We Need a Hero

Saturday evening we joined Himself’s brother and sister and their spouses for a dinner celebrating my in-laws 63rd wedding anniversary. Party  (My parents’ 55th is coming up.  Good stuff, eh?)  While we were enjoying animated conversation (we are a robust group), my brother-in-law, B, jumped up and grabbed a woman from behind.  She was choking and he performed the Heimlich Maneuver thus saving her life.
I don’t know how many other people saw this woman choking (I didn’t see any of this) but B’s quick response really impressed me.  You see, B is a real cut up.  He is always kidding around and being a bit of a pain.  Don’t get me wrong; we love him.  He’s just a bit hard to take seriously at times.  That he was the one to act so responsibly and quickly just goes to show you that you can’t judge a book by its cover.
First impressions are just that; impressions.  They aren’t necessarily accurate.  It has been my experience that, if you don’t like someone it is probably because they remind you of something you don’t like about yourself.  If someone is very quiet, people might think they are snobby.  I find that they are just shy and usually worth getting to know.  
I’ve learned to think twice before dismissing a person as friend material.  You never know who might be a hero.
"And now for something completely different:  The Simple Woman’s Daybook (Thank you, Peggy and thank you, Meg for bringing this wonderful site to my attention.)

Outside my Windowthere are blooms on the trees, flowers sprouting and rain falling.
I am thinkingabout how much I need Isabella to nap today.
I am thankful formy family’s health.
From the kitchenwhat shall we have for lunch?  Dinner?
I am creatingmemories.
I am goingto be driving a lot less because of gas prices.

I am wearingblue denim jeans, long-sleeved brown top and running shoes with socks.
I am readingblog topics.
I am hopingwe won’t have to move.
I am hearingmy chair creak.
Around the houseis a lot of stuff to freecycle.
One of my favorite thingsnaps
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Weekstart cleaning out my officeSarcastic, start an exercise routine Eye-rolling, help in ESL.
How about you?  blessings, g

14 responses to “We Need a Hero

  1. Freecycle, Flylady… What else do we have in common? I saw Meg’s blog. I didn’t know where it came from. Yours is lovely. Have a great week. Talk to you Friday, if not before.

  2. wow a big KUDOS to "B" for recognizing a problem and jumping up to help!
    Outside my Window…is a lawn that I should be raking

    I am thinking…about how much I enjoy blog walking AND how annoying MSN can be on occasion
    I am thankful for… good friends
    From the kitchen…time to put on another pot of coffee
    I am creating…havoc.
    I am going…to the gym this afternoonI am wearing…pink pants and a pink sweat shirt.
    I am reading…Creation In Death by JD Roberts
    I am hoping…. I get to see the Season Premiere of HOUSE tonight
    I am hearing…. the radio in the living room
    Around the house…is a lot of laundry to do.
    One of my favorite things…naps
    A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…streak my hair, chiro appointment, lunch with a friend, hearing test

  3. Hoorray for your annoying BIL! (lol).
    Just wanted to say HI and even though I don’t always comment, I always read your posts.
    Thanks for stopping by. My modem went kaput and then the new one didn’t work, so I’m just now getting back online. I will begin doing a few more entries, so stay tuned.

  4. It’s me again…what’s this moving thing? When and how did I miss this?
    p.s. Could you be moving to Texas? In case you haven’t heard, we have excellent food here.

  5. Oh, I hope you don’t have to move.. I hate moving.. I’m still praying you won’t have to.  I like Meg’s book.. I may have to do this.

  6. It’s so important to know first aid….anyway, I clicked on your link and checked it out to make sure I really know it. You never know when you’ll need it with kids around. Praying that you’ll know in your heart what God’s direction for you is.
    Outside my Window…my plants are growing and the rabbits are running in the garden.I am thinking…it’s such a hassle having to go physio so often. but it’s a must.
    I am thankful for…my family and the jobs God has provided for me and hubby.
    From the kitchen…I can hear Camel barking…"let me out! let me out!"
    I am creating…or rather trying to mould my children into children who love GOd.
    I am going…for an interesting adventure this week if my children don’t fall sick. (my sis in law’s child came down with Hand foot n mouth disease…pray my children will not get it as they were in close contact)I am wearing…three quarter black jeans, light blue sleeveless cotton shirt.I am reading…blogs ovviously. haha.. Otherwise I’m reading a book about Jungian theories on children’s personality.
    I am hoping…we won’t have to move.
    I am hearing…my chair creak.
    Around the house…is a lot of stuff to freecycle.
    One of my favorite things…is, like you, a nap. haha..
    A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…replace classes for weekends, pack and buy stuff for the camping trip in the highlands this weekend.
    Please pray G, that my children will not get that dreaded HFMD disease, and for safety as we make our way to somewhere deep in the cool highlands forest. It’s a sort of mission trip…a visit to a village. God bless!

  7. hehe…just realised I pasted your answers in these ones…..in my other comment.
    I am hoping…for good weather this weekend.
    I am hearing…pingu on tv talk gibberish
    Around the house…there’s lotsa old books and toys to give away.

  8. a great lesson to have learnt…♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥ 

  9. 63 and 55 years….How wonderful.  I’m coming up on 20 years and I thought that was pretty impressive.  Nowadays anyway. 
    Here’s my "For Today"
    Outside my Window…everything is a beautiful green and the neighborhood is quiet.
    I am thinking…about the delicious lunch from Ruby Tuesday’s my boss let us all order from.
    I am thankful for…right now that husband and I have a steady secure job in todays’ hard times.
    From the kitchen…I’ll be happy when the new floor and painting is complete.
    I am creating…stability for my family
    I am going…to make my families summer one of the best ever even if we have to stay  home.
    I am wearing…blue denim jeans, turtleneck under a sweatshirt and sneaks.
    I am reading…G’s answers as I type mine in her blog comment section.  That’s why they are purple.
    I am hoping…my Eric thrives despite his Autism.
    I am hearing…my boss playing silly noises on his computer.
    Around the house…needs more spring cleaning.
    One of my favorite things…oh yes g.  naps, definately naps.
    A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…finish packing son’s stuff he left when he went to Cali; get my hair trimmed; cake for hubby’s b-day which is Friday.
    Have a great week g….

  10. Excellent post G.  All my heroes are pictures of humility and graceful living.  In short, their egos are invisible, and in no need of feeding.  Be well good woman.

  11. Hi, Gail, thanks for the interesting post .. and good for B for responding so quickly! That is great. It is so important for us to know how to do things such as this and CPR.
    Hope all enjoyed the party, and your parents will have a happy one too! 🙂 
       I also enjoyed your list for today … great idea!
    Blessings, Karen

  12. Hi g, I just found your message to me.  I am doing really good and keeping fairly busy.  Iwill probably write a little blog in my msn space to let you all know whats happening in my life lately.  Thanks for caring!

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