Another Week Begins

I woke up to snow this morning.  It didn’t amount to anything but it sure looked pretty.  Himself is already wishing for spring!
Let’s try a Manic Monday:
What is your most despised household chore?
Washing floors.  No.  Um, straightening up.  No, no.  Uh……let’s just say I don’t enjoy housework.

Pick out the most important item in your wallet/purse and tell why it’s important to you.

My driver’s license.  Anything else is easily replaced or reported  missing/stolen.  I can’t imagine the hoops one has to jump through to replace a driver’s license.

What was your first car? What was your favorite car when you were young?

My first car was a 1965 Plymouth Valiant three-speed on the column.  It was a great old car!  My dad was an auto and truck mechanic and, when the first three of us got our licenses, he picked up a hundred dollar car and made it mechically sound for us.
My favorite dream car when I was very young was the original Ford Mustangs and then, when I turned fifteen and my friend let me drive his Corvette….let’s just say I have a "need for speed"  sometimes!
I want to hear your answers my friends.
Most of you getting prepared for Thanksgiving – those in the States, l that is?   Do you realize that alot of Americans can’t even tell you the story of Thanksgiving?  I will try to remember to post it on Thursday.
Stay safe and thankful, gail


12 responses to “Another Week Begins

  1. Hi Gail,
    I hope you are doing well!
    I’m not surprised that many Americans couldn’t tell you the Thanksgiving story, have you ever watched Jay Leno?  It’s unbelievable what Americans don’t know!
    My answers:
    A.  I seriously don’t like to put away laundry.  Don’t mind washing it, just don’t like putting it away.
    B. Most important item in my purse, my iPod.  At least emotionally it is.  I really like it and use it a lot in the car.
    C. My first car was a 75 Oldsmobile Omega.  That thing was huge and I rarely drove it.  My parent’s bought it for me, kindly enough, but it was just too big for me.  The next year I bought a little Plymouth…or something like that.  It fit me better!
    Take care,

  2. Mine was also a ’65 — a Chevy Biscayne. Ended up breaking the axel on it doing something I shouldn’t have done, but it was a solid car and cost $400. Much love from Alabama. Mitch

  3. Most despised chore – toilets, ewww!!!  Or maybe vacuuming stairs.
    Most important items in my purse – tossup between my debit card and my Car*mex. I wouldn’t leave home without either.  Cell phone goes without saying.
    My first car was a red 1969 Mustang.  I think my dad was living through me when he bought it for me but I was probably still dangerous. It was a beast but gas was only about $.29 a gallon… those were the days. 
    Wow, G, do you remember gas wars???

  4. I love these Manic Monday and Friday Feast entries .. how do you come up with the questions?
    What is your most despised household chore? It’s a toss up between putting away the clean dishes from the dishwasher, taking the garbage to the road or folding socks … Pick out the most important item in your wallet/purse and tell why it’s important to you.  My debit card. I have been known to leave home with NOTHING in the way of ID but I always have my debit card!What was your first car? What was your favorite car when you were young?  My first car was a 1969 Dodge Dart – how I loved that car! Tons of room on the inside (it was a 4 door) but not huge to drive…I always said if the bank would have given me the money to fix up that car instead of to get another one, it would probably STILL be on the road.  My favorite car when I was young was the old style corvette. I am sure the fact that my neighbor who I had a MAJOR crush on drove a car like that had NOTHING to do with it … LOL

  5. As a Virginian, let me remind you that the first Thanksgiving took place at Jamestown – not Plymouth.
    1. I hate cleaning the chandeliers.
    2. My cell phone.
    3. First car I drove full-time was my parens’ old 1970-something Chevette four-door hatchback. First car I owned was an ’88 VW Jetta. I drove that car until it fell apart, but the engine still ran great.

  6. Hello there!
    Manic it certainly was!  Started off driving Col everywhere to get a haircut, only to find out that barbers are closed on Mondays!  I did get a free coffee at the little store Colin works at, however, and he did help me find a Christmas tree.
    So to answer your manic monday questions…
    Most despised chore…I want to say "all of them" – housekeeping is something I am disasterous at !!  But the dishes probably is the worst, especially with our dishwasher broken for months now.  Oh, and I can’t stand cleaning that stuff, whatever it is, that collects around the base of the toilet on the floor !!  Where does it COME FROM?
    Most important thing in my wallet/purse…my license, I’m with ya on that, G.  Secondly would be my rescue inhaler…my cell phone (black cherry chocolate)…my debit card…oh, and my KEYS.  Yikes!  I guess losing my work ID would be a pain, but they would only give me the same hooker picture on it from 1994.
    First car…well, I drove my parents Plymouth, then when I got married, I drove my husband’s camaro, I didn’t get my very own car until 1989 !!  It was a Voyager in RED.  I LOVED that mini-van!  I don’t think most people can say their very first car was a mini-van.  Sigh…
    I am on vaca this week, Thanksgiving being spent by myself, being thankful to God for all His blessings and mercy.
    Wishing you, himself, the boy, the girl, Bells and the cats a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving!!
    Love you,

  7. A: Don’t really mind housework as much as getting fussed at for the next two weeks after the house has been cleaned.  It seems I’m the only one who tracks and sheds (Lord help it to turn gray instead of turn loose!)
    B: Gideon pocket New Testament w/ Psalms and Proverbs
    C: First car – Blue 1968 Plymouth Valiant automatic; slant 6, 225 engine was one of the best ever made.  Drove the car until 1986 and now wished I hadn’t sold it.  Just saw an identical car about 4 weeks ago and it brought back many memories.
     I particularly like the history of the first Thanksgiving found in The Light and the Glory by Peter Marshall & David Manuel.  Praying ya’ll have a great Thanksgiving. 

    Hi Gail,
    I got your email but for some reason my email is messing up and won’t let me respond. Space is open to everyone. Are you trying the old space maybe?
    Anyhoo, loved your answers.
    My first car was a 1968 Firebird. Zoom, zoom!

  9. wow! snowing finally! that’s nice. I always loved first snow. That is something I really miss. Thank you so much for the photos of autumn. I called my little N and showed her the pictures…and we talked about what autumn was, since we don’t have that season here. Thanks. IT just brough back lovely memories. 🙂
    As for Manic Monday..

    What is your most despised household chore?
    definitely ironing. and picking up toys which had been picked up before, but "re-thrown" by Baby J over and over again! arrgh! so I end up giving a lot of toys away or stacking them way up high!
    Pick out the most important item in your wallet/purse and tell why it’s important to you.
    IT has to be my ID. If lost it will cost me 300RM, and a tedious time at the policestation.
    What was your first car? What was your favorite car when you were young?
    I first drove my dad’s mazda. But my very first owned car was a plymouth. Can’t remember how to spell it. we don’t have it here, it was in the US, cost me 700dollars. Then after one year the gear box refused to work. It was winter, the tow truck came and towed it and gave me a miserable 50$. They took it, I had to choice, I was coming back to M’sia.

  10. I hate everything except laundry.  I actually enjoy that…go figure.  Most important thing in my wallet…hmmm…my Starbucks card??  My first car was a little 4-door Fiat.  Can’t remember the style name, but it was a little box.  In a color like…putty.  Boy, that little guy took me everywhere though!  Too many beach trips to count.  My dream car at that time was an Alpha Romeo Spyder….drool.  I’d take one today, to be honest!

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