Catching Up

Hiya.  Just a bit of catching up here.
Isabella is now a two year old.  Yes, she is stereotypically two.  However, she started early with the "terrible twos" behavior so I will prayerfully anticipate her leaving this stage in her life early as well.  The Girl called me while I was in the food store asking, "Aren’t you going to wish your granddaughter a happy birthday?"  Hmmm…I’d already given her gifts, she is not yet very verbal and The Girl had just gotten home from work.  Hello?  Anybody home?  When she put the phone up to Bells’ ear Bells didn’t respond because she was "more into her pizza."  Maybe that answered my dear daughter’s question better than any explanation I could have given her.  To Bells, it was just another day with extra sugar and pizza in it.
My f-i-l, Sal, is recuperating well.  That guy is a walking miracle.  The doctors tell us to get ouselves ready for the end and he gets well!  Same thing happened after his open-heart surgery several years ago.  The surgeon (the same one who performed Bill Clinton’s heart surgery) didn’t think Sal would make it through the night.  Surprise, surprise.  It is my understanding that it takes most people two years to recuperate from that surgery.  It took Sal nine months.  Miraculous.
I pray that our southern states get the rain they so desperately need.  We are soggy around these here parts but, go 100 miles south and the land is parched. 
For praying for Nancy, I thank you and ask that you continue.  We are awaiting the result of her scans to see how advanced her cancer is.  As usual, she is going around helping people and continuing to work.  I am so very blessed to have the friends I do.
One more prayer request – Himself is a realtor.  As most of you know, the housing market took a terrible downswing this past year and it is anticipated it will get worse until at least this summer.  Please keep us in your prayers as we could lose our home if more business doesn’t come our way.  No matter what, we will be fine.  However, I would really like to keep our little piece of real estate!
Bless you, dear people.  gail

7 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Happy B day to Bells…and you and "Himself" will be in my prayers. BTW, thanks for your prayers for me and my family.

  2. Thank you for remembering my hubby in your Vet’s day post.  That was very sweet 🙂
    This cat still doesn’t have a name.  Her personality is so fun, I just can’t come up with the right moniker for her yet.  It will come eventually…. lol!!

  3. hey G, it’s early, well 9am is  early for me. Jo always wakes me up early. praying for Himself and Sal. Yes, a miracle that he recovers so fast! Like my m-i-l whom doctors had little hope for, she survived the cancer op and is walking about now 2 years later. 🙂 The Lord’s hand is upon them all. 🙂
    Here realtor market is rather good. I guess, coz we’re a developing nation, and lotsa young families moving to towns so it’s diff. A lot of people are also now into UnitTrust and stocks. Is it the same there?
    Happy Birthday to Bells!! Ah so she is about 3 months younger than Jo. 🙂  For Jo, it didn’t matter which day was her birthday,   whenever there was a birthday cake, she’d call it her birthday. hehe…..  Is Bells gonna have a cake?
    Yes, I have to learn to put my lipstick higher, which is what hubby said. I tend to forget. *boink* my own head.
    You take good care G and have a beautiful weekend.
    blessings to you and all.
    also Happy Belated Anniversary.
    hugs and love from this way.

  4. happy birthday to Bella
    great news about Sal
    and I will continue to keep Nancy in my prayers and add some for Himself as well

  5. in my thoughts…
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*

  6. I really am sorry I miossed your sweet Isabella’s birthday g….not that she will care
    praying work picks up for ‘himself’..I know how it was for us 2 years ago when J was made redundant at Christmastime …we can do without the worry .
    leaving love and blessings for you dear friend

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