Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen reasons why reading rocks:
1  – Knowledge – You, too, can become a warehouse of information.
2  – Travel – I can go anywhere in the world with a book and my imagination.
3  – Instead of reading through year old magazines which are full of germs, I have a book to read in any waiting room.
4  – Picking up the kids from school?  Getting a good parking space requires getting there early.  Got my book to pass the time.
5  – "There should be a law compelling all courting couples to read a few good books together.  Then they will know whether or not they are in spiritual harmony."  Lee Shipley
6  – Advancement in your profession
7  – Reading with your child(ren) brings you closer together and gives them a love of the written word.
8  – When you are sad, a happy book can bring a smile to your face.
9  – When you need a good cry, a sad book can help you out.
10 – When you feel like you want to run away, you can do so through a book and not have regrets later on that you did something rash.
11 – Reading God’s word brings you closer to Him and teaches you how to cope with life.
12 – I get to cuddle with my grandbaby (see #7).
13 – It’s just plain fun!
Oh, also, I get to read your blogs!
Have anything to add?  See you tomorrow, g

3 responses to “Thursday Thirteen

  1. My best book times are definitely with my little one.  She loves in the morning to grab a book off the shelf and just sit on momma’s lap and read.  It’s the best!
    The other day I caught her "reading" next to the dog cage.  She thought he needed some entertainment too I guess! LOL
    Take care,

  2. hi gail, all you have written is very true, I dont read often enough anymore, but do try to read with or listen to the grandchildren – also go twice a week to their school, to hear the children read. it is very important and as you say pleasurable. have a good weekend, nita.

  3. Hubby and I read to each other in bed. It can bring spouses closer together. BTW, is it Friday yet? I’m completely brain drained and it’s only Thursday. Where’s your fun meme when you need it?

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