This will be shorter than  usual today as spring allergies have made my brain a bit like cotton.  Lots of fluff.
Do you have spring allergies and, if so, how do you cope with them?  Not being able to take decongestants (they keep my up all night and make me drowsy all day) I use an antihistamine and hope for the best.  Sometimes, when the allergies cause a migraine…either caffeine tea will nip it in the bud or I have to take Imitrex.  heavy sigh

Invent a new word that you feel would improve the language and define it.  Lil’ Bit:  a small child of either gender.  Too often people guess the wrong gender of a small child or baby even if they are dressed in blue or pink.

What is your favorite texture?  I have a few:  cashmere – yum (not that I can afford it); flour – running my hand through silky flour – perfectly clean hand, that is; babies’ tummys – so soft; running my fingers through my child’s (when they were young)/grandchild’s hair whilst they cuddle with me.
As I would say to my son before school, dare to be different today and make a difference in somone’s life.
Blessings to all, gail


11 responses to “Monday

  1. Hey G.!
    well lets see, my allergies consist of a heavy pair of lungs (which isn’t good for running outside…that yellow chalky stuff is what coats the lungs) and a nagging little scratchy throat, oh and there is a teensy headache…I usually let it run it’s course, but have had to take things for it when the throat got real sore.  So far so good, this year.
    I’ll have to get back with you on the invent a new word. My mind is in the work and not creative mode this morning.
    Texture…ya know when you go to the beach, and grab a hand full of sand with water and let that run through your hands I love that texture and feeling (like your flour…only different) and I love even more the texture it makes when you drip it on a sand castle.
    Have a great Monday, it’s up for a cuppa and back to work for me!hugs hugs,S.

  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.. I’m doing ok. I hear you on the allergies! I never had any til I moved back to OK a few years ago.. now I have them bad! Just stuffiness, sneezing, stinging in my eyes and nose.. runny nose sometimes.. it all varies. I just take Drixoral and use Flonase.. keeps them pretty well under control, at least part of the time!
    Thingamajigger- something you can’t remember the name of!lol
    Silky anything.. hair, fabric, flour… anything very soft and silky..

  3. I find that you often like similar things to me dear friend !..cashmere is a favourite of mine ,a scarf is all I have but that is ok for now 🙂
    I have all year round allergies & like you decongestants badly affect me how alike we are ,I use a prescription steroid nasal sray & 2 different eye drops instead & antihistamines when needed

  4. mmmm …connection went off ,pleased comment posted 🙂
    best go anyway as it is 2.15 am here in England .
    love and blessings

  5. I am just dropping by to say hello.  I don’t have a working mic today so I am going to keep this short. 
    Take care,
    Billy Paul

  6. Do you have spring allergies and, if so, how do you cope with them? I find the over the counter antihistamine/decongestant things work backwards on me – the daytime one puts me to sleep and the night formula keeps me awake. I just take the opposite and it seems to work. The best one I have found is Tylenol Extra Strength Allergy Sinus.
    Invent a new word that you feel would improve the language and define it. Himmit – male hermit
    What is your favorite texture? Chenille – I just love how soft it is
    Hope you are feeling better

  7. hi gail, well dont know if it is allergy or bug, but whatever it keeps coming and going, sore throat, blocked swimming ears, and now headaches and sinus pain – several people I know have it, so whatever, it seems to be doing the rounds, worldwide. – lol – thanks for your visit to my site and encouraging comments – god bless – nita.

  8. hi G, spring allergies? ah, not fun at all huh. I used to have that, I still have it coz of the crazy weather here which alternates between hot and heavy thunderstorms. I usually just take extra long showers with extra hot water and shower soap which is minty. Helps me somehow.
    Other than that, howare you? Blessings and take good care my dear G. 🙂

  9. hi mom, thought i’d visit since it’s been months since my last visit. I can bet i’ll get some counseling from you after reading my post 😀
    anyway, i went throught some of the past blogs of yours below… hmm… a LOT has happened.
    Anyways, have wonderful day. Give my regards to all.
    Love & Prayers
    Beta Rhonald

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