I SAID I Refuse…

…to get sick!  However, even though it held off for Christmas, I am a bit under the weather.  I will sit down and write once I feel better.
Thanks for the birthday wishes and a very happy, healthy new year to all.  g

10 responses to “I SAID I Refuse…

  1. I’m sorry that I missed your birthday.  Hope it was nice.  I"m sorry you aren’t feeling well.  That’s why when at all possible I stay away from people….lol.  Really I do enjoy my alone time.   

  2. Get well soon Gail.  Patty had to go to the after hours clinic today because of acute bronchitis. They gave some anti-biotic superpack thats alien to me, but the doctor said 6 pills should clear it up.  Her birthday is December 30 and I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to celebrate, but since we’re having 55 degree weather tomorrow, she can have her annual b-day lunch with her mom and sister as usual.  Sorry about missing your birthday…what day was it?  Best wishes for a wonderful new year.

  3. Get better quickly! We miss your writing. And we need to hear how your holidays went. Enjoy your decompress time, knowing you are missed here.

  4. Oh you too? It sucks! My son caught a cold and he has passed the virus to me!
    Guess what? He is just coughing from time to time, thanks God. But I have a voice extinction!!! Body pain and sore throat and some good coughing……
    I really can’t understand why things I catch from my son reveals to be so harmful to me! I’m the adult and my immune system should be working….. properly….I think!
    Anyway, I hope you get better soon.
    Take care,

  5. HI Gail — I just stopped by to wish  you a Happy New Year.  So sorry you are not feeling well.  I hope you are well enough to enjoy the weekend.

  6. that is ok…i got sick too…hope you feel better…
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*

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