Do You Notice a Trend Here?

It’s Monday again.  It just keeps on coming back.  heavy sigh  I took the good advice given here and stayed home Friday night and Saturday.  Having the house to myself was simply delicious!  Thank you for your input.
Anyone watch the Giants/Packers game yesterday?  I really didn’t anticipate this win but was so impressed with their warrior mentality.  Can you say cold?  We’ll see in two weeks if David can slay Goliath.  (They lived up to their team name, eh?)
In church yesterday, we had a missionary couple, Seoth and Syna Lao, speak.  They are from Cambodia and lived through the Killing Fields of the Khmer Rouge government.  Their story of loss and redemption touched me very deeply.  I take my freedoms for granted.  This couple thanks God daily for theirs. 
After being educated in the United States, he as a pastor and she as a nurse, they returned to Cambodia to serve their God and their people.  Their families couldn’t believe they would willingly return!  However, this is their calling and they are true to it. 
When the service was over and I had visited with many, I saw Syna chatting with a couple of church members.  I went up to her, looked at her beautifully radiant face, and asked if I could hug her.  She smiled and told me I could.  The tears that didn’t fall during the service threatened to storm out of my eyes.    I told her that I felt physical pain from her story.  Truth be told, I feel shame, too.  Shame for taking so much for granted and for not speaking up more often about my faith.
Manic Monday questions seem so lame after thinking about this couple again.  However, for your enjoyment:
If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be?  Hmmm…I think it would have to be either Jersey or Montana.  I like to be different.

Where do you go for advice?  The Bible, friends and my mom and sis.

What is the sickest you’ve ever been?  When The Girl was less than ten years old, I caught a flu from her which knocked me off my feet for days.  I never want to feel that way again.

Talk to me.  g

19 responses to “Do You Notice a Trend Here?

  1. not too sure…been sick a lot…
    *~* :o) if you do not have a smile today… :o) I will give you one of mine… :o) *~*

  2. If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be? 
    Jersey seems quite appealing!Where do you go for advice?  bed, I don’t sleep though…….What is the sickest you’ve ever been?  Since Steven was born I always felt each time it was the worse until the next. Well….. remembered the diarreah?
    Well, even if we do feel we are under the weather, other people’s bear more…..

  3. How could those guys play in such cold weather??? I felt really bad for Lawrence Tynes at the end of the fourth. But he redeemed himself in OT. Did you notice that the only women in the entire stadium were the ones in the enclosed boxes? Aren’t we so smart! Anyway…
    Which state? Carolina.
    Advice? Depends on the problem – Hubby most often.
    Sickest? When I was twelve, I had double pneumonia. I didn’t realize how serious it was then.

  4. It is sad to remember that it seems the US mostly chose to ignore the genocide in Cambodia when it was happening.  Having just escaped from the quagmire of Vietnam, it seems our war weary nation just didn’t want to get involved as millions died.  There were sanctions; but the killing continued.
    State: Kantuckieee
    Advice: Bible, books, parents, experts and of course Queen Kay is on the top of the heap.
    Sickest: Staph infection.  What made it particularly dangerous was I thought it was the flu and didn’t seek treatment until I was one sick puppy.

  5. I know they would have shamed me, too.. I’m in awe of the persecuted church. I can only wonder what I’d do in their situation.
    State: Oklahoma or a Dakota..
    Advice: My godly bff, pastor, mom and dad
    sick: I almost died 4 years ago, with pneumonia, cellulitis, and heart failure.. I truly thought it was over..and the doctor did too!LOL But, He had other plans. Be blessed this  week.

  6. Yeah kids are very dirty and germy.  It wouldn’t surprise me they could be sick for a year.  Nice story about the missionaries.
    What state would I be named?  Hmmmm….maybe Arizona…that sounds pretty.  And then for the middle name Hawaii and then Dakota for the last name.  Then I think I would choose to live in California.  LOL…. 
    Advice….friends…all of them….I always have to ask all before I come up with a decision but I really should turn to the Bible more. 
    The sickest I"ve ever been….would be this past fall when I was sick for 2 weeks with bronchitis. 
    Hope you have a great week!

  7. …named after one of the 50 states…? Jersey or Dakota…go for advice…? Family, Bible and Friends…sickest ever been…? Last summer with upper respiratory stuff. Aweful.
    Found you through Stehanie’s blog and loved reading through. Hope you don’t mind if I "join ya." =)

  8. Don’t missions story just bless and amaze you?  Everytime I hear them it makes me want to get up and go.  Send me Lord, send me!
    If I were named after any…Mississippi…sounds girly enough.  I’m a Miss…I like to Sip…and I can be yippy…lol
    My advice comes from the same place as yours!
    And the sickest I’ve ever been was when I was pregnant with the peanut.  I couldn’t eat anything but potato chips and dip for like 6 weeks.  Weird, but true.  And I couldn’t eat meat like the whole 9 months.   It wasn’t pretty!
    take care,

  9. Hello!  I came across your space via Isabelle 🙂  Thought I’d say "hi".  Was reading your blog and you caught my attention talking about Cambodia.  I have friends who are missionaries there, and they lead teams around the Poipet area.  They are with Samaritan’s Purse.

  10. #1 Arizona, then I could be Ari for short
    #2 Many places, but mostly I have two very close friends, one a woman the other a man. It is good to have a feminine opinion and a masculine opinion on the same issue.
    #3 food poisoining on vacation no less over Thanksgiving one year.  Everything else pales in comparision.  I wanted to die right there on the hotel bathroom floor…
    hey G! check your messages!hugs,S

  11. Hey G, yeah, we take a lot of things for granted till we meet people who have not had it so good, but yet continue serving our great God. 🙂

  12. I’ll take your polls:
    1. If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be?  Indiana
    2. Where do you go for advice?  The Bible, friends and Dr. Phil  ;)3. What is the sickest you’ve ever been? Every time a guy is sick, is the sickest he’s ever been [according to him]  😉

  13. Hey there, crawling out of my hole to answer some of your questions !! 
    The State?  Georgia or Carolina
    Advice?  The Bible, My Pastor, his wife, and my friends Katie and Dunphy
    Sickest? I had a very bad case of pneumonia as a kid, I remember collapsing on the floor, missed at least one month of school…probably next was pregnant with Cuy and I got an ear infection and some sort of strep from Roey’s scarlet fever…Was in the hospital for a week!
    The missionary visit must have been tragic and inspiring at once.  We see our missionaries about 3 times a year, their stories always make me cry, with pain and with joy.  I really enjoyed going to your church, as you talk about the missionaries, I remember the walk there, I remember what it looks like, very cool.  I think I still have the bulletin.
    Love you!!

  14. notice I said NOTHING about the Patriots?  Have you seen the ex interviewed on TV?  People keep coming up and saying, "Is that your ex?"  yup — but hey, he loves it, what a great season they have had!

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