Thursday Thirteen

What a great post from Susiej.  I have been given permission to post it here:

Saving Christmas! 13 Alternatives to toxic toys

Posted on November 14th, 2007 by SusieJ

We must find a way to save Christmas! Is this The Year Without a Santa Claus? With all the news about lead paint in toys, toys with choking hazards, the prized Aqua Dots toy causing comas, Curious George’s cute little face has lead paint, and sock monkeys have needles in them.

No, you don’t have to give all the kiddies on your list coal for Christmas this year. But you will have to do some research to find something safe. Here’s a list to help you get your own creative juices flowing and give you some hints.

  1. Etsy is a great place to find home-made toys and crafts on the Internet.

    bird.jpg This little birdie is by Allilson

  2. Buy American-made toys. This is a great list, but still, it doesn’t hurt to double check what you see. Toys from Back to Basic Toys are a safe bet. And Simply Green Living has also compiled a list.  Any book from China Berry, or Barefoot Books.
  3. Spend time with your child, and help him/her make something this cute. This one was made by Hop Skip Jump and loved ones.


  4. Make a poster of your child.


    Pottery Barn Teen is selling large sports posters for kids rooms. Take this one step further, and have a photo of your child blown up poster size for his own room.

  5. Who can resist Sock monkeys? Hand-made of course. You don’t want your little loved one getting poked by stray needles.


  6. Give great memories


    Picture Frames filled with photos of your child with his best friends, playing his favorite sport, or with Mom and Dad.

  7. Whip up a batch of home-made marshmallows.
  8. Magazine Rack.


    You’re constantly telling her to clean her room, so give her the tools to do it. This magazine rack came from Pottery Barn Teen.

  9. Bulletin Board


    A Bulletin Board already loaded with their favorite memories.

  10. Magnets/Thumbtacks


    Turn your child’s small wooden blocks, match box cars, starfish, or hair barrett’s into thumbtacks with epoxy glue and a package of magnets. You could also buy a small package of wooden letters at a craft store to use for magnets.

  11. A Scapbook


    Kids love to hear about themselves. Put together a simple Scrapbook of their life so far. One for them to keep, in their own room.

  12. Turn a paper bag into a book.


    Here’s how.

  13. Yarn Dolls


    Very fast and simple to make.

6 responses to “Thursday Thirteen

  1. Those are all great ideas; I’ll have to save them for when I have *gulp*  grandchildren 🙂 (I figure I have 3 to 5 years yet- good thing, ’cause I still haven’t picked out a nickname :-P)

  2. You know I think that the above are great ideas.
    To be sincere Christmas over the years has lost it’s emotional aspect to a more commercial one.
    When you mentioned time spent with children. I think it is one of the most important gift we can give to a child and that not just at Christmas!! But I do understand that it might not be easy for all parents, but still that is what makes it more precious.
    Merry Christmas Gail. May God always shower you and your loved ones with his blessings.
    Take care,

    Well, I certainly can’t resist sock monkeys!  What’s a childhood without a sock monkey???  Just tell me that!  🙂
    Homemade marshmallows sounds pretty stellar too.  🙂
    Thanks for what you said on my blog.  Mama got here safely and soundly.  We’ve had to spend the last couple of days kind of nursing her into recovery,  but she’s doing well. 
    We made it to see Alvin and the Chipmunks last night.  It was a little bit lame, but there was enough entertainment in it that I’m not sorry we went to see it.  Mama woke up at 3:00 in the morning, and while she and I both were reading she said, "I have chipmunks songs playing in my head" to which I responded, ‘If it makes you feel any better, so do I.’  Everything’s just so much funner with Mama!
    Here goes a wish and a prayer for a very happy Christmas for you and your precious family!
    Love ya lots!!!
    Carol 🙂

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