Different but Equal

For over a year, I have been concerned about Isabella’s development.  She has been behind in so many areas.  Finally, an answer.  Sensory Processing Disorder.  This has nothing to do with intelligence.  The senses of people with this condition don’t develop properly.  It is a neurological disorder which is helped a lot by occupational therapy.  Like ADHD, it is never outgrown but is coping skills will make it seem to be outgrown.
Isabella is the kid who is running around the reading circle instead of sitting quietly with the other children.  It’s not that she won’t sit quietly; she can’t sit quietly.  Her frustration at not being able to communicate what she is feeling can be frustrating for us as well.  However, the love we have for her and the skills we are being taught to help her cope will help this different but equal child to function normally in her abnormal world.  Hey who’s to say her normal isn’t better?  (I have been thinking for some time now that the world seems off.)
As far as I am concerned, knowing is better than not knowing.  Now the teaching begins.
As I have in past posts, I will stress the importance of early intervention.  If something doesn’t seem quite right with your child or another child whom you love, research it.  Had I mentioned my concerns a year ago we could have already had a year of therapy under our belts.  What I had thought for over a year were red flags for autism turned out to be SPD (which a lot of children with autism have).  I was too afraid of increasing my my daughter’s stress levels to say something (yes, Mom, I am working on not feeling guilty).  Take the chance of being rebuffed to help the little one.  Have no regrets.
On a lighter note……..I don’t have anything right now.  Allergies and a bad shoulder are making me a grouch Baring teeth.  However………..this, too, shall pass.
Let’s feast:


What was your favorite cartoon when you were a child?  So many to choose from.  Felix the Cat (Get me the Master Cylinder – Who remembers that?), Gigantor, Speed Racer, Loony Tunes, The Jetsons, The Flintstones.  I can’t choose just one.


Pretend you are about to get a new pet.  Which animal would you pick, and what would you name it?  Pet?  Me?  Ha ha ha haa, hoo hoo, haaaaaa……………………although I know it would be named after a character from The Chronicles of Narnia (my last cat was Reepicheep, a swashbuckling, talking rat.)  


On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy getting all dressed up for a special occasion?  Dressed up = shopping.  Shopping = yuck.  Therefore, -1. 

Main Course

What kind of music do you listen to while you drive?  Contemporary Christian, classic rock and talk radio.  Lots of talk radio.


If you could do anything your little heart desired this weekend, what would it be?  Hmmm…I made this quesiton up and I have to think about it!  If I could delete the plane trip, I would visit my baby bro on the left coast. 

Have a wonderful weekend.  Stay safe.  blessings, g


Please realize that SPD is something that can be dealt with.  Just as people grow up with ADHD and learn learn to cope with it without outgrowing it, people with SPD can have normal lives.  They just have to learn how to adjust to how they perceive the world.  As g.j. said, it is a good thing that we found out about it and we can deal with it now.


12 responses to “Different but Equal

  1. Well,…..I am just speechless with the news. Don’t be too hard on yourself….it’s not too late!!
    I pray that she she overcomes that difficulty! She is so cute!!!
    Keep me posted!
    Take care,

  2. So far as I am concern Gail, we all need to be understood differently!
    Bells is going to be just fine!! And you will see that she will blow you all!LOL!!! Her mischievous little face let me presume she has a lot of character and force!!
    Take care,

  3. I’m so very thankful to our Holy Father for giving you the vision, compassion, and love to sense there was something amiss.  In your shoes, I might be saying, "What if?" too, but unlike many caretakers, your love and instincts did not betray you.  Gail, you know all our lives are full of the ‘what if’ blues.  Now you know that there is a very special blessing in a child like this.  Perhaps, just perhaps, your little angel was sent to teach us all a lesson.  And I agree, it likely is better for her to be somewhat different at this stage of life.  Our walk of faith gives us eyes to see more clearly, ears to hear more truth, and countless encounters with mystery that we must simply trust.  The question for all who know of precious children such as your little angel is…have we learned from them?  You have.  Thank you for sharing her life with us.  She will never know the prayers spoken for her in the years to come.  BTW, do you still feel like a grouch?…You don’t fool me.

  4. Let’s feast:

    What was your favorite cartoon when you were a child?  I remember watching the Flintstones mostly… not sure why!
    Pretend you are about to get a new pet.  Which animal would you pick, and what would you name it?  Probably another cat so Tigger has a playmate. Right now he thinks he’s a dog. 
    On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy getting all dressed up for a special occasion?  1
    Main Course
    What kind of music do you listen to while you drive? Christian mostly
    If you could do anything your little heart desired this weekend, what would it be?  I don’t want to do anything but I do want to feel happy and healthy.
    So sorry about Belles, Gail. Just do what you can for her, and keep on loving her for who she already is.
    Love, Liz

    Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?
    Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your father.
    And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
    So don’t be afraid ; you are worth more than many sparrows.
    Matthew 10:29-31
    We don’t know why but God has allowed you a Special Child. His ways are not ours and it is sure hard to understand  the reasons why sometimes. God understands when we ask why. We may never know  the answers in this lifetime. It may be hard at times but keep trusting Him. He will give you the Grace you need each and every day. He loves Isabella and has a plan for her life. As God is in the centre of your lives , your home and family, He will see you through each day.
    I sense that you are a good mom and Isabella is in good hands. I pray that this will draw you all closer as a family and your love for each other and God will see you through, to live as victors!
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Your sister in Christ Jesus, Dianne

  6. i promise to read this tomorrow… i cant now… im dying hahahah and plus we’re on msn talkin… love ya girl and miss my blog friends… i was actually thinkin bout posting each of my friends….. will do tomorrow after my nap…. ok take good care and upload some pics so i can see u♥

  7. Hi mom, not so happy to hear about sweet Bella… but am sure Lord will be with you and her and help her get through this. Afterall, it’s not something that can’t be dealt with. She is in best hands who are willing to understand and help her.
    Don’t worry much, god is with you. Have a blessed week end mom.
    Love, Prayers & Regards… Rhonald

  8. Hey G, I’m still stuck at home. quarantine period is one week. Yeah, i was terribly disappointed at not being to go, so were the children. Well..we’re mid way through it now, Nel has blisters on most of her legs, but she’s taking it ok. Still not much appetite. Jo had her first meal today after 4 days. haha….
    Anyway, I’ve heard of SPD before. I first came into contact with a boy who had it when I was teaching music to toddlers just before Jo was born. It was a small music group and this mother requested to allow her son to join the group. As far as I remember, he could not talk, and sometimes his mum had to hold him tight coz he was aggresive towards a certain girl. I don’t think he meant to be aggresive, but i think he just liked her so much, but couldn’t control his impulses. Then there were times he’d be so shy I couldn’t even call his name or look at him. He also refused any stickers on his shirt, and had coordination problems initially.
    I know his mum spent a lot on creating a special room just for him with lots of tactiles, visuals and stuff like that. Cost her a few thousand. ANyway, he was in my class for about a year… in that time, I saw him progress…began understanding more words and commands, and improved coordination as well.
    So..I’m thinking, if you can find a toddler music group, it might be really good for your little Isabella.
    Well, will keep praying. 🙂 God bless and take good care. How are things otherwise?

  9. "Success=loving and being loved; knowing your place in God’s kingdom; living for Him" is true, but can’t help our intellectual part dictating otherwise… 😀 anways, I am not all that bad as it sounds… I am doing good, better than days back.
    How is Bella doing? Give my hugs to her and regards to all; my sis & bro. Give my regards to yours too.
    God bless you.
    … Son

  10. It’s wonderful that you found out. Now you’ll know what you’re dealing with. My best to you both.
    I missed Friday because I took my Girl Scout troop camping this weekend. But better late than never:
    Favority childhood cartoon – Bugs Bunny
    New pet? – We just got two kittens a couple of months ago, brother and sister. We named them Thomas and Martha.
    Getting dressed up – 15! Once a month, I like to go to a nice restaurant with Hubby where I can wear a cocktail dress. I’m a real girly-girl at heart, I guess.
    Music while driving – Classical, outlaw country, classic rock, Morning Edition/All Things Considered, or bluegrass, sometimes Diane Rehm if she has something reallyreallyreally interesting on, if not I put in Shooter Jennings or III.
    My heart’s desire weekend – Seeing how I’m just getting back from a weekend in the woods, I’d have to say spending the weekend at a spa with a masseuse, a manicurist, a bartender, a personal chef, a stack of magazines, no kids, and most definitely WITH Hubby.

  11. Hi, Stephanie, thanks for the post on your daughter … I’ll say a prayer for her and your family, and know that God has her in His loving hands. Not knowing something is stressful, so it’s great that you know now a path towards solutions and progress! I wish you peace, patience and wisdom, and it already sounds like you are on the right path there. 🙂  Life can throw us some curveballs, but with God, love and the support you have, all will be fine … even fun learning adventures at times, I’m sure. 🙂  Blessings to you and Isabella, Karen 

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