Late but With a Reason

Sorry this is so late.  I have a good reason, though.  Isabella’s lips have been turning blue on occasion and the doctor has been wanting us to take her to a cardiologist or to a certain hospital’s emergency room because this hospital has a great pediatric cardiac unit.  Well, her lips turned blue today and stayed that way for a while and Himself, The Girl and I took her to the ER.
Seven and a half hours later……. we learn that she is fine.  She screams so loudly whenever a doctor or nurse comes into the room and approaches her with a stethoscope that no one could listen really well to her heart and  lungs.  After being restrained for the blood work and bp, she fell sound asleep and we called the doctor in to take a listen.  The bloodwork was good, the x-ray, even with restraint, was not very clear but looked good and she doesn’t have any symptoms of cardiac problems.  Hopefully, this will just be a passing thing.  It is good to know she doesn’t have a cardiac problem.
On top of that, we are awaiting the results of some tests The Boy had which will hopefully let us know what the heck has been going on with his stomach!  Thanks be to God we have been able to get  medical care for our loved ones.
Am I forgiven for my lateness?  For those of you who say, "Yes," bless you.  For those of you who say, "No," bless you and let’s work on it!
Thanks again, Lisa for these Manic Monday questions.  These are from from her archives:
1. Have you ever listened in on a private conversation?  Absolutely.  Good parents do this.  Also, I am nosy at times.

2. Have you ever purposely taken a walk in the rain?  Only when I didn’t have a ride.  In  my 101 meme, I state that I do not like to be wet.

3. Have you ever avoided doing something because of a superstition?  When I was a kid but now I know better.

4. Have you ever been on the radio?  Yes, a couple of times.  When I was 14 or 15 and sang happy birthday to my boy friend with, you’ll never believe this, Don Imus!  (This was way before he was so controversial.)  Also, when I have won a couple of contests on a radio station I listen to.
Hope you have a great week.  I know mine started out with great news.  Good stuff.  gail

16 responses to “Late but With a Reason

  1. parenting is a big job isn’t it? precious and absolutely exhausting at times. and hospital/dr. visits….i am sure you deserve a cupcake. Ü

  2. Hello Gail ~
    I forgive you… I too have been that way. Things happen, like life.
    So did they find out what is causing Isabella’s lips to turn blue?
    I’m trying to blog more often. It’s easy to hide and not want to share for me.
    Here is a hug, dear one. Like always, hang in there.
    Love, Lori

  3. What a Nightmare. Gail ,
    Thank God she is ok right now. 
    I Hope you are ok. ?
    I wouldnt be, but thats me. Take time for you and put your feet up.
    Hugs to you always G.

  4. Hmmm.. hope they figure out what it really is.. I’m still inclined towards heart, but who am I???LOL Hope you have a slow, quiet week after all this.
    1. Of course.. any mother worth her salt has.. as has any boss in charge of people dealing with patients!! Plus, I’m nosy, too..:)
    2. Frequently!! I love walking in the  rain.
    3. Oh, yeah.. before I learned the truth. And sometimes I still fight it!
    4. Yes..winning contests, and a few "expert answer" type things.
    Good questions!! 

  5. Oh, yes.. of course you’re forgiven!! It’s no harm, no foul!! And would be forgiven anyway! Hope the Boy is just nerves or something.. And I hope and pray that Bella quits that stuff!

  6. Of course you are forgiven for being late … Bella turning blue obviously has priority!  Glad that she does not have cardiac problems.  Hopefully they will figure this out for her and soon because it does not sound like hospitals are her fave place!
    1. Have you ever listened in on a private conversation? The way our office is laid out, you cannot help but overhear conversations that sometimes would be better held in private
    2. Have you ever purposely taken a walk in the rain? maybe when I was young(er) and foolish
    3. Have you ever avoided doing something because of a superstition? I don’t walk under ladders but that is not a superstition thing – it’s just a dumb thing to do
    4. Have you ever been on the radio? No

  7. Gail, I’m sooo glad that you had good news with Belles.  Yikes, what a scary thing to have to deal with.  And 7+ hours at the ER is not fun either.  I hope the answers are as comforting with your son.  I’ll be praying for him.
    Take care,

    You scared me when I read "blue lips" and "cardiogist" and "ER"…….
    OMG, I am so relieved that little Isabella is ok. I bet you were all so panic… be sincere, I would have!
    I still wonder how a child’s lips can turn blue…..what kind of behaviour did Isabella have when it happened? Was she crying? Normal? I am no doctor but would really lke to know what happened!
    Ok …..Taniac Tuesday then?
    1. Have you ever listened in on a private conversation? 
    In fact it happened occasionally when people just talk around me. Sometimes ear plugs seems a good invention! LOL!2. Have you ever purposely taken a walk in the rain?  
    Oh yes,…..during my school days mainly,….but I still do take occasional rain baths!
    3. Have you ever avoided doing something because of a superstition? 
    I don’t think so, but my childish behaviour just pops out at time on the touch wood thing. But hey that is just for fun!4. Have you ever been on the radio? .Nope, but I have been in the newspaper….don’t look at me with those eyes! I didn’t rob a bank!!!LOL! In fat once my cat had won an well know animal contest and the photographer shot me…..along with the winner. Second time I had made an advertisement for a brand of paint. Mmmmm….on yes once or twice on TV. But I was just sitting and listening to the blabla…..
     Well Gail, Take good care of little Isabella and You.
    Take care,

  9. hi gail, glad you grandaughter is okay – I read about the blue lips with additional interest, because this has been mentioned about my grandaughter too, along with cold hand and feet, havent personally observed it, but think my daughter may mention to doctor, she is being checked on anyway, for slight weight loss and stomach probs. lifting you all in prayer as I type, god bless – nita.

  10. blue is not good…but i am happy that she is ok…
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*

  11. My gosh blue.  That’s usually very bad, but I am so glad everything turned out okay.
    I was going through some of your latest entries and I noticed the one on the Super Bowl.  I posted an entry on that myself.  While I enjoyed the one they didn’t show on television, I was particularly drawn to the commercial you mentioned also.  I didn’t see it during the game, but it was played during the pregame show.
    Billy Paul

  12. Hey G, I’m finally back home. Was down with horrid flue for a couple of days since I got back. finally am able to catch up with blogging. 🙂
    Thank God that Isabella’s results show that she’s alright. I know, how their health conditon can send us parents/grandparents panicking and praying like crazy. 🙂
    Praying that she’ll continue to get stronger and healthier. God bless and hope all’s well at your end. 🙂

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