Is it Friday Already?

Where did the week go?  I am sitting here waiting for my little Bells to arrive and trying to catch up with e-mail and such.  Been feeling a bit "under the weather" so I apologize for not visiting your sites.  I truly enjoy hearing about what is going on around the "neighborhood."
Please don’t let the holiday season stress you out.  Set a budget and stick with it when shopping for Christmas and Hanukkah gifts.  You will be happy you did.  Happy Hanukkah!
Let’s feast:
What is your favorite type of art?  I think this question is too restrictive.  To say I don’t like modern art would be true in general but there are exceptions to the rule.  Georgia O’Keefe paintings delight me for the most part
but some are just plain gross.  American folk art is delightful but I wouldn’t want a house full of it. 

When was the last time you got a free lunch (or breakfast or dinner)? Who paid for it?  Hmmm…I’m not really sure.  However, last year for my birthday I was treated at least three times!  (It was a landmark bd.)

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how emotional are you?  Most people who know me would say a nine but they don’t know how often I numb myself or hold back.

Main Course
Approximately how long do you spend each day responding to emails?  Too long.

To what temperature do you usually set your home’s thermostat?  Believe it or not, my humble abode has five zones of heat each with its own thermostat.  In the bedrooms, I keep it very low – maybe 61F?  I love sleeping in a cold room!  In the living room/kitchen, it depends on what time of day and who is home.  For myself, I like to keep it cooler, 65F or so, to save on my heating bills.  A little higher when others are home and  lower at night.  TMI!!!

I hope that each of you in cold weather regions is staying warm and those in warm weather regions staying cool.  Bless all of you and have a great weekend.  gail


5 responses to “Is it Friday Already?

  1. Nope, no stress for me this holiday season, but there will be some emotional moments as I recall loved ones who have passed on and all the joy of sharing laughter with them in the true spirit of Christmas.  However, the sadness soon passes to precious memories and the smiles and laughter returns in remembrance of the good times.  Favorite artist is Thomas Kinkade.  Art form has to be a photograph that takes the breath away or brings back memories of a youthful time long since passed.  Free lunch?…don’t believe in them actually, but I do know what you mean.  I’m an emotional 10 and consider it my greatest blessing.  Time responding to e-mail is less than 10 minutes a day.  Preferred temperature at home is 66F for winter sleep, 72F for summer sleep, 70F for winter days and 72F for summer days.  Now the qualifier….only one thermostat and Patty has her preferences.  You know who wins that war…lol.  I’ve learned to be highly adaptable around home!
    Merry Christmas,

  2. I love Friday at G’s.
    In spite of how much I usually hate to think.
    Appetizer.  I like and dislike parts of all types of art.  I don’t think I have a favorite.
    Soup. Free pizza for dinner last Friday at Hubby’s Christmas party.  Worth exactly what I paid for it.
    Salad.  I average about a 5.  That doesn’t mean I can’t go 9 on you at any moment because I have been known to hover around a 2 on good days.
    Main course.  A couple of hours – it’s a big part of my job.
    Dessert.  It’s automatic:  68 during the day, 61 at night.
    Have a great weekend – hope you feel better!

  3. First off, having kids makes me FEEL ancient. Because they tell me so.
    Now, the fun stuff…
    Appetizer – yes! Art is music, dance, painting, sculpture, theatre, poetry, prose, clouds, stars, laughing, love. So, I love all TYPES of art. My favorite artistic periods are probably renaissance, old masters, and impressionists.
    Soup – since I’m a full-time mother, does having lunch with Hubby count since he pays? If not, then it’s been years.
    Salad – emotional is a highly charged word. Too many people consider it a bad attribute. I can be ecstatically happy and depressingly sad. But most of the time I’m pretty middle-of-the-road comfy. So a 5.
    Main Course – I’m trying to cut back.
    Dessert – 68/69 in winter during the day, 65 at night, 75/76 in summer during the day, 72/73 at night.

  4. We’ve had incredibly warm weather the last couple days. We’d have to turn on the air conditioner to keep the house as cool as yours. Today’s high was 76; low 58. I wore short pants and a T-shirt to work! Much love from Alabama. Mitch

  5. Hey Gail,trying some catch up…you know me, when it rains it pours!  I love doing these, it makes me think of things I haven’t and it puts thing I do think of in a different light or perspective.  Keep doig these G.!!!!
    A- My favorite all time artist is "Mauk" Escher (known for his impossible realities). He had the brain of a civil engineer/mathematician with the heart of an artist. I could gaze at his work for hours.
    S- The other night at a friends Christmas party, Heavy Heavy hors d’ourves (errr sp) with a glass or two of wine.  Many times I plan my meals around activities and parties that I or my children are invited to (had to take my D to a birthday party and counted on the pizza and soda as my main meal that day! Horrid aren’t I?).
    S- with things near and dear to my heart I can be way over the top with passion…but at the same time, I can turn it off like a light switch to protect my heart when I see a train wreck ahead. Overall, I would say on a day to day basis, I am at a comfortable 6-8 level with most things.  GREAT QUESTION!
    MC- I spend very little time with emails, it is a very personal way of communicating, and I  tend to use comments and blogs to communicate over the web.
    D- 72 degrees. We live in a drafty old house (170 years) so though the temp says 72, it is rarely 72 in our home.  There is a temperature spread of approximately 15-20 degrees from the upstairs quarters to the lower quarters because the tin roof acts as a conductor of solar heat.  The downstairs is usually like a dungeon while the upstairs is like Florida.
    always fun fun!
    hope you are having a wonderful weekend! thinking of you!hugs Sheila

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