Lisa’s website it having technical dificulties and so we are on our own for the Friday’s Feast questions.  I’ll start with the appetizer and will check all morning for your suggestions for the soup, salad, main course and dessert.  (Please don’t expect me to have the creativity to think them up on my own on an Isabella day!)
No suggestions, people?  I’ll try to come up with something.
Appetizer:  Why do you enjoy the Friday’s Feast so much?  It gives me a chance to get to know my blogging buddies better and to give them a little bit of insight into my life.
Soup:  Birch beer or root beer?  Don’t drink much soda but a cold birch beer over lots of ice on occasion tastes mighty fine.  Has to be on tap, though.  Then again, Stewart’s root beer is really good, also on tap.
Salad:  You are just sitting down to dinner and friends stop by.  What do you do?  Either add to what I already cooked or order in and put my food away if there is not enough.  I don’t turn away friends.
Main Course?  Caribbean or Alaskan cruise?  Alaskan, for sure.  I don’t dig humidity and heat.
Dessert:  Milk or dark chocolate?  No contest;  dark, dark, dark.
Well, I did my best and hope that Lisa’s site is working soon!  Have a great weekend everyone.  g
btw, The Boy is having some health problems.  We wouldn’t mind some extra prayers.  Thanks.

11 responses to “Aaaaack!

  1. well looks like you are having difficulties too…
    *~* :o) always remember to be happy… :o) because you never know who is falling in love with your smile… :o) *~*

  2. It gives me a chance to disconnect from my self-induced busy world and focus on my thoughts for as long as it takes me to type them out.
    I’ll check back later for the other courses.

  3. I would have been happy to help,  but got here too late.  Let me know if you need help again!  I enjoy the Feasts (see below).  ; o )
    Appetizer:  Why do you enjoy the Friday’s Feast so much?  Mostly I love reading others answers, but by Friday afternoon, I need something to keep my brain working.
    Soup:  Birch beer or root beer?  Honestly – I’m not really sure of the difference.  But I love A&W when they used to have the drive in places and served it in Frosty mugs, with great hamburgers.
    Salad:  You are just sitting down to dinner and friends stop by.  What do you do?  Like you I always invite them to join us — if they decline, I offer a beverage of their choice and they can join the dinner conversation.  We are very casual at our house for regular dinner.  We only "go formal" for holidays.
    Main Course?  Caribbean or Alaskan cruise?  Oh – it’s got to be Caribbean.  Bring on the heat – and I’ll deal with the humidity.  : o )
    Dessert:  Milk or dark chocolate?  Dark Chocolate – especially on the outside of liquid Cella Cherries. 

  4. Hi Gail,
    Sending Prayers your way.  I still have a Guest room.
    Thinking about you. and its -30 with a windchill. 
    Love Lisa

  5. Appetizer: Why do you enjoy the Friday’s Feast so much? It get me to think about things I don’t usually think about
    Soup: Birch beer or root beer? I have never heard of Birch beer and root beer gives me heart burn
    Salad: You are just sitting down to dinner and friends stop by. What do you do? Order something or go out for dinner
    Main Course: Caribbean or Alaskan cruise? I am afraid of water so the idea of a cruise gives me the willies … but offer me a Caribbean beach and I am so there
    Dessert: Milk or dark chocolate? Milk chocolate for me please
    You did a GREAT job of coming up with the questions, Gail!

  6. Hi Gail.
    Never heard of birch beer – A&W is awesome! (Especially over ice cream) 
    Skipping over to the cruise question – we’ve been the to Caribbean 4 times so I’d say by default Caribbean.  One day, I’d love to go on an Alaskan cruise.
    Sorry to hear about your son.  I’ll definitely pray for him.  Thanks for asking about my oldest son.  I started to blog about that a few days back and haven’t gotten back to it.  He is about 20 days into his 59 day sentence.  We visited him last weekend and I’m not sure if he "gets it" but he did seem contrite. 
    Gail, I so appreciate your care and concern – you remember the important things!
    Take care and enjoy your weekend.

  7. Hi Gail!!!!
    Hope you are ok…and sorry for the boy!
    Here we go:
    Appetizer:  Why do you enjoy the Friday’s Feast so much? 
    Well your answers does give me some info on you
    Soup:  Birch beer or root beer? 
    Sorry I don’t like beer
    Salad:  You are just sitting down to dinner and friends stop by.  What do you do?  
    The more the merrier! So we can still order a pizza and start with what we have already.
    Main Course?  Caribbean or Alaskan cruise? 
    Me too, Alaskan. It changes from the heat and I would love to see the fauna there!!!
    Dessert:  Milk or dark chocolate?  Dark with mint or orange liquor in it!
    Take care,

    Roses are red;
    Violets are blue.
    I’ll be your Friend.
    My heart is true.
    click here for full size image
    music on my main page.

  9. You have many loyal friends Gail.  Yep, count this man among them, but don’t expect me to be creative!!  One suggestion about the topic of a feast…how about words to live by?  A feast of thoughts and written words that come to mind when times are really bad.  Would be an interesting list….J.W.L.

  10. hello much neglected friend 😦 I seem to spend all my time getting nowhere and have neglected everyone . sorry not to have been around ,where does my time go !
    you are ofen in my thoughts and prayers even when I don’t visit .it is good to know that you are here  gail & always nice to have a comment from you .I haven’t seen baby William yet ,I plan to go there on sunday ..God willing .
    when your site opened just now I thought there were new pics of Isabella …I have a problem getting my pics out of the camera onto computer …sigh so I can’t do much in the way of updating my albums ..sigh sigh .it’s half term here and I plan to take my darling neice & nephew,Fallon& Logan,out for the day .
    sorry to hear ‘the boy’is not too good …praying it is just a ‘hiccup’ & that he will soon be back on track .have a quiet heart as you deal with him
    every blessing

  11. Appetizer.  I am always amazed by how much I don’t know about myself until I try to answer your questions.
    Soup.  Never heard of birch so I’ll go with root.
    Salad.  Start with the food that’s ready and add things until there’s enough.  Trust me when I say, no one stops by my house expecting the gourmet meal.
    Main course.  Caribbean, definitely.
    Dessert.  Either, the only bad chocolate is what’s next to goopy cherries.

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