, humbug!  As is my want, I would like to skip the whole thing and work in a soup kitchen.  However, my in-laws are not in the best of health and not celebrating in their way would be selfish of me.  Still, if I could come up with a good reason to not go…..soup kitchen wouldn’t fly with Himself.  Heavy sigh.

You see, I don’t do well in crowds.  Even family crowds.  I tend to walk away from where the majority of the family is and sometimes end up outside.  This is true at parties and malls and anywhere else that is crowded – except for church.  I am sooo happy about that!  It is what it is, right.

Manic Monday for November 5, 2007

Describe yourself in one word:  Eccentric.

What is your favorite kitchen utensil and why?  Wooden spoon.  I love how versatile it is and how it gets seasoned with using.

What is the one thing that frightens you the most about growing old?  The possibility of losing my memory to dementia/Alzheimers or losing the use of my body, as my grandmother did, to a disease like Parkinson’s.  I don’t want my children to go through the hell of taking care of me as my parents did with their mothers. 

I would really enjoy hearing your Manic Monday answers.  Here’s to a great week filled with accomplishments and calm

Blessings, gail



11 responses to “Manic Monday

    You know?  It’s taken me 42 years to figure out that I don’t do well in crowds either.  In former years before I belonged to Jesus, I just drank, so I didn’t really know the difference.  And when I was a kid in crowds I was just freaked out, and that’s all I knew is that I was freaked out.  You know, sensory overload…
    You are blessed in that you’re okay in church.  I actually have to deal with difficulty being in church.  I guess that’s why I’m such an intense worshipper.  I have to cling to Jesus with everything I’ve got just to be there at first.
    Okay, I usually don’t do these things, but it’s only 3 questions this time, so…
    One word:  Intense?
    I love wooden spoons too!  I recently discovered bamboo as well…
    I don’t know that it’s frightening, necessarily, but I love to just spontaneously take off in a sprint and give it all I’ve got.  I like to run as long as I can, as fast as I can.  It feels really good.  I also like to have the option of taking up some new physical activity.  That feels good too.  I still want to learn to surf, and I want to go snowboarding one of these days.  I’ve never tried snowboarding.  I’ve tried surfing a few times and failed pretty miserably at it, lol.  I would love to be able to still do stuff like that at 80 if Jesus tarries and/or if I’m still here then.
    And I’ve decided to take the manic out of Monday and call it Miracle Monday!
    Love ya!
    Carol 🙂

  2. My favorite kitchen utensil is a large soup spoon.  I’ve had it for over three decades and don’t like anyone else to use it…..grrrrrrrr.  I eat most everything with that spoon.  Why use a fork when trying to stab peas, salad, or beans etc.?  My spoon doesn’t leak and it holds more food.  I get some crazy looks, but don’t care if others want to poke a hole in their mouth…lol.  The thing I fear most about growing older is losing more relatives and friends.  Perhaps if one could truly know the truth hidden in an other’s heart it might be a comfort or could make it much worse.  Like you, I’m a loner and have been since childhood.  Crowds of people tend to blend together in chaos most of the time.  Much prefer to sit and listen or sneak off to be alone.  Agree with you about church.  The fellowship there is special, and I’m completely at ease.  BTW, I do work in a soup kitchen when at all possible.  Just seems more in the spirit of the true holiday meaning.  My wife’s family is understanding and very support regarding this, but my mother and brother will never understand why I want to spend time this way…sad really.  Your words shine with love when speaking of the grandchild.  Truly happy that you have this treasure in your life.  Guess I’ll just to love those of my relatives, but that’s OK, because they are a such a blessing to all.
    p.s.  Do people who say that age is just a state of mind make you cross eyed?  Frankly I think they are just plain loony most of the time.  Oh well, to each their own. 

  3. It is your job and your right (as grandma) to be the spoiler and super loved one!!!  Don’t let your guilt take that away from you.  It is a tradition as old as mankind ~smiles~.  I loved my grandma more than my parents.  My parents had to discipline me, say no, and come home from work with crayon marks or hair clippings all over the house ~chuckles~.  Grandma and Grandpa have been through the proverbial wringer and now enjoy the rewards of their labors ~winks~.
    She probably misses the heck out of you and being away from you for a while gave her some baby abandoment issues ~chuckles~.  Being ripped away from grandma and put into a heartless institution would be like having God ripped from the soul ~smiles~, so she wants as much as Grandma as she can possibly get!!!
    I hate both those holidays because they are both lies.  Christmas is a great intention because it celebrates yours and mine’s savior, but it is truly a Pagan holiday gifted from Christians to end the wars of the norse and germanic tribes.  It was a comprimise so to speak.
    Today, Christmas is a whorish event of stress, death, and general rudeness.  So that the masters of the world can continue to dictates what we wear, watch, hear, etc.  So many retail stores depend on Christmas, so they should call it "please save our economic structure day" ~cackles~.  What ever happened to just being grateful for the company of loved ones.  When did the corporations take over Christmas?  Hot Apple Cider, Gifts for the children (because that is what it is truly about), songs, and love.  Our toys are poisoned with lead, 1000’s of toys from various companies recalled in the last few months!!!  I would give anything just to be a kid again and make cookies with my mom and have all the grandparents around!!!
    Thankgiving, hmmm we were about to leave because it was so harsh here no one could live here, but then the Native Americans helped us survive and thrive, so we repaid them with genocide through small pox blankets, war, segregation from their Gods, alcohol, etc.  Thanks for giving, NOW DIE!!! ~chuckles~
    A corrupt tree does not put forth good fruit, nor does a good tree put forth corrput fruit ~smiles~.
    I too have a problem with crowds.  I have severe PTSD that cause ERD to take over when I feel threatened or my personal liberties are attacked.  I black out and become violent, so I isolate myself, prostrate myself, and pray that one day God will take this horrid condition from my body, mind, & spirit!!!
    Yes, I have been going to church with the family on Sundays for the past month ~smiles~.  Although, our views will never be the same we both accept and love Christ, and the majority of them are very nice and happy, which keeps me from becoming violent, so I have been making new friends that may help me learn to deal with or eradicate this, by God’s will of course ~chuckles~.
    Describe yourself in one word: Crazy!
    What is your favorite kitchen utensil and why? Teflon Spatula, because they spank so awesome! And I ain’t talking about the kids! ~chuckles~
    What is the one thing that frightens you the most about growing old? Out livingmy wife, or my children.
    Take care hun

  4. every kid should have an "unconditional" person in their world and it sounds like you are that for Isabella, Gail!  that is awesome

  5. hi Gail, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here. but then, we have CHristmas and Chinese New Year coming up in Feb. Both are expensive. 😦  Christmas it’s gifts, and Chinese New Year is worse, coz you have to give money (angpow) to unmarried ones! We have booked our ticket to East Malaysia (where hubby’s family lives), and this time he has decided to go for 9 days! Pray I’ll survive! hahaha…. you know…culture differences…language..etc etc etc.
    As for your manic monday, looks like lotsa people are scared of crowds huh? I am a little afraid of crowds, especially if I hardly know anyone there. Otherwise I’m ok. Ok with malls and concerts etc. Not ok with parties with lotsa new people where I have to mingle and do small talk. not good at that at all.
    Describe yourself in one word:  thinkerWhat is your favorite kitchen utensil and why?  my wok. 🙂 can cook lotsa lotsa things in it! :)What is the one thing that frightens you the most about growing old?  that my hubby will go first without me. He’s 7 years my senior, but I always pray we’ll go together.
    Praying your week is lovely. 🙂  It’s wonderful that Isabella has a loving grandma. Every secure child has a wonderful grandparent who loves them. 🙂

  6. our grandchildren are such a joy to us g…God knew just what we needed :-)Fergus loves staying with us and likes to postphone going home by asking his mummy if she would like a cup of tea …lol
    I dread going to parties or gatherings beforehand ,but usually cope once I get there ..I would prefer to stay at home .
    me in one word …friendly
    favourite utensil old apple corer,it cost little but has been in use since our sons were babies..I love to see a childs face when the core comes clean from the apple  !
    growing old …having to depend on others is my fear too..I’m a bad patient even short term 😦
    love and blessings
    sandra x

  7. I thought I would quickly drop by to see how everything is going. I have been taking an extended hiatus over the last month and will probably be back to blogging next week. Until then make sure you take care of yourself.

  8. Hi G ~
    Just stoppin’ by to say hi. I’m sorry I have not been around as much lately. This will soon pass!
    Yes, Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away ~~~
    I will be back soon, dear. Hope it’s all ok for you.
    Love, Lori

  9. Your are so solidly grounded in many ways.  Your posts are humorous, honest, and always a joy to read.  We agree on much my friend and a measure of mutual respect is all that is required to have these distant friendships.  Thank you for remaining true, honest, and true to your values.  Your comment meant much to me.

  10. Hi Gail!
    I hope your week went well…here are my answers!
    One word: Thoughtful (not always to others, but I am always thinking!)
    Kitchen Utensil: The peeler, I use it almost everyday.  It’s important to have a good one!
    Growing old: Losing my eyesight or hearing.  Wouldn’t that be horrible?  Oh, to not hear music…terrible!
    Take care,

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