Gone but not Forgotten

Seems that the blogging community has been losing some good friends to burn out and surviving "blogging addiction."  I’ll go to visit a blog and nothing is there.  heavy sigh  Seems that life gets in the way of sitting at their computers.
I can understand how blogging can be addictive.  It’s not the writing; it’s the visiting that takes so much time.  How many sites?  I haven’t counted but it takes the better part of the day to stop in on every one.  Once I commit, I stick with people even if they write infrequently.  You never know when someone has hit a rough spot and may need a prayer or two; a pat on the back.
I am making up my own Monday questions this week.  Let’s go:
You are driving down the street and see someone has left their headlights on.  Do you stop and ring doorbells until you find the right house?  Living in a crowded area, this could take a little while.  Not to mention the possibility of a not so nice person answering the door.  However, if there is one lesson my parents taught by example, it is random acts of kindness.  Yes.  If the door to the car is locked and I can’t turn off the lights for them I ring the doorbell.  (Not that I might not be grumbling under my breath.)
Someone has hurt your feelings.  Do you say something to them?  My first reaction is to complain to someone else and avoid the person who hurt me.  I have learned, however, that speaking with the person whose words or actions hurt me is the best solution.  99.9% of the time it is a misunderstanding.
Do you wear a watch?  Not any more!  As a matter of fact, I hate wearing one.  There are clocks everywhere I look and my cell phone has the most accurate time of all. 
Well, it’s time to get going.  Have a wonderful week, g

17 responses to “Gone but not Forgotten

  1. Hi Gail . I too feel bad when someone leaves , without a goodbye is the worst.
    Headlights well in the country I dont see that.
    When my Feelings are hurt depending on who it is I usally go to them right away. I have been turned away also. Sometimes I just try to move beyond it and keep going.
    and finally . haha , I never wear a watch . Hardly ever. It not hard for me to know about what time it is.
    Have a Beautiful Moday.
    Love always.

    Hi g,
    There are people I still miss and will probably always miss. Carol Lu springs to mind first and foremost. : ( But people need to do what they need to do, and if being away from here is what they need then I am all for it.
    Now for the questions:
    1. Probably not. Hey, at least I am honest.
    2. No, I usually won’t tell them they hurt me. All it does is either hurt more if they don’t care that they did, or make them feel bad if they do care about it. It’s easier to just stuff my own feelings.
    3. No, I don’t wear a watch… and I rarely wear jewelry either. It’s bothersome to me.
    Now for a tip about Spaces. I really like the main spaces page that shows the updates on friends spaces. Now I don’t have to go to every site to see who has written something new. It just shows up on that page. It helps to speed things up!

  3. Good Morning Gail, I can see how bloggers can get burned out or addicted like so many other things in life. Yes it is sad. I am fairly new to Bloggersville. It is a wonderful community of people. I am a very loyal person and value my friends. I already feel frustrated at times because I am torn between all the things I love to do. I am trying to find the right balance. It is hard when you have a full time job as well as family , other commitments and all the other things I like to do.
    Okay so in reality ,it is impossible to visit all my friends in one day and spend quality time with them, let alone do everything else. That just isn’t healthy. I need to spend time with my husband doing the things we like to do, in order to have a healthy marrage. I need to spend time with my family, especially my mom as she ages and has health issues. Then there is sleep, exercise,getting out and taking pictures with my camera, taking my little fuzzy. wuzzy Buddy,Jesse fo his walks and the list goes on.
    Blogging is not an obligation, it is something I like to do.There are so many wonderful people I have met, like you!
     So I realize I am not Super Woman nor am I Super Blogger by far. I think my new friends in spaces for the most part have discovered the secret to surviving. Friends understand because they are in the same boat. We all have different lives to live and our own journey. It is so nice to be able to share our lives and meet others along the journey. I am glad our paths have crossed and I will come and visit when I can. If you don’t hear from me for awhile I am sure you will understand. Blessing, Dianne 

  4. Oh bog addiction has been the recent theme for a fight with HH. But hey he has got his own addiction!!!!
    Yes very sad indeed to lose a friend and not know what happens to him/her is quite annoying and heart breaking!
    So here we go.
    (1) Probably not. Sorry but if I am drivig it probably means I have an appointment…consequently in a hurry.
    (2) I have to admit that in most case I keep it inside until I burst. Well depends on who that person was. The closest that person is to me…..the worst will be my reaction. Sorry I am human:O(
    (3) Yeah ad if it forgotten at home there is always the mobile!
    Have a great week too!!;O)
    Take care,

  5. unfortunately the more blog friends we get, the longer it takes to visit them all.  I am still trying to catch up from when I was away for a week in March!
    so many cars have headlights that stay on for a period of time after the car is turned off so I don’t mention headlights to anyone any more
    I always have a watch on.  If I do NOT have it own, I look at my wrist 12,000 times per day.  If I do have it on, I rarely look at it

  6. In my neck of the woods if you open someone’s car door you just might get shot!!  I might try it in a public parking place, but experience has taught me that is one good deed that can turn ugly if done in another’s driveway…especially if they don’t know you.
    Don’t intend to sound crass, but having the career I chose made it difficult to hurt my feelings in the conventional way.  However, like you, I’ve found that in the majority of instances it is just a misunderstanding or someone saying something that requires they remove their foot from their mouth.  I suppose as Christians we have to have a thick skin while retaining a soft heart.  Sometimes I just let it slide if I think bringing it up will cause undue emotional reaction on their part.  Had to wear a watch most of my life, but since retirement I carry a pocket watch sometimes…never a wrist watch.
    Can I still be your friend?……You have to have one zany friend as a reminder you are clinging to sanity…lol.  You have a wonderful day yourself Ms. Gail.

  7. I share that sadness- there are folks I read in the beginning, who inspired me to begin blogging, but many just up & left without so much as a "Toodles". My first thought is something awful happened, but maybe they just lost interest. I know I’ve felt a little dry at times & real life has to take priority, but I try to post at least once a week, & check on my list of friends thru out the week (I couldn’t check everyone in a day- especially with 2 blogs- I wouldn’t get any work done)
    1. If I see someone, I would point it out, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to find them.
    2. I generally don’t say anything, unless it’s my family- I keep it to myself & avoid the person.
    3. I did faithfully until a couple months ago, when all three of my watches died at the same time & I keep forgetting to take them into the jeweler to have the batteries replaced 😛

  8. You are driving down the street and see someone has left their headlights on.  Do you stop and ring doorbells until you find the right house? – The two times I’ve gotten out and tried to find the owner of said car their lights turned off on their own by the time we got back and I was quite red in the face. However, if I’m at an establishment and I see that someone’s lights are on I DO take down the plate number, color and make of the car and turn it in so they can announce it.
    Someone has hurt your feelings. Do you say something to them? – I really wish I could rather then take it in as I tend to be a very emotional person and it sticks – for a very, very long time.  Do you wear a watch?- Nope, I use my cell phone. I agree, not many keep blogging – but as long as they do I’ll keep lurking. 🙂

  9. Hi Gail,
    You wont believe this but my Niece Melissa has moved home for awhile. She came this weekend. 
    I set the camera and she took the photos. Im hoping Amanda or her will get the bug and bad.
    Thanks Gail . ha Im happy to have her back. Very happy.
    We all are.
    Love Ya

  10. You mean to say that blogging isn’t life?  And I thought all this other stuff that’s been happening has been interupting my life.
    Lights: let ’em burn unless I know the folks know me.
    Hurt and talk back: depends, but mostly it is a bad idea to speak when we are experiencing pain. 
    Wear the watch often, but not bothered to be without one either. Have gone for years both ways.  When a watch crashes, which has been rare with the Seiko’s, I go without until someone in the family gives me a new watch.  Longest time witout watch was around 3-1/2 years.

  11. I am definitely one of those that posts so few and far between these days.  I think I have some burnout and the other part is it was just taking up so much of my time and I felt like I needed to get other things done in life.  I always get drawn back in though and want to know what’s going on in the lives of my sweet friends like you!
    Take care,

  12. hi G, did you change your background color? anyway, purple is Jo’s favourite color. 🙂

    You are driving down the street and see someone has left their headlights on.  Do you stop and ring doorbells until you find the right house?  Depends…sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. but Ted almost always will!
    Someone has hurt your feelings.  Do you say something to them?  Usually…I keep quiet and walk away. however, recently there were some instances when I approached the person…and I find that saves the friendship and creates better understanding. but there are also instances where the other person remains proud and insists on their views and statements..so I just shrug it off…and I don’t let it bother me.
    Do you wear a watch?  Yes, in my profession I have to. 🙂
    Praying all is ok on your side G. 🙂
    God bless..

  13. I so know what you’re talking about.  About four months ago I went back and looked at some of my first entries and of all the people I communicated with during the first six months, there is no one left.  Well, there are a few that struggle to get entries and about every few months, but by and large they’re all gone.
    A few dropped off the face of the earth without saying anything; and it worries me a little, but there’s not much I can do about it.
    As for your questions: 1.  No, I would not go around wringing doorbells any longer.  I learned my lesson about five or six years ago when I saw some people had left their lights on and went to their house.  Come to find out their lights turn off automatically and they were less than happy about my untimely interruption.  However, if it is in my neighborhood and I didn’t see the people walk in, I probably would find someone to ring the doorbell.
    2.  If someone is hurt my feelings really badly and I treasure that relationship, I will tell them.3.  I wear a watch every time I get into my wheelchair.  I didn’t wear one for the first five years of my life in a chair, but I am obsessed with knowing exactly what time it is all of the time.  That’s why have clocks in every room and I wear a watch.  It doesn’t seem to keep me from being late, but at least I know I’m late.Billy Paul

  14. Hi Gail.  I’m guilty of being a lazy blogger.  I actually wish I had more time to visit and catch up – that is what I really enjoy.  Actually, that is what sucked me in from the beginning, I so enjoy reading about the lives and happenings of other people.  
    I adore you because you are so down to earth and "real".  (That’s a very good thing in case that sounded iffy!)
    1.  Finding the person who left their lights on:  No – can’t say that I would. 
    2.  Would I say something to someone who has hurt my feelings?  It depends on who it is.  If it was someone very close to me, I would.  I wouldn’t want those hurt feelings to come between us.  If it was someone not so close to me, I would probably just let it go.
    3. Do I wear a watch?  Yes – always.
    Take care and enjoy your week.

  15. Nope, they’ll have to find out.  Too many crazies out there.
    I speak to them about it right  away.
    I always wear a watch.  Can’t do without it.

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