Thank You to…..

…veterans in my life…..Dad, Korea – Army
                                       Himself,  Navy – Viet Nam
                                       Richard W., WWII – Navy
                                       My brothers-in-law, Navy
                                       Richard C., Bill H., Ronna’s Allen, Billy and mea culpas to those I have forgotten.
Thank you so much for serving.  You are what this country is all about.
Manic Monday:
You’ve won $100,000 – but have to give it all away. To which charity or institution would you donate it?
My church, Crisis Pregnancy Center, Salvation Army, missions, Focus on the Family………..if it had to be one I suppose it would be my church denominations’ missions fund.
What do you think is the most soothing sound?
Hmmm…that’s a tough one.  The ocean when it is calm I suppose.

Does time heal all wounds?

Only if you let it. 
Share with me.  I’d really enjoy reading your answers.  Have a great week, gail

7 responses to “Thank You to…..

  1. First, I want to sincerely thank you recognizing those of us that served in combat, and those that were fortunate enough not to see those horrors are just as deserving as those of us who did.  A soldier is only as good as the behind the lines support received, and I personally salute all who served with honor regardless of how they served.  If I had $10,000 to give to charity it would be a simple choice to make.  First, finding a charity that is truly worthy is becoming more and more difficult these days, but as always the wife and I find really good people living in poverty in the mountains of east Tennessee, so we just stop, ask a few questions to the people who know them and then I like to go visit and introduce myself first.  To just walk up and hand some folks money or food can be insulting to a proud family, but taking the time to chit chat and establish some measure of trust often opens the door for giving and walking away having been blessed by their humble ways and making new friends at the same time.  Works for me, works for them.  A win, win solution for both parties.  My most soothing sound has been the same since I was a young boy.  Having grown up with, and still remain so close to the mountains, I love to hike to a place off the beaten path and sit by a fast stream of water flowing over river rocks.  Yes, I believe time will heal old wounds if a person can lesson the grief by remembering the good.  We both know that we can never go back, but if we could, I’ll wager that the people we grieve would tell us they wanted to be remembered with smiles and tears, not grief and pain.  All the best for you and all you love Gail. 

  2. Hey g.. Salvation Army, a forest with a brook running through it.. and.. No, I don’t think time heals all wounds..hence PTSD. But God heals all wounds. Or, He will, if we let Him.

  3. I would start a massive employment service in Central America.  I would employ people to build houses instead of giving them hand outs ~smiles~.  I know there are missions down there and they do help build houses for pastors and they feed the masses, but do little more than that from what I can see.
    I had Clason on my web vet thank you message too, but now it’s not there ~sighs~?
    100,000 dollars isn’t much in charity considering the overhead most chartible corporations have is rediculous, so I always review charities that I give money to with a fine too comb to ensure that the vast majority of my money makes it to the poeple who need it and not the people who are "supposeably" helping ~smiles~.
    Reverend Adam

  4. I’d give it all to Habitat for Humanity.  A home is such an important thing and I love a charity that helps people who help themselves.
    Running water soothes me the most be it a river or a fountain.
    No, I don’t believe that time heals ALL wounds.
    Have a great week, G!

  5. Thank you for the kind thoughts on my guestbook Gail.  Almost forgot to tell you that after responding to your question about soothing sounds, I later remembered that soft rain on a tin roof was actually my favorite.  Many are no longer leaving comments on my space, but using my guestbook instead.  Just curious….is there a problem with my space when trying to add a comment?  Thank you for the tribute to veterans as well.  Being a combat veteran myself, it is really nice to hear.  The heroes are the ones that didn’t make it home.  Your friendship is valued and embedded with respect.  Peace be with you my friend.

  6. Looks like most American men have served in the army. Here not many. Well, I guess it’s coz we’re a small nation.
    As for manic monday….

    You’ve won $100,000 – but have to give it all away. To which charity or institution would you donate it?
    it’d be to the organization helping out the hard core poor. or the ministry in our church which regularly visits old folks in retirement homes. They want to start a day care for the elderly.
    What do you think is the most soothing sound?
    Sound of the forest….sound of the rain early in the morning or late at night….n the ocean.
    Does time heal all wounds?
    yes, time with forgiveness n the power of the Holy Spirit. 
    blessings and hugs to you…. from all here. 🙂

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