It’s About National Defense, St***d!

Okay.  You know I refuse to be political on this site.  However, there is one issue in these United States the people have gotten selective amnesia about.  National Security/Terrorism.  Beirut Marine slaughter. World Trade Center bombing 1993.  USS Cole bombing. World Trade Center, Pentagon, thwarted White House terrorism acts of September 11th, 2001.  These are just the most visible terrorism acts.  So many more have been carried out.
As someone who lives close enough to "ground zero" to remember the deafening quiet of that day and the following days the city was in shock, the lack of air traffic and who saw the smoke of the Twin Towers for months after their destruction, I haven’t forgotten. 
Yes, the economy is important.  Very important.  However, it is not nearly as important as the safety of my loved ones.
‘Nuff said.  Let’s feast:


Who was the last person you hugged?  Isabella.


Share a beauty or grooming trick or tip with us.  One most people know:  use sunblock and drink lots of water to hydrate your skin!  I am eligible to be in the Red Hat Society and still don’t have any major wrinkles because I don’t sunbathe.  Well, that and genetics.


What does the color green make you think of?  Life

Main Course

If you were to make your living as a photographer, what subject would your pictures revolve around?  Being more of a left-brained person (analytical rather than artistic), it is hard to answer this one.  Photographers, such as Lisa and Julieanne, are artists.  I suppose I would want to do unusual portraits – shadows, black and white, etc.  I have learned that, sometimes, you can learn to be artistic!


What was the longest book you ever read?  The Bible.  Yippers.  Read the whole thing.  Even the family histories.  My way to get through them is to try to find a name in each paragraph I might name a child. 

Have a wonderful weekend, gail


11 responses to “It’s About National Defense, St***d!

  1. Gail, I could tell you about some holes in our National security system that just might send you over the edge, so I’ll only reveal them via e-mail should you want to know.  Absolutely NOTHING is more important (especially now…the present moment) than our ability to defend ourselves against those that would slay us just for the joy of killing.  Another thing, I once committed to not wanting to be involved with politics (I prefer to call them frolitics) on my simple space, but with this ability to read and communicate with distant people and learn their priorities, and especially, the nonsense driving them to hair pulling bursts of frustration, I’m rather glad you chose to bring this up on your post.  Yes, like you, I love this big old country of ours, and without a hint of macho, I’d gladly give my life in defense of the generations to follow us.  If you could find it in your heart to send me a message, I would very much like to share some aspects of resolving this most critical situation in a manner of common sense and patriotic responsibility.  I spent three years in your part of our nation and I soon realized how many northeastern citizens are willing to give their all in defending the basic rights and expectations of those supposedly running our government in a responsible, and most importantly, accountable display of information we have every right to know.  These are indeed alarming times, but until more of us are willing to take a peaceful yet forceful stand, it will continue to decay to the point of non-repair.  

  2. Hey G.. Just wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks for thinking about me and checking in.  I’m hanging in there.. just super busy these days.  Miss ya bunches. 

  3. Appetizer -Who was the last person you hugged? Louie.
    Soup – Share a beauty or grooming trick or tip with us. Use eye make up remover (the best I have found is Mary*Kay) to take the spills off your skin after you color your hair
    Salad -What does the color green make you think of? sick.
    Main Course – If you were to make your living as a photographer, what subject would your pictures revolve around? Probably kids and animals but candid shots only – I’m not a big fan of posed pictures generally.
    Dessert – What was the longest book you ever read? I have absolutely no idea

  4. Well, terrorism is one of men’s worst acts and I sometimes don’t understand what can push people to do this.
    Lets feast!

    Who was the last person you hugged?  Steven
    Share a beauty or grooming trick or tip with us.  Well I am not a fanatic of beauty tips, but I like to use sand as a scrub for my skin when I go to the seaside. I try to drink a lot of water and avoid to keep my weight steady (whick does don’t mean i starve myself!!) 
    What does the color green make you think of?  Nature. 
    Main Course
    If you were to make your living as a photographer, what subject would your pictures revolve around?  Babies and Nature scenes!
    What was the longest book you ever read? No idea
    Well that’s it for now!
    Take care.

  5. From someone who had friends and former co-workers killed at the Pentagon on 9/11 and could see the smoke from my back door, I’m not so sure I want someone who finished bottom of his class at Annapolis and, given the type planes we were flying during Vietnam and the things the Vietcong were shooting at us with, being stupid or rash enough to be shot down having his finger anywhere close to the button. Even inside the Beltway, it’s all about the economy.
    Now the feast…
    Last person hugged – Daughter #3
    Beauty or grooming tip – If you color your hair and like to swim for exercise, before hitting the pool, wet your hair thoroughly, put in leave-in conditioner, and cover with a swim cap. No more cholorine-fried hair.
    Green makes me think of – Hiking in the Appalachian Mountains near the top of a mountain where to hardwoods start to give way to the bald cypress and mountain laurel, the way the mountain laurel intrude on the trail making it almost like a tunnel of dark, green coolness.
    Photographic subjects – Architectural details, shadowing, buildings, alleyways, street scenes and landscapes.

  6. Left out the dessert…
    Longest book – I’m impressed that you did the Bible. I’ve always started and never managed to make it all the way. The longest I’ve actually finished is Oblamov by Ivan Goncherov.

  7. In is defense:  Some of us are guilty of rebellion against stereotyping ourselves:
    Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, McCain entered the United States Naval Academy. McCain was a rebellious midshipman, and his career at the Naval Academy was ambivalent and lackluster.[15] He had his share of run-ins with the faculty and leadership; each year he was given over 100 demerits (for unshined shoes, formation faults, talking out of place, and the like),[15] earning him membership in the "Century Club".[5] He did not take well to those of higher rank arbitrarily wielding power over him – "It was bullshit, and I resented the hell out of it"[15] – and would sometimes intervene when he saw it being done to others.[5] At 5 foot 7 inches[16] and 127 pounds[17] (1.70 m and 58 kg), he competed as a lightweight boxer for three years, where he lacked skills but was fearless and "didn’t have a reverse gear," as he later put it.[17] Possessed of a strong intelligence,[18] he did well in a few subjects that interested him, such as English literature, history and government.[5][15] Despite his low standing, he was a leader among his fellow midshipmen,[15] especially in organizing off-Yard activities; one classmate said that "being on liberty with John McCain was like being in a train wreck."[15] Despite his difficulties, he later wrote that he never wavered in his desire to show his father and family that he was of the same mettle as his naval forbears. Dropping out was unthinkable, and so he successfully completed his training and graduated from the Naval Academy in 1958; he was sixth from the bottom in class rank,[19] 894th out of 899.[15]
    In July 1968, McCain’s father was named Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Command (CINCPAC), stationed in Honolulu and commander of all U.S. forces in the Vietnam theater.[2] McCain was immediately offered a chance to return home early:[52] the North Vietnamese wanted a worldwide propaganda coup by appearing merciful, and also wanted to show other POWs that elites like McCain were willing to be treated preferentially.[57] McCain turned down the offer of repatriation, due to the Code of Conduct principle of "first in, first out": he would only accept the offer if every man taken in before him was released as well.[65
    McCain retired from the Navy on April 1, 1981[92] as a Captain.[16] During his military career, he received a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, the Legion of Merit, the Purple Heart, and a Distinguished Flying Cross.[McCain retired from the Navy on April 1, 1981[92] as a Captain.[16] During his military career, he received a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, the Legion of Merit, the Purple Heart, and a Distinguished Flying Cross.  Wikipedia

  8. He is not my first choice as his character was not always first rate, i.e. cheating on his first wife, but he is a true patriot.  He loves this country.  That is a good first step.

  9. I am not quite sure how this turned into a McCain bashing.  I read your post and found it to be strangely nonbiased.  Maybe I didn’t pick up on some of the subtleties.
    I think anybody who calls McCain less than a patriot is not doing justice to his service.  Personally I don’t care much about awards.  Maybe it’s just because I know that the higher ranking individuals tend to get the higher awards.  If you want to impress me, I like to see the buck privates who have earned the medal of honor, Silver Star, bronze Star, etc. However, having said that I have nothing but the utmost respect for Senator John McCain’s service to this nation.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to vote for him, but I sure respect him.
    Take care and thanks for sharing.Billy Paul

  10. HI Gail – thanks so much for visiting my space – it was so nice of you to stop over from Cindy’s. I love your space. I love the questions and everything so I tried to fill out my own below for fun. Gosh it is strange but you look a bit like me in the photo when I was younger (you are better looking though than me but something is similiar) and if I had ever had a child I would have named her Isabella -i’m constantly naming children that i don’t have – i know that sounds strange but i’ve lloked at so many baby books for names with my friends who were pregnant that it became a habit of my own! wow!

    Appetizer -Who was the last person you hugged? I am a hugger – so it was my friends this afternoon as I left their place
    Soup – Share a beauty or grooming trick or tip with us. Switch shampoo on a regular basis for great looking hair – every two weeks alternate. AND this is odd but too I seriously believe that too much moisturizer actually gives your face more wrinkles – unless I decided to use it too late in life and had just noticed my wrinkles! But honestly, I think it stretched & loosened my skin more — making me buy more lotion at first looking in a new magnified mirror – my tip is not to buy the magnifying mirror either!
    Salad -What does the color green make you think of? how hungry I am at 2:30 AM for a salad – actually okay salad was just the title of the question (new here) Green – makes me think of envy – or also since hungry – green m&m’s. or actually since everyone is going "green" it makes me think about these bamboo cotton shirts I just read about and recycling.
    Main Course – If you were to make your living as a photographer, what subject would your pictures revolve around? I am a photographer 🙂 I like magazines and documentary photos – I love the stories and the people in their own environments
    Dessert – What was the longest book you ever read? i am an avid reader now, but hated learning when I was young, now I can read like on average two books a week! But as a child I can honestly say that if they made me read that Jack and Jill book one more time it would have been practiced for more pages than War and Peace. I am so impressed that you read the entire Bible! I have tried to do this countless times! I just brought a children’s Bible that I plan on getting to read to the last page – I think that may be cheating though!
    Gail, again thanks so much for stopping by – it was so kind of you. I hope that you had a great weekend. My best, Patti

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